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I wish you safe travels, wonderful experiences and beautiful memories xx

Bon Voyage, travel safe Agnes, love Kate

Solo trip? Remember, take it slow and b-r-e-a-t-h-e....((HUGS))

Have a great trip, be safe, and buy one free one!!! **********

@Robyn: Also, "0% fat free" :-D


I guess you are on another adventure. Safe travels. Sendai, where I spent 2 plus years of my life was wiped off the earth, almost, today in the tsunami. I can't imagine what happened to my old friends.


Bon Voyage. It's a big world out there full of adventures and great photos. Enjoy yourself.

Your bags are almost packed and Adventure calls...and you don't say no to adventure... you are answering her call. That is a beautiful thing Agnes...

Oh Agnes...
I have not visited in many months. Caught up in my own loss and grief. I dropped in to check on your space and learned of your beloved Geoff's transition...
and I burst into tears.

My thoughts, prayers and love are with you across the miles.

Good for you. I hope you find some pleasure in the trip. Take care and find some new memories to go with the old.

Welcome to India

I'm so excited and happy for you! Can't wait to hear more. Take care :)

Have a beautiful and restful trip Agnes!

My heart is swollen with joy for you! You NEED this adventure girl. I wish you the most amazing journey. You will be in my thoughts. Sending you love!!!

Love the passport

I hope walking the world will bring some peace to your broken heart Agnes and to quote a phrase from `The Finders Lodge`...

Walk carefully, well loved one.

Walk mindfully, well loved one.

Walk fearlessly, well loved one.

Return with us, return to us.

Be always coming home.

Have a wonderful travel....

Am glad u are travelling....enjoy ur trip and have a safe one. :)

BTW, are u coming to India ???? Just mail me....

I wish you a safe journey. May it be more sweet than bitter.

Have a great and a safe journey!

Yikes! I see the passport. Gonna' post on the road?

Have a safe journey Agnes....

I hope you have wonderful adventures. Be well.

♥BON VOYAGE♥!!!!!!!!!!! have a fabulous, beautiful, safe, happy, relaxing, FUN time!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

be safe always Agnes..where ever you may be ;)

hmmm....take a trip to forget and forgive....

Stay safe....will wait for you on your blog.

Ya can't get to Step 1,000 without Step 1.

May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be ever at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And the rain fall softly on your fields.

On the road again...?

Have a safe trip dear....have some fun...u need it!

Have a great trip and enjoy yourself!

Bon voyage ! Stay safe !

I am jealous of your journey, but count myself happy to be going along in spirit!

Agnes! What a sweet surprise this morning.

Do have a good trip and let your spirit breathe girl!!! You need it!!!!

Take care of yourself Agnes and allow yourself to heal.

have a good trip Agnes, where to this time

take care of yourself, lady.

bon voyage Agnes :)

take care always,


Have a safe journey Agnes...
Will wait for all the lovely pics and travel stories!

Oooooohhhh how exciting!!! You're incredible! I wish you safe travels and much adventure (in a good way) :) Can't wait to see the photos! My overseas journey begins in a month and I can't wait! :)

I love how you arrange your photos.
A different trip this time I imagine...
All is new. Embrace it and go slow.

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