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I think it sounds like a good idea. Personally I'd head for new places that you don't know well - or places you love that you haven't seen in a decade or more. Keep you on your toes and dealing with distractions.

If I go to Shanghai, will you come visit? :D

Well, these are surely places I'll never visit because of my fear of flying long distances. I know it's silly... Have a great time and come back with lots of photos!!!

Hope you will feel better after this, Go and take some time off from this busy life. xx

I think you should go somewhere you've never been before. I hope that this trip is wonderful and beautiful for you Agnes. You so deserve good things!

Traveling is always a healer!!! And I think Asia would definitely fill your soul with some much needed love and beauty. You're always welcome to still come to my wedding! XOXO


Wow. You are one fearless lady. I assume someone will be your escort? I hope all goes well and you will hit a cafe somewhere along the way where you can tune in and post a pic or two. Are you going to shop for boots, purses, or sashes? I bet you will bring back more than you took or take. Have fun, Agnes.

Oh Agnes, my condolences on your loss. Just found out when reading some of your posts.

Oh great suggestions!

@Sylvia, and @Heather what a good idea! I am taking Geoff's ashes to Malaysia to be scattered in the mountains. I have been to Malaysia 20+ times but Vietnam and Cambodia would be brand new countries for me!

And @Sylvia, when will you be in Shanghai?? Would I need a visa???

You are such a wonderful person @Andi. I would love to come to your wedding. I just need some major stars to align here... but you never know...

@Jack: Tell me?

Many ideas...visit them all and have many great adventures and keep us posted with many


Good luck to you... It will help in your healing...

I agree with Lucky. But, would like to add Morocco.

can i come along or join you somewhere :)travel is a good idea. i was wanting to suggest this to you yday but held myself back...

hmm...soounds like good idea...as I have never been to any of these places so I am not in the place to give any ideas...

Just want to say that Enjoy where ever you go.

So nice to see the word 'hopeful' in your post! Although I don't know why Jack suggested Vietnam, I agree with his suggestion. I loved the people, so very kind, loved the local food, especially the spring rolls in some of the little shops along the Mekong, and found some of the best coffee in Asia on one of the beaches there. It was fun just relaxing with a cup of coffee watching life on the river. Parts of Vietnam are blessed with stunning scenery. It would be hard to go wrong making that one of your destinations. But whatever you choose we look forward to experiencing it vicariously through your posts!

Singapore?? I will be here to Welcome you :)

..Take a trip..overseas..to several
countries..It will make you fine;
be sure..Have a good time.!!.When
you return,tell about . . . . . .

Add Australia to the itinerary !

Go well Agnes. Thinking of you.

Great idea! After working as a foreign correspondent in Asia for 20 years (fifteen with The New York Times) I settled with my family in Sydney. But in 1991, following the death of my wife, Truus (Tiang Nio), a good friend persuaded me to return to Asia as a freelance correspondent. I spent four and a half years based in Singapore and five and a half years based in Kuala Lumpur (providing me with material for my book, The Mahathir Legacy). I worked my butt off stringing for three newspapers and two radio stations (the only way to earn reasonable money). I had to learn how to file stories from a computer via modem and telephone and much else that was new. But in this different and demanding environment I gradually came to the acceptance of Truus’s death and the dark cloud which had enveloped me slowly dissipated.
Having been to Malaysia many times, you may find some amusement in my light, novella, The Unintentional Jihadi, which is set in Singapore and Malaysia. It is freely available from my blog.

I hope it helps you heal... go anywhere your heart takes you to

I think a trip is always good, especially with recent events, it's good to sink into another culture. I always find that I get a better idea of where I'm at myself when I do that. I hope you have a good trip, so many options for where to travel to - any would be great!

What about the Philippines..? I know it is not what comes to mind first... but we have some attractive beaches...a beautiful countryside...and very hospitable and smiling people.

It will be hard; memories, desires, experiences shared. But you aren't really doing it because it will be easy, are you. I love that about you.

Ah, thank you, your comments are so therapeutic! Tell me more!

@Ian: What an adventure... and you tell it so well. KL is my absolute favorite city in the word. Just curling up in bed in my hotel room knowing I am in KL makes me so happy. I'll check out The Unintentional Jihadi, for sure! Love the title already!

@Robert: OK, now I have to go to Vietnam. It's settled :-)

And @Shalmalee: I think it's doable, you can either come up to KL or I'll come down to Singapore... we'll just have to see. And @Tara can come along :-)

@Lucky: I am still hoping you'll join us in KL and come to the mountains with us... And my dear friend @Robyn by Casablanca, I pretty much meant Morocco :-D I love you Robyn.

My niece is in the Diplomat Service. Her post is at Muscat, Oman. She loves going to Dubai! I'm glad to see you're doing this. I hope you take a lot of pictures and share them with us! So we can, by proxy, go on the trip with you! See the world through your eyes. I have a feeling it will be a wonderful view and trip.

