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How hard this must be for you! It will be good for you in the end. Have a glorious trip and look ahead. Love

My 4 year old was looking through the blogs with me and she said "Beautiful girl!" I think that says it all.

I don't even know what to say Agnes. I ended up teary eyed reading this. Hugs!

Terrific, Agnes. A blogging tour de force.

My heart just broke reading this. :(

On a happier note, I'd love to hear what makes KL your fave city in the world!!!

The mere fact u said "no" says it all to your friend.. I would think he would not ask it again, your face will tell it all.

There's no "total eclipse of the heart" in your posting, Agnes. I see only your full, uneclipsed, and shining heart in it.

May your journey be successful, now that you're in Malaysia. And may that success give you peace.

My heart and thoughts are with you in all the experiences you now go through in this new stage of life.

I know it's hard to talk about it, but sharing with good friends is therapeutic. They want to help and most of the time they do. Take care :)

Good luck with the conversation - I know it's going to be so hard.

Enjoy the beauty of the city and the beauty of the friendships. Let them keep you moving forward on that healing road. Take care.

courtesy of my webcam - Thats nice.

The Hard Rock Cafe! That takes me back. (To when I was living in KL from 1995 to 2001.) Enjoy your old haunts. Although I know it won't be the same as before. All the best.

This is so heart breaking... Really the emotions have choked me right now.
Hope you have a good time there, keep us posted on your adventures!

Awww girl....i hate this :((
Agnes, you are like just a few few few hours away from me....i am in Singapore, almost on the malaysia-sing border. Would you like to come visit sing? I would love love to meet you!

Oh, it must be breaking your heart everytime but it will help with the process of healing. Have a great time, girl!

:( Perhaps when you meet your friend no words will be necessary. What I can see of Malaysia from your photos looks beautiful. I have never been to the east. I just love seeing it through the eyes of someone who loves it as much as you do.

How lovely to catch up with an old friend - just take babysteps and enjoy a nice dinner !!

friends will make it easy...have a wonderful dinner with your friend Agnes ;) take care...

You're finally in my city of Kuala Lumpur, Agnes.
Unfortunately i'm out of the city at the moment but i would love to meet up with you if i can squeeze some time.
I'll email you my contact number. Rgds, Hans

Your posts are so heart-stirring...it is so SAD that Geoff had to pass. So sad. And nothing will change that. But you are alive and each day and every day the sun will rise to remind you that life is ongoing and love ever-present. Embrace that and keep going!

If you haven't yet seen the film "Things we lost in the fire" with Halle Berry and Benicio del Toro, please try to get a hold of it! It is a beautiful film by one of my favourite producers.

Agnes, my dear.......may is say that when i'm often stifled and devoid of personal creativity, i only have to draw your blog to my screen and refreshment returns to me. without having any idea, you are such a personal inspiration in my life.......each day i teach 120 teenagers American History.....like the truth and vitamin b-12, i need a shot in my arm frequently. your life, photos, colors, visuals and arrangements spark me on........thank you.

Oh dear....life becomes tough, when we take it easy...even for sometime. Hope u are feeling fine.

Oh Agnes. What an awful conversation. Hang in there.

I really like your approach to everything. Very nice indeed.

@Shalmale & @BluesMan: Oh no! I am back in Thailand!

love this print it would be perfect in my room

Painting in the hotel. There's something so magical about this painting: something like Venezia!

If time is money you've made me a walethier woman.

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