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Sounds like a wonderful retreat - relax and enjoy and heal!

Sounds awesome. Keep on keepin on.

sounds fab :)

That is nice.

Relaxing and enjoying is good.

Sounds good Agnes...

I would love to do that too. Actually I need to do that. Enjoy it Agnes. I think it will be a good antidote.

I need a break like tha... Glad I'm getting one once the day is over. I'm leaving work. Kinda sad but I'm gona try new avenues and test my wings :)

Sounds so exciting! Take time to relax and have fun. Filakia xxxxxxx

It sure sounds therapeutic! Take care :)


Sounds marvellous - enjoy every second !

I think you just really needed that....have a blessed weekend.

It sounds absolutely wonderful!

Sounds about right.

Sounds exotic and wonderful.

Sounds like the perfect kind of resting place. Glad you are finding ways to enjoy. Take care. *hugs*

You lucky Chica!!! :) I'm so glad you're enjoying your stay! It really does sound heavenly...and how lovely you have friends to stay with!

Take care xo

The sweet life, you deserve it gorgeous!!! Sooo happy to hear from you!

Just have a good time with yourself. Hugs.

Yeah, but, technically, this is a blog entry, so it isn't unblogable? :P


Sounds perfect! I just came back from a wonderful vacation in Goa :).

i like that ;) unblogable undocumented parts of life.

You look gorgeous...loved looking through your Malaysia photos :) Beautiful!

sounds fab :)

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