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Oh Agnes

Bon Voyage

Let the adventure begin!

Take care, stay safe, and keep us posted Always good to hear from you. I hope you find some good falafel :)

Hehe just got the flight Oceanic 815 reference ;)

Oh wow, what a grand adventure! I know how bitter sweet this is. Curious, why did you pick Qatar? I'm dying to spend more time in the Middle East. Have the most magical time. XOXO

Bon voyage. And post.

Safe and peaceful travels to you Agnes! I think as beautiful as you are... you can only bring good luck. =0)

sweet travels! i look forward to hearing about your adventures!

Bon voyage and looking forward to your posts. The photo actually has a very interesting feel - as if you are traveling ;).

That is a lovely photo Agnes... my thoughts are with you.

Try and post please.

Bon voyage Agnes! :)
Self timer or not... i like the photo :)

Bad luck or what - dont even think of those things.

Just get going and have some good time. :)

Self timers have no soul ??? ha ha ha...gud one.

I hope this trip becomes sweeter as you travel on Agnes !!

Love the photo...

I hope you can keep using the self-timer and send us updates as you go. Fingers crossed on the falafel!

Wow... that looks like serious travelling !
I wish you a lot of great and fun adventures!
Keep us posted !!!

bon voyage.. i hope u have a good time there.

take care friend.

Wow Agnes ... thinking of you and I hope it's the best time of your life! Miss you.

Safe journey Agnes. Will be watching for your updates.

Agnes, your photography is fantastic ... Only you can make self timers a work of art. Safe travels.

Have a safe trip Agnes,
"...widows are considered bad luck..."? i've never heard of that before, anyway there's absolutely no truth in that as far as i'm concerned,
so go & enjoy your trip to wherever you're going to

I've tried falafel once only, at a Lebanese restaurant in Larnaca and hated it. But...one man's meat is another man's poison! If you love it, go for it! My mum's domestic helper comes from Bangladesh. Not sure if it's near Qatar - I'm wreckeless at Geography and at reading maps! His parents "sent" him his bride to Cyprus!!! They had chosen the bride for him! Ah well, we live and learn. Have a great time! Filakia xxxxx

A lovely photo nevertheless ... I wish you lots of pleasant adventures and I hope you got to eat your falafel.

be safe, love the photos, and lost was one of the best shows ever :)

Good to see you looking your lovely self. That may be your kind of place, but it isn't mine--where's the pool? Falafels are good though. Enjoy one for me and keep your mouth shut about widowhood. Whose business is it anyway? It's not even the business of some tall, young, buck boy-toy with sculpted muscles in poured on jeans. Enjoy.

Enjoy the trip, remember your friends are sending long distance positrons through the ionisphere (or whateversphere) to help you have a thoughtful and wonder filled journey!

Many times a thought I am watching a movie. The presentation of photographs excellent within your posts. Almost talking. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice journey and Yes, keep writing...

Be safe xxx

Take care Agnes & keep writing!!!

p.s: did u finally have the falafel;-)??

That picture is amazing! You look wonderful and ready. I hope this trip will bring you peace.

Have a good round trip.


Have you bought one and Free'd one yet?????


u are totaly rong tis not considered bad lcuk to have a window
hope u have a great trip,stay safe and enjoy.

If singapore is a transit or a stop.. would be nice to catchup!

^ahmed, "to have window"?

I know you've at least reached Thailand, Agnes. I also know from reading your words and looking at your pictures that this journey was the right thing at the right time for you to do.

You and Geoff knew it would be, didn't you? That's why he asked and why you promised to undertake it.

You and he made a brilliant couple.

Have a safe journey Agnes, Hope you have a great trip:)

In my times of grief, I always found travel a great relief. New sights and sounds to help fill the inner void.

See you in another life :)

Enjoy your trip!

awwww...I hope your journey gets sweeter and brighter for you! I'm sure no matter what you will still be a ray of sunshine to everyone you meet...I can tell you're that type of girl :) Best wishes for a happy, memorable journey. xo

I just read that an earthquake occurred near Thailand and I thought of you Hope you are OK and your trip is going well. I hope to someday make it to Thailand. Take care :)

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