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I could do with a cup of green tea just before going to sleep. I love your photos, Agnes, and hope to get a decent i-phone soon. Are all the taxis in New York yellow? Here taxis are mostly black, silver or white.

love you just for posting these pictures :) I find your new post when I am sleepless in the middle of the night so they were very useful :) and engaging.

Oh man, it's true about NY traffic! Is that you with the curly hair on top of your head going for the morning coffee run? I think I have a picture of New Orleans you would love. We're on the ship moving down the canal, headed toward the ocean and Mexico. There's huge block letters on the side of a building, big enough for people to read from the ship. It says, "You are beautiful!"

Wow you've been traveling so much, wonderful!

Marvelous photos. Amazing the pictures one can take with an iPhone. I love the images you share with us. You have a wonderful perspective of things.

I'm so happy you're back in this space. Keep traveling/seeing/experiencing/living.

It is simply amazing to me how you can take the seemingly mundane and create an excitement that makes one look again (wonderful that the root, the genus of looking again is respect) and realize that there are no mundane (odd phrasing but could not seem to change it) and that those who understand the environment (spell that light, image, angle (especially angle) can demonstrate, with their art that there is beauty abounding. Thank you Agnes.

These are so wonderful! Are you using any specific apps?

So glad to see you back Agnes!!! I visited so many times when you were off in hope of seeing your new post but never saw it!!!
Hope you are doing well, traveling as I see!!
Have a wonderful day:)

Great photos! Love the one of New Orleans. Hope you are doing well!

This is why I need an iPhone! LOL Great photos Agnes!

One of these days I'm going to head to NYC - I think everyone has to experience that hideous traffic just once! I love the iconic yellow cabs :)

..sorry.!. I thought you had lost your legs at roller coaster..

Oh I love the Iphone photos of places I have only dreamed of and places I still dream--- New Orleans!!!!!! Keep adventuring girl!!!!! Oh so you would live in Saudi Arabia? My husband has been offered really good job. But, I am so leary after reading the information posted on the U.S. Embassy. I am all up for adventure. But, I feel like I would so isolated. Even though my husband promises me I could go to Europe often. Totally curious to hear what your thoughts are on the subject.

random photos to reflect random moments is a good collection to look at friend..


a lovely thought to start out the day! Love the photo's! hope you days are filled with joy!

take care!

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