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Smokey is sooooooooooooooo cute.

Welcome home. Your good news is my bad news. I will have to stay away from Thai food as well as other good old USA restaurant fare. --Perhaps go back to smoking?

Welcome back! I love this photo!

Welcome back. You look wonderful! I bet Smokey is SO happy to have you back :)

That smile on your face is beautiful to see and you look great! "God bless Thai food"...ahem to that! :)

Nice. can't imagine such a small weight. I could lose almost as much as you weigh and would be back at my weight at 21.

Oh... I love Thai food...

102? hmm, u and me share the same weight...Thai food fattening? Never found that to be true for me... Carbs like pasta, biscuits, sweets will add weight ... Glad my taste for carbs has diminished tho I sneak a sweet every so often.

I am glad you have a smile on your face and a cat in your mirror. Oh wait, YOU'RE in the mirror. Anyway, we need a 'bright red lipstick' photo sometime soon, ok?

Okay first, you have the perfect lips for bright red lipstick ;) I for some reason can't bring myself to wear ANY color...I'm too shy! I LOVE Smokey.....I messaged my friend who is caring for my cat Ziggy...poor thing is so desperate for attention, he greets them at the door now! :(

Red lipstick is good. Gaining a few lbs is good. The smile is the best!

Such a cool shot love! And that makes me happy that your health is improving. Hope your jetlag isn't too bad? XOXO

102 is still far too less but I love your smiling pic..

Welcome back and don't you both look pleased about that! Hope your trip helped restore you, at least a little bit x

I've only tried Thai food in various restaurants around Europe and really loved it. Smokey must have missed you so much. And, as always, you look super!

smokey is a thinker?

Welcome home!

Glad to see your smile! Its a great balance to Smokey the Cat! Gorgeous kitty.

You are looking good, and it is always good to be back home.

Glad your back:) More blogging please:) Love the red lipstick in your life:) Oh gosh Agnes, I believe it is magical:) I've worn it since my Mom would let me:) It always put's a spring in my Step, even if I am behind the computer:) Keep taking care yourself lovely lady!

Welcome Agnes.. You look rested, and with a new life... You are an amazing young woman... Keep living... "There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning." Love Jules

good to read you're doing well :)


Hey - way to go with the weight !! Agnes - great to see you back !! Keep eating !!

Glad to see you again.

Great picture and wonderful to see you smile Agnes! xx

This photo is spooky..Smoky is looking elsewhere and it looks like your camera lens is showing an enlarged view .. or maybe I'm still sleepy and need some coffee.

hey! Thai food is great right?
I loved all the pictures in your previous posts. Good Stuff.

Love the picture....u look relaxed and smokey is gorgeous:-)

this might be my favorite photo of you ever, which is saying something! i love the expression on smokey's face, "this is my serious philosophical cat look... make sure you get my good side... then make with the tuna!" totally digging your travel photos and posts, as well. glad you have had some excellent adventures with friends!(ps: if you need some "extra" pounds, you are most welcome to mine!!!) :) :) :)

I just happened to see your post and came to say, "Hi."

The post is very intellectually written, with lots of valuable information

@ H Miracle Review: Thanks for the laugh.

Atleast post few pictures . Dont be gone for this while.


I'm sure I have a few more pounds to give. I want the 160 range, since I'm not huge muscular wise. Oh, and I got my passport. Spain 60 days and counting.

Smokey is so cute. :) I like that smiling you. :) :)

keep on keepin' on, lady :)

Welcome back.....like you, I only gain weight (which is recommended for me) in another country outside the USA.

just discovered blogs. and yourself.
I love your photography and you are great to follow. Inspirational.
and i'm sorry.


Such a cute pic, Agnes.
Not on blogger much lately, but missed you today.

glad to hear from you...nice photo and the next post :) take care!!

Hello???? Busy????
Take care:-)!!!!

Now..you are looking fine...
I don't see 'bad times' on the mirror..
Did anybody tell you have beautiful feet!?
I think beauty was made to be showed...

Stay alive..........

just wanted to stop by and say that I hope you are OK

Agnes? I miss you! Hope you and Smoky are doing well! xo

What's up Agnes since your last journey in Thaïland ?


Love Thai food. : )

You're wearing feather hair extensions in the picture in your next posting, which is captioned, "FEATHERS." I just found out what they are.

They're perfect for a world traveler and natural woman. Like you, Agnes.

It was only recently that I discovered your blog. I have to tell you what an strong, beautiful, amazing woman you are. I am sorry for your loss, and have placed your name in my God box and pray for you. (I hope you don't mind.)
Hang in there, honey.

Gentle hugs,

PS: Pat Smoky for me.

PPS: Smoking. (Sigh!) I do it, too. Ah well, I could do worse.

Hi- glad ur gaining weight. People often do no realize how hard it can be to *gain* weight. I want u to be healthy.

For some reason, I haven't been notified of your posts! I'm amazed at what I've missed! Glad you're safely back in the USA. It had to be an interesting journey.

I miss you Agnes. Tried emailing you to see if you were alright, but to no avail. This makes me sad. Hope all is well.

Agnes......where r u?????
Its been ages now since ur last post, Missing U:-)!!!!

Where are you? Please post! I miss u :(

thinking of you and missing your updates.. hope you are doing good..

Miss you Agnes.


Great blog! The cat is so cute!

I hope you are doing well....

..Hello.!. My dear.!.Stop posting forever.?.!.

come back my dear girl.. you are being missed terribly.

Hello Agnes, it's been a long time since you haven't given news :(
miss you and your messages
hope you spend a nice summer

Here's to hoping nothing bad happened!

Agnes...how are you???? Missing your posts!

I don't encounter many people who have trouble gaining weight, though I am aware they exist. There are a few things you could try, some of which you will undoubtedly feel are flippant at best and sarcastic at worst. First, if you can stand it...try purchasing a vat of lard from your local meat market and devour a handful each day. Or even better, start sampling various Haagen Dazs flavors (sorry no umlauts over the 'a', I'm fresh out) and pick the one you like best. Eat a whole pint 2 or 3 times each day. I love Rum Raisin and Cookies & Cream. Each pint contains the equivalent of 4 sticks of butter, I think. OR you could simply suck on 8 to 12 sticks of butter each day, but the Haagen Dazs tastes better, making it as habit forming for you as it was for me, hopefully. In fact the hardest part of this may be trying to stop once you hit your desired weight. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are extremely fattening and don't require much space in your stomach to achieve the same goal. Sometimes I think Hersheys is trying to kill people with sweetness, but I know in reality they're simply trying to make a quick buck at the expense of my health.

Anyway, I hope I was helpful. You have a very nice blog with pictures that show talent in photography. Don't stop, please.

hi agnes..I've been reading ur blog since long but have never commented. It's just that i wanted to ask how r u? it's been REALLY REALLY long time and u haven't posted anything... atleast update us that u r doing great!!!

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