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Cheesy, smeezy... U still look great!. I love the colors of all those peppers... Grilled cheese w/peppers- you and I would definitely get along..

I'm hungry now - that food looks delicious! Hope to hear again from you soon. Safe travels and take care :)

Not cheesy--well, yes, maybe? But Andy couldn't have done better. the quad tyck looks great--so do the peppers.

Love you so very much. I am a daily visitor of your blog since the last three days. Going through all your previous posts at the moment. Your blog takes me to a different world.. whenever I am stressed out I read he blog.. the pictures.. the words.. and u.. awesome!

I know...airports are so special. What fabulous rich and vibrant colours of the veggies and peppers. I can almost smell them. Enjoy your journey.

You can't go wrong with hot peppers and you can make everything right with hot peppers. And I have some Thai peppers that look the same as the ones in the photo! Recently a friend of mine gave me a big bunch of Thai peppers and I add them to every meal from salads to soup... They are the best.

My husband would love all those peppers. I am not a pepper eater. Love the Warhol effect. I think you look great.

Agree, what's not love? I want a painting of you in my house haha!!!

I sure hope you brought back some of those peppers for Lucky!!! If not, in the words of Calvin Tran (from the Fashion Show) "oh, no, here go hell come".

Love the Warhol effect and I love you edited your pics! You are such an artist! I hope your journey is beautiful.

Andy Warhol looking good.

Loved the Andy Warhol photos! You are a good photographer, model, everything. You'll survive this, too!

I dislike chili but I like the photograph.

Love the colors of peppers.... :)

And ur pics always are so good....enjoy.

Andy Warhol would be thrilled to bits with those pics !

Yup, Airport restaurants are magical but nothing beats the magic of that Andy effect :) And the Thai colors are just so amazing too!

I dare not step near those red hot chillies!!
Looks like you're going through a great journey and I'm glad that you liked KL, the city I'm living now.

hmmm....glad to know you are ok....

Take Care !

In India there is a woman who rubs those hot peppers on her eyes and she doesn't even flinch. She puts the "CRAY" in crazy!!!

Thai chili peppers look good like a painting when you photographed them...hehehe. I love that Andy warhol effect you've done to your photo.

Glad you're posting again and sharing bits of your adventures with us. Happy and safe travels!!

I'm a cheese lover who hates hot peppers...and generally spicy food. I'd leave the peppers for Alkis and take all the cheese!!! Love the Andy Warhol effect!

these CHILLIs are crazy ;) nasty hot!!!

Thailand is such a beautiful place, i ll live for ever if i have that chance in my life. I am glad you are there and looks you enjoying a lot there.

I so love the Andy Warhol effect! You take such fabulous photos, too!

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