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SO, love the photos!!!! Thanks for sharing:) Such a glam world traveler!!!!!!!!!! Tres Chic and that one pic of you in the reflections is beyond beautiful!!!

I feel honored and I enjoyed every puff of your cigarette vicariously and I am sure Bob did also. Photos are amazing , just amazing and that painting in the hotel is breathtaking. It was a joy to see this today. oui

Hey, you're looking better! It must be KL.

Wow Agnes .. I LOVE reading your blog!

The best best pic is the one where we see ur reflection alongwith the skyline of the city. ...WOW, its a brilliant one. :) :)

Am glad u are having fun....go on...have more of it. :)

this is GREAT!!! love love the pics...you went to Cameron..lovely! take care always!! you pose are superb!

Oh the Cameron Highlands - I have always wanted to go there. All those pics are so great ! I want that food for dinner tonight. I do so love Asia !

Cool pics! I think you are having a good time, and you really need that. Have fun.

I am so happy you are having a wonderful time. My wife & I enjoy Thailand each time we go. When I am on vacation I have no worries, so it is good to see you enjoying this holiday so much!

Tom & Nang in Texas!

Gorgeous photos. KL is great. I love to stay at the Hyatt Soujanna, but hey, anywhere in Malaysia is wonderful. You look rested and relaxed.

Love every single one of these photographs!

Hi Agnes,

this is Veronika from Prague, Czech Republic (almost neighbor with Hungary ;)).
I just wanted to tell you what is that painting in the hotel that you like so much - it is a view on San Giorgio Maggiore church from San Marco square in Venice, Italy.
... maybe you know it, but just in case you don't... it is no fantasy, it really exists and is so beautiful...
I found only these pictures on web, it is pity that they cannot show how impressive it is live...
and this is the view from the church island back:

Take care!

Your pictures are so sumptuous and you're starting to sound like your old self again. You must miss Geoff so much, but by doing what you love and what you loved to do together is a wonderful way of honouring his memory.

Your photographs are wonderful and KL could be my favorite city too from the looks of it. You look good--and I wouldn't call that a double chin. FYI old is what you want to be so drop the cigarette, but enjoy the beer. I had a great time catching up with you here and your last two posts that I missed. I've been sightseeing in West Bloomfield, Michigan; you really should consider planning a trip here next time; the sights are extraordinary.

You rock my world girl!!! Ciggies are baaaaaaaaad but you look oh so chic smoking one! Love all of your clothes AND pics. Enjoy!

If that's a double chin then I am in BIG trouble! Loved the webcam pic with you off to the right. Great shot.

Loved all the photos (and commentary).

i adore you so much!

Honest Agnes - claps for you.

The painting is a Canaletto (this is where people figure out I did art at college)

love love love the photos! I love that your blogging again...i love the hat...we may have inherited the same fashion genes. xo

Gorgeous pictures Agnes....u look relaxed and sound it too:-). Take care!!!!

I so enjoyed ALL of your photos and especially seeing you smile :) Take care!

The photos are gorgeous, absolutely beautiful!

i always like your snaps and ur posting skills :) every photo is a beautiful scrapbook addition for ur blog..


The photos are fantastic Agnes. What wonderful scenes. I hope the beauty is assuaging to some degree that hole in your soul. Take care. xxx

Your dazzle, so much more through your words, Agnes. Treasure it.

Why can't I see your double chin? I might just as well need an eye doctor. Glad to see you're enjoying yourself. Say that the photos are gorgeous would be an understatement. As for the food, it looks sumptuous!

@Veronika and @Jonathan: Wow! Thank you so much!

Lovely pictures Agnes. I am really glad you're doing this trip.

WOW! WOW! WOW! The Photos, the "everything" is just so awesome here!!!

You tell a beautiful story with these pictures, especially the pictures of your travel to the Cameron Highlands. They tell the story of your fulfilling your promise to Geoff, the story of your taking his ashes to Malaysia and scattering them in the mountains. (See your February 10th comment.)

Two of your pictures are especially haunting. One is heavily commented on by your readers, the "Webcam." It's a picture of you and the KL weather. Both you and it are equally pensive after your return from the Highlands. The other is your picture of an empty restaurant, "Table for one." It was taken after you left Geoff in the mountains and returned alone.

You're an admirable woman, Agnes.

Oh @Rider: Your comment made me cry.

I haven't fulfilled my promise yet... but I will, when the time is right.

You're so right, "table for one" was definitely a Geoff-less, lonely moment. His absence is really overwhelming.

I tried to comment the first time you posted this but, for some reason, my comment would not go through and then I guess that the connection timed out. I love all the photos of such a different part of the world. That magical painting of Venice is one of my favourite views in the world of a city which I love as much as you love KL. I love walking around Venice, breathing Venice, getting lost in Venice and just staring in awe at the decay and decadence that comes with building houses right on the water. Just wanted to let you know that I always read your posts, whether my comments make it through or not.

Everyone of us, that is, everyone one of your readers, is touched by your love for Geoff. Everyone of us is touched by this, your last journey with him.

I was wrong when I wrote that you're admirable, Agnes. You're far more than that. You're magnificent.

@Rider, you're very kind and while I'm not sure your compliment is deserved it is certainly appreciated.

I am no saint, I make mistakes all the time and mess up like everyone else and not everyone likes me. But I agree, my readers (or at least the ones who comment) are amazing beyond belief.

I love the magic of your blog... the magic of you, travelling, bittersweetness notwithstanding...

You are looking good, Agnus.

Meant to type Agnes. Sorry about that!


LOVE the photos!

It seems like you had a very great time in KL. Your bed looks comfy , and that resto overlooking a scenic garden are just amazing. BTW, I love your hat.

great pictures!!

I love your pictures Agnes. AAAnd, no, I don't see a double chin!! ;-)

This blog is truly awesome in all aspects.

Your list gives me many creational ideas that I can perhaps use on my web tender too.


This is really a nice collection of your own photo's of your vacation..

Thank you!!

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