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I've thought about you often Agnes. I can totally understand the lack of words because I am feeling the same way on a daily basis. I have plenty of things to say but I don't know how to say what I really feel. The only thing I can tell you is that I've missed reading your blog and I still pray for you. Hugs!

Good to see a post from you. Can't imagine all the processes you're going though.

Waiting for my son to start third grade next week, and a trip to Scotland in early September.

Good to hear from you. I know myself and probably the rest of us understand the healing process. Just really hope you are healing. You know how to reach me if you ever want to. Take care Agnes :)

OMG I'm sooooooo happy that you posted!!! I think about you ALL of the time my love. XOXO

I have been waiting to see you write.. just about anything.. you don't have to worry if you dont find anything worth writing.. hugs Agnes.. just take each day as it comes.. tk cr and keep breathing in the open air.. the world around will help you find a purpose.. keep yourself engaged.. now I know you are or must be doing all of this. so just know that you have all my best wishes and good thoughts with you.
So glad to see a new post on your site.. just a hello will also do.. till you find something you want to write about..


When I scroll down my list of blogs I'm following and cross your name, I wondered how you were. I even visited your site to make sure I hadn't missed a post. I know your trip helped, but you also need that quiet away time. The Hamptons, huh? I've always wanted to visit there. Curious if it would stand up to the movie and social version of the Hamptons. I don't really think time is the healer, but being able to work to a point of acceptance. Which takes time, but there are some things that take forever to heal and just "some" time to accept. Just wanted to say that I have been thinking about you and still say a prayer for you. Thanks for the update.

Agnes: perfectly normal, gf...i went thru it too so i definitely know... life right now, not so good... dealing w/a defiant, stubborn, almost 21 yr. old son who is isolating himself...

when i saw the subscription mail today from your blog............ and then i remember...... my inbox was missing mails from ur blog for a long time now...........

it good to see you back.... :)

Have missed you so much Agnes. Truly I have. I've been wondering how you've been doing and whether you would ever come back. It takes lots of courage to heal, dear Agnes, and it is a slow process but I guess you can say that as your'invisible' friend, I often think of you.

Hello Sweetheart,

Hang in there, time will tell and slowly get you back to the small joys in life again. Was so happy to see an update in my inbox today from you. Sending lots of love and a million thoughts your way.


I am happy to see you. take care of yourself.

Sri Aurobindo once said: When you think of someone, you are with that person. Distance does not matter, nor does physical proximity.

Collect yourself, Agnes.

Bless you.

I am happy to see you. take care of yourself.

Good to hear from you and to know that you are fine going through the healing process... Take care - you are in my thoughts quite often.

I only follow a few, and you were one. Then you dropped from sight, so I dropped the site. Life moves on and I figured you did too--to the Hamptons no less. Great spot in season. I'm glad the local worked its positive magic.

I looked here the other day for a new post!! Some things can never be described in words.... wishing you peace, love, and healing! xo

I am so happy to hear from you Agnes. It makes me so sad to hear that you're feeling so drained, disconnected, etc. but glad to hear that the healing is happening. Prayers for you ... I think of you often.

I can imagine that all of those words you are using are the right words at the right time. Grief and healing have their own time and space and I've been thinking of you, hoping to see the blog roll update :) And if it's months until the next one, that's fine too. Be kind to yourself x

Just the other day, I was thinking of you. I can imagine how the pain must be and how you are feeling. Hopefully, with passing time wounds will heal. Wishing you loads of strength. Take care, Agnes.

So happy to see something from you. Just praying for you to get back to your normal self...as soon as you can...Hugs!

Hello Agnes, thinking of you and hope you are doing ok. Take care always, xoxo Miriam

Hey - welcome back Agnes - I have looked for you on a daily basis. Please heal then blog like no one's reading !! xxx

Hi Agnes,
I can feel what you are going through as I'm feeling the same too since my dear wife passed away recently on the 11th July , although it's been over month I still have not recovered, fortunately for me prayers help a lot in easing the situation. It may probably takes some time before i can fully recover but I keep telling myself that life must go on no matter what. So stay afloat!

Miss you Agnes... *hugs*

Good to have you back. Don't give in to the depression. Keep fighting to connect. It'll come. Much love.

Agnes ~

How good it is to hear from you. The silence has been deafening and cause for concern. I have kept you in my prayers, and will continue to do so.

Dealing with grief is difficult, but you are a strong woman. Stronger than you think, and you will walk through this --- a day at a time, a moment at a time --- with grace and dignity, because that's the kind of woman you are. I wish I could take your pain and bare it for you. I cannot, but I can walk with you as the other loving, caring, supportive women who read this blog.

I wish you comfort. I wish you healing. I wish you a a serene heart and mind. It takes time, honey, but you will get there.

Gentle hugs.

Your boots and purses were what fascinated me the first time I ever came. I wonder what you will post next?

Am sure glad you are back.

Welcome back, Agnes.

Those "d" words are about right (from my own experience)but watch out for the "d" of depression. Keep strong and keep working you way through. The dark mist slowly dissolves over time.

@Hans: I am so sorry for your loss Hans. It blows I know. I wish I had something smart to say but I guess in the end healing is a lonely process. Be strong, be a good friend to yourself.



I am good and blessed to have you as a friend. It is comforting to have you back. Your communications, your views and your positive intentions are, in fact, healing for so many.

what a coincidence Agnes !
just yesterday, i thought of you and came here at your site to check if you have been blogging and i am not receiving updates by any chance.
Did you come to India in the meantime ? or planning to ?
Do take care.
New Delhi

We have missed you! Worried about you. Longed to see you model some exquisite new duds. Missed your travel diatribes.
God bless and may your healing be fulfilled and your life be blessed.

I remember my mother telling me she went to the pediatrician when I was losing my baby teeth but didn't have any grown up teeth coming in. She was wondering if I was normal. The doc said 'Lee, how many grown ups do you know who never got their grown up teeth? Don't worry about it, it will happen when it is suppose to happen.' I have all my teeth now.

I knew that when you were ready to reignite you would show up in some way. Being inarticulate, lost, forgotten, baseless is normal for many people who don't even have a reason. You do have a reason so there needs be no guilt or worry just be assured it will happen when it is suppose to happen.

Friend, Marty

so glad you posted! Seriously last week I was gonna e-mail you:) Oh sweet Agnes please take your time! You are doing the best you can. It is good to see you traveling and being in different places. That always heals! some good wandering to reflect.

Glad you are back... I missed you! And the not being able to say part? I think I know it. Love.

Welcome back. Posts sorely missed. I haven't been posting either. But I still read like a fiend.

There you are. I'm sure I sounded like a stalker looking for you to post. Oops.

And I'm pretty sure that this will basically get me banned, ignored and probably hammered by everyone, but it's time to snap out of it. I know zero about you and Geoff but I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't want you hiding that beautiful smile of yours on the account of his passing. Let's go.

I've also thought about you Agnes and wondered how you been coping...thank you for letting us know and for putting some words down. Take care and embrace your path. Big hug!

You look equally beautiful, casual or dressed up!

Good you are here again.
I am good. Keep writing.

Way to go Girl! I hope you are blogging like nobody's reading soon.

I like the shift in your photography, especially the left elbo blurred like that. I don't think I have seen that anywhere else.

I doubt that you can avoid being unique; just don't wait to get it out there, okay?

I think it's okay not to have the words for how you've been feeling. Really, it's okay.


@Kym Piez: Thank you.

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