Follow your heart sweet Agnes .... We will be with you as will Geoff! Hope you know that. If you do, you will see the signs!
I understand your pain more than you know!

"As long as we live, they too shall live, for they are part of us, As we remember them!" 
- author unknown

will say:
Brilliant idea.
more you travel by-road
And more you walk is good.

I understand your need to move about. After I suffered a loss, the walls seemed to close in on me and I needed to get away. I hope this trip heals your heart and your soul so you feel some sense of peace.


My bad! (I just noticed that)! I love you, too!

@Robyn: You and I should go to Morocco together!


Hell Yah! And Bruce, too! I saw some TV program about it and it looked like the food, clothes, and everything there is lovely!

something is waiting for you at my blog :)

Sounds like a wonderful idea. A combination of well-loved and brand new places might be a good choice. That way you'll have some treasured memories and some brand new ones - both should help. Enjoy and take care.

Definitely add Vietnam. How long a trip are you planning? I suspect whirlwind tours are not you. They're not me either. I like to soak it in. Enjoy. Think of me as you're being an adventurer; I'll be plotting our less exotic western US excursion.

I wish I could travel. Stupid job.

travel sounds wonderful! planning a trip, looking forward to it, experiencing all the new stuff, taking fabulous pictures, reminiscing about it when it's over... what a great idea. looking forward to reading about it and seeing the pictures :)

my friends have just been to bangkok and chiangmai in thailand and judging by the postcards it was GORGEOUS! on the way home i'd vote for istanbul; but only b/c *I* have always wanted to go there! i think you should choose places *you* have never been & have always wanted to go...but leave the itinerary loose so you can "go with the flow" as the trip unfolds! wherever you go, you're definitely going to need a bit of pampering, sort of verging on luxury wherever possible--for medicinal purposes, obviously! ;) (tell them doctor lauren says so!!!) ♥♥♥

We just got back from Thailand and Malaysia, so if you have any question, don't hesitate!

Yes Travel takes the mind off other things and can be quite a stress reliever...
Best wishes for the journey and keep us all updated..
Have a nice day:)

Sounds good Agnes... Crazy and I are planning an Asia trip too... KL and SIngapore enroute to Dhaka, but later than a couple of months- I think.

Maybe not this time... but you should really come visit Australia, you know? :)

Dubai! Dubai! Dubai!!!!

Wow, that's a great idea! I hope you have a wonderful time though I don't have any suggestions in terms of the places to visit. I am touched that you are scattering Geoff's ashes in Malaysia. Is this something, he had wished for? We Hindus have a similar custom, which I am sure you must be aware of considering the amount you have traveled. Take care! BTW, I was finding it real hard to access your blog since the past couple of days.

@Rachna: Yes, Geoff asked me to do it. It's a beautiful concept, I agree.

What a lovely idea and what a beautiful concept weaved by Geoff... Looking forward to following you on your trip. In case you cross Frankfurt, do let me know.

@Sidney: you sound so Filipino to me ;)
@Agnes: take care and have a safe trip...

Damn. I was waiting to respond because I wasn't sure if my trip to Shanghai was going to happen ... and it isn't. Ah well, I will have to find another excuse!

On the bright side, you've reminded me that I must see more of Morocco while I live so close. Most of my year, however, is going to be spent in Wales which doesn't quite have the ambience of your planned destinations. :)

Agnes, go where ur heart takes u.....

p.s: loved the picture....a whole lot of possibilities:-)

@Sylvia: Morocco is probably better than Shanghai anyway. And it's calling my name... and yours too :-)

@Nancy: and @WannaBe: It would be fun to meet up in Dubai wouldn't it?

Keep urself busy. Gr8 idea to go places....and meet up with frnds too. Hugs.

Of course I am biased------you should come to our country, the Philippines.

I wish I could go with you!!! hmmm....many hard choices, but I've always been dying to go to Thailand, so that would be easy...I will look forward to traveling with you through your posts however, so don't forget to blog while you're touring the world! :) xo

South Africa? I live in a cottage on a wine farm where you can kick off your boots for a few days :-)

Try Seoul, South Korea, or Cheju island.
Also, Boracay island 1 hour flight north of Manila, Philippines was voted the best beach in the world x2, it is truly paradise there.

Agnes...travelling would be such a wonderful thing for you to do right now. I heartily agree on SE Asia and would like to perhaps suggest Laos. A tiny country, but one with great heart...most especially the town of Luang Prabang. Having said that, it may just be best to go with the openness to follow your heart and once you're there, let the journey unfold.

Where ever your go dear Agnes, may your journey heal you.

I'm finally back from HI and now am in VT visiting family and friends. If you ever need a travel companion just let me know - I'd love to go anywhere - maybe a yoga retreat some time.
Perhaps we can meet for coffee one day :)
Hope you are feeling a little better!

I love Vietnam, especially Hanoi. But I would say, just go to the places that you feel are the most healing :)

Just tell us when, we've been looking for an excuse to meet;-D

@Nancy: Do we need an excuse? :-D

The composition of that picture is really nice!


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