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..nothing that can put me RED.!.!.

I have always thought things in pockets and purses should be left undiscovered.


Hello. Just the basics wallet, inhalers (for asthma), emery board, phone, keys, glasses.


Pretty much stuff like that. Adding that book to my to-read list. Thanks for sharing.

I love knowing what people put in their handbags. Me? Everything. I must post about this one day... too! Thanks for the reminder!

There’s magic in the air
In every breath we take
For life is quite amazing
It’s time now to awake
live smart ,live with less stuff and live long,live LIGHT!
to much STUFF makes it HEAVY to FLY,fly in real,fly in thoughts,fly in dreams.

I'm just finishing up The War of Art too! I think that mostly its and awesome book - there are just a couple of spots where I thought, "hmmm - don't think I agree with that" - but mostly I've found great wisdom. Have a great night!

It seems your bag is heavy! The War of Art!!!
Happy reading.
good day!

I carry purse but very lighter one I prefer. Money, few visiting cards and driving license. Thats it.
I love to walk with zero baggage.

In my bag there is a camera,
some lenses,a good feeling about the future, a phone
and some memories I'm trying to make move over.

I love both photo's
They're both very pretty!

Have a lovely day xox

Ah now that's a question whose answer is mysterious even to me :) I have all s orts of junk in my bag. I even find little toys like cars and trucks sometimes but mostly it's my junk ... diary, sunglasses, MP3, all sorts of old shopping lists ... you get the untidy picture :)

Kindle*, camera, charger for my phone, euros and pounds (and one twenty dollar bill because, well, you never know), lipstick, LED flashlight, phone number for the Italian restaurant we just discovered in Swansea and three random receipts that I should have thrown away weeks ago.

* I love real books too, before anyone asks. But for the convenience of fitting a bookshelf in my handbag, the Kindle can't be beat.

checks, cash, credit card,license and registration, medical insurance cards, phone, sunglasses, keys, pen, lipstick, Kleenex. No room for a book. --Though, the title of that one sounds interesting--it has "Art" in it. With my little purse fully loaded, I travel a pound and a half light. But I once traveled eleven pounds heavy. I was a dope. I was a pack mule. I had neck, shoulder and back pain from lugging stuff around I didn't need and some of which didn't belong to me. Loved ones would see me lugging my baggage, and they'd ask to add theirs. Being the aim-to-please gal that I was, I'd say sure, why not? Then, I changed my ways. Now I'm flying with Ahmed: free handed with just my thoughts and my dreams... You know, there's baggage and baggage and everybody's toting something.

Well, it depends on the bag. In my morning bag which I also carry to work. there's a small bottle of mineral water, lip gloss, sunscreen, pens and pencils, a rubber, my mobile phone, tissues, keys, cheque books, money, credit cards, my students' notebooks, a small mirror, a carrot, cigarettes and lighter, my ipod, wet hankies, perfume. In my evening bag: tissues, keys, lip gloss, cigarettes and lighter

Nothing interesting. Just the flotsam and jetsam of suburban life. I think I'm going to have to pick up those books you mentioned: The War of Art and Shantaram.

So glad you're back, Agnes.

My bag is pretty similar to yours to be honest! Can't go anywhere without my Chanel lipstick, aviators, and white iPhone!!!

Not as much as I use to carry. The last time I went in for my knee, they weighed my purse. It weighed 5 pounds! The doctor told me that if I didn't start carrying a smaller purse I was going to end up with back problems, in addition to knee problems! Stuff still gets scattered around in my purse so I have a hard time finding!

a plastic dinosaur would you believe... I have a four yr old :)

Too much - I can never find what I'm looking for. But I gave up on a small purse years ago. War of Art sounds like something I need to read!

What a powerful quote.... :)

Just boring stuff ;-) ...cell phone, lipstick, camera, mini tripod, keys, wallet,pen and various scraps of paper. I write notes to remember things and then I forget them in my bag.

HA! this is the only time i've seen one of these posts that i've thought, "ok, yeah, i could show AGNES my bag"!!! :) which looks about like this; ie full of PRACTICAL necessities stowed as neatly as possible!

everyone teased the hell outta me on my sister's wedding day, b/c i insisted on bringing my "REAL" purse along in the bride's limo with all her attendants; inside it was worse than usual--i had every kind of touch-up cosmetic, hairspray, clips, bobby pins, bandaids, cough drops, wet wipes, a decent sized mirror; admittedly it was a bit like dora the explorer's backpack and it was NOT at all elegant, but every single girl in that car hit me up multiple times in the course of what afterall was basically a 6-hour multi-location photoshoot!!! :) :) :)

Hmm... phone charger, headphones, pens, back-up deodorant, Moleskine, spoon, Advil, Tide Stick, work ID, pocket knife and assorted garbage that hasn't been thrown out yet. And it's not a purse, it's a man-bag.

Pretty pics Agnes.
Not read Shantaram yet!
The quote is great!
Have a fabulous day, its Ganesh Chaturthi festival here:)

in my bag there would be a small mirror, bank card, money, mobile and a pen that's it. may be some hair clips and bindhis. at times my ipod to go for a long trip

The book looks so interesting:) Love the photos!!! Hmmm my handbag is in awful sorts right now. Needs some major decluttering. About 6 lipsticks all red:) a million receipts and a few lighters as well:( I still am smoking. do hope I quit soon with all this healthy living business!!!!!

I posted here last wk. I can't imagine what I said that could have been offensive, but I apologize nevertheless.

@Gel: No need to apologize. I don't know why some comments do not post, I guess there's a glitch.

well, I carry a teeny little red leather purse inside a huge bag I bought to use as a carry on two months ago and haven't been able to wean myself from yet. Stuff gets lost in there and it's so annoying and ridiculous, but I still haven't cleaned out all the crap and ditched it.
You are funny and I must come back and read more of this blog!

good. I forgot bout glitches. Loved this bag post. It reminded me of all the crazy things we gals/moms/grandmoms/aunts/ find or have found in our bags. I color coordinate my bags to my outfits in keeping w/ my artsy style. For me, turquoise or purple are "neutrals" b/c of my rebellious streak to be different. I DO need to keep some essentials already packed in each bag instead of transferring those necessities each time I change outfits! (I do have it down to a science, though and that has kept my bags neater, since who wants to wade through all the accumulated crap to get to what I MUST have in a bag!

Kleenex, essential meds like antihistamines and backups of a daily med I need, cinnamon althoid mints in a tiny tin, foldup brush/comb, my compact mirror is actually part of my pill box, miniwallet or full one depending if I'm going to shop, business cards, cell phone, about 6 index cards and pen----- then here's the more unusual things that might end up in my bag: decaf green tea bags, watermelon hard candy, courtesy of a fave restaurant, shoelaces, nylon shoe footies (for trying on shoes), mini camera, paperback book, reading glasses, lists, and other things far more interesting I dare not make public!

Interesting post, A!

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