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Love those moments when silliness pushes its way forward and refuses to be ignored. We all need those times. So glad you and your friend found one! :) LOVE the hat too!

Are you kidding? You are SUCH a model. LOVE!!!

lovely pictures.. cheers to many more good times :)

Yay! She's back. It's clear that you're getting into your groove and those pics are awesome!

Twice in one week! Now that's more like it. More coffee now :-)


Miss J would absolutely give you a thumbs up on fierceness! Who dressed up in the blue 3 piece suit?

Love you!

You look good in that outfit! I admit, I'm covetous of your hat! Beautiful blue! It is reassuring to know you are opening up to silliness, laughter and joy! Thank goodness you have friends near and dear watching out for you. Just watch out for that guilt that might raise it's head for you feeling joy.

Model or not, I am judging you! My verdict is you are guilty of having a great time enjoying yourself. Your sentence is more of the same as soon as possible. Case dismissed.

The second one from the end in the montage of photos is my favorite. I am so glad to see you out and about! I have definitely missed your posts. You look lovely!

you're looking good and I think it's rude to judge anyone so you're fine with me :) glad you got into the mood to play a bit. Have a great weekend.

You go girl!!!!!!!!!

You're totally rockin that blue hat...love it! I'm glad you got to go out for a good time! XO

You look gorgeous!!!

You have more than you hoped for already. I am an old man but I can just imagine how things are and it is vivid. lol

as you always been...such gorgeous looking ;)

Wearing blue instead of feeling it is a huge improvement! I'm glad you played along. Love the hat!!

Hi Agnes,
Pretty pictures, as always.
Have a great week end.

You ROCK the hat!!!

Agnes, I've missed you! If I told you, that I thought about you last week when I was on holidays, would you believe me? I did. I was sailing one day and I thought about you. ;-)) And I love that blue hat - its fabulous, like you! xx

only ♥YOU♥ my dear could make that look so awesome. ok, and maybe "huggy bear" from the original starsky and hutch, lol! :) :) :) can i just say how very very VERRRRY cool it is to have you back... and all the moreso to see that fun and joy are periodic visitors in your world again! ♥♥♥♥♥!!!

You look mahvelous darling!!!

This makes me so happy to see you playing!!!! Dress-up for sure is so therapeutic. You look so fabulous beautiful girl!!!!!!!

hey agnes,

blue is for brilliant.. great photos..
i tried a pink hat last week, it didn't look that well though ;)


Yaay for you! That hat is co cute, I love the color. And your photos just reminded me I wanted my hair curled and dyed deep burgundy. Why not? It's time to play around a little! ;-)

You look ravishing in blue. :D
And given the fact that you hung out with your friend, it even more adds to your looks. With friends, its like you just want to grab anything you feel like wearing!

Lovely Blog! I think i am gonna follow it bad.
Though i am just like you, hardly a follower on twitter. :P

That HAT is awesome. I love hats! You can pull the look off :)

Ohhh Agnes,you look so so stunning in this pics.BTW, modeling on cards?:-P

These are gorgeous! I love that 1920s look you managed to create with your make-up. Just beautiful...

(and so nice to see you around again! I'm looking forward to catching up on your posts)

You looks so gorgeous. I love the way you are look.
Its really something appreciating.

I love it!
This shows your spirit which I've always been able to feel through your blog.
You are beautiful and those duds should feel glad that they're wearing you ;)
Yes, thank God for friends who know who you are and what you need!

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