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and we miss you too!! :(

I love grilled cheese sandwiches! And is that a thin slice of tomato I see poking out? Very tasty.

Fed ex me one!.

yum !

That's my favourite snack! I add a slice of ham, that's what the French call croque monsieur and if you add a fried egg as well, then it's croque madame. We miss you too, Agnes! Filakia xxxxxx

Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Thoughts in Progress

we miss you too xx

I took the first couple of months this year off from blogging (well.. almost - I hung around Tumblr a little more than I had previously). As you probably know, I'm back and telling stories.

Will look forward to reading you again when you begin writing again.

I love them too especially on a rainy winter's day. Miss you Agnes.

This is not an ordinary grilled cheese sandwich...

It looks like a great sandwich. I love grilled cheese. But I also like cheese on rye with mustard. Used to eat that when I did not have much money but still wanted to play poker.

Perfectly yummy :).
I miss you blogging too.
Hope you are better.

We miss you too Agnes!!!!

Always nice to see a blog post of yours, even about grilled cheese sandwiches!

The simple things are the best.


Yummy! A typical American sandwich, and oh-so-comforting!

Looks great and I definitely miss you blogging too!

We miss you too!

miss your blogging too :) i like dill pickle relish on my grilled cheese... not sweet relish, now that would be weird...

hmmm....and I am missing you....

yeah.. we miss u blogging..

take care friend, and keep adding little thoughts here..

that's one of the easy meal i can give to my husband...it's his favorite :) take care Agnes!!!

We miss you too !
Nice mood in your picture !

Yum. Now I know what I'm having for lunch.

Miss you too dear :)

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@John Rambo: Thanks for the laugh!

Your sandwich looks yummy. I hope you are doing OK, Agnes.

Sandwiches make me go YUMMM. Hope you are doing good and back to life :) xx

Just few days back I had grilled cheese garlic sandwich. It was excellent.

I miss your blogging too and love cheese sandwiches :).

Some thing ARE perfect just the way are. :)

Miss u tooo.....and the sandwiches look perfect and yummy. Come back to blogging soon.

Waiting to read more from you...

The sandwiches look yummy:-)!!!!

p.s: I miss blogging too;-(

Sandwiches are always yummy..I tooo just love them !!!!

Well, I've missed your blogging....love grilled cheese and tomato soup! :)

Feed me

i concur, wholeheartedly!

pastrami is not to be dismissed, either. :)

also: really good (colorful) sunsets... golden-age british murder mysteries... the films of humphrey bogart (or fred astaire)... the scent of jasmine... getting a parking spot right in the front row... buddha bar cds... the LOLcats... old fashioned church rummage sales... finding a brand new used bookstore... and jeans that fit *PERFECTLY* no matter how many times you wash them...

one's favorite blogger posting after too long away is good, also! ♥♥♥

It's been way too long since I have had one of those, thanks for the reminder :)

Now I know what I'm having for lunch. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

I miss your postsss..!@@@

The sandwiches look alluring..:P

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