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I/m praying for you.

I'm sorry Agnes.

Don't even take it a day at a time. One hour at a time is fine. And when you're able to conquer that, try 2 hours at a time. That's the only advice I have. Other than that, I suck at these types of situations.

Oh you poor sweet, lovely girl. Grief is so hard to bear. Keep reaching out if you can; we're here xx

So sorry!!! You are still you, but it may not seem that way for a while. At first it's breath by breath, then minute by minute, and then hour by hour. I'm sure you know we simply learn to cope with such a loss, but you will. Allow yourself time to mourn and heal and again, please take good care of yourself. Geoff would want that. {{{Hugs}}}

Oh, I've been meaning to pop in and see how you're going. It's been a while between blogs. And now I've just read this. Honey, I'm so sorry. There are no words. xx

Allow yourself to hurt, and I echo to just take it a minute at a time if necessary. You're stronger than you think. Keeping you in my prayers.

Irreplaceable loss does change you. Please take care!!! Thoughts and prayers are still coming your way via me.

Dear Agnes, Nikita Cat, Elvira Mistress of Pussydom, and I, have just learned of your terrible loss, and wish to send our condolenses to {{{{ you, and your family }}}}.

I know I rarely comment, but your writing, and especially your photographs, have always made visiting your space such a great, thought provoking, place to visit.

Yes, do, when you are ready, write on your blog again, use this space, and the support of your many fans, and regular readers, if you wish, to help you thru the days ahead.

Putting thoughts to blog post, during the tough times, in my, and Nikita's, 8 years of blogging, and the support of those friends we have made thru the years, on our blogs, have helped us immensely as we made our way thru the difficulties involved, and they still do, in our current situation.

Don't let the hurt overwhelm you.

You are stronger than you know, or feel, right now.

You ARE you.

The amazing, caring, personality, with the love of animals, and photography, and the one she cares so much for, that I enjoy checking in on, from time to time, is still there, just feeling overwhelmed at the moment, and that's understandable.

When the time is right, that person will shine thru once again.

I'm so sorry to hear this. Wish this gets easier for you very soon.

I don't know what else to say.

I'm so sorry Agnes...sending my love and healing hugs.

i'm so sorry agnes. you are in my prayers.

it will hurt a lot. do not finght the hurt. Accept it. The hurt will not go but you will be able to live with it. one day.
hang on and take care of you.

Dear Agnes, Lots of hugs to you. Time is the only healer. Try to be surrounded by friends and family. Lots of love

Hey Agnes, it's hard for us to find the words because really, no words can make things right. And because none of us really know what you are going through since each and every person is so different. But sometimes pouring it all out helps and we are here to listen. I know it's a small consolation. Take the time to mourn and to cry and even scream, if necessary, because it will help you heal the wound. You are in our thoughts.

Agnes: I know that hurt... It comes from the pit of your stomach and just rises... Just let it go its course, ride it like a wave in the ocean...((HUGS))

Agnes - all my thoughts go out to you - if only I could flit over to hug you xxx

Thinking of you.

OMG... no... I am so sorry to read this. This is such a sad news. Please accept my sincere condolences.
My thoughts and love are with you ! Be strong... take care.

Agnes, words are so empty. I think of you. Take care.

oh agnes. i've no words.

Thank you, Agnes, for posting Geoff's and your picture.

Pictures, though moments in time, can capture an entire life. This one does. It reveals that Geoff was wise. It reveals that he was happy. It reveals that he was irrevocably in love with you.

It reveals something else, too. It reveals that Geoff could hardly believe how lucky he was that you loved him.

Oh Agnes, I just stopped by again and I saw your wonderful photo you posted. It so clearly shows just how in love you two were. I'm not sure most people experience this type of happiness in their relationships. What an incredible love story. Please remember we're all here to help any way we can. I'll be in the rain forest for a few weeks starting tomorrow, but I THINK I have WIFI. Take care.


I'm very sorry about your loss. Your friends are always here for you...

You have lots of support. Please give yourself some time to heal...


Lots of love my beautiful friend!!! You have no idea how much my heart aches for you.

Well, you ARE still you. And, You are one of the best, most loving, funniest person on earth that I know. You are important to me and I hope the hurting eases (some) soon. I miss you.

I'm still praying for you Agnes! I think of you all the time. That photo of you and Geoff made me cry. I can't even imagine how much you must miss him. I wish there was something more I could say...

Thanks for sparing us a few minutes to share this wonderful picture! I'm only an email away. I'm sure missing him is taking your breath away. I'm reaching out with a warm mental hug! Keep reaching out to us, even if it's only a word or two. Love you!

Just breathe. Try to find relief in the spaces between the waves of agony.

That photo is pure love.

I don't know what else to say.

I'm so sorry my dear, I just dropped to say Hi and I'm still on shock to know what happened and about your loss.
Using our limited energy in suppressing our emotions is, for the most part, vain. We who grieve must accept the fact that we will not be as effective during the grief process as we were before. Some things will go undone; some responsibilities will not be met.
Grief is a lonely process. It is a road that is traveled single file. Time alone cannot heal the wound. There is no such thing as simply tying a knot and holding on. Grief is an active process.
There is no antidote for grief. There is no short-cut to recovery. Each of us grieve differently, and the time we need will differ, as well. We must give ourselves permission to grieve, and take the time it requires. We must not allow those around us to rush us through the process. But we heal in community.
We discover many things about ourselves as we walk this path. Certainly we learn about strengths we did not know we had, but we also learn about some weaknesses.
The sorrow of the loss needs a voice, better than grieving in silence, far better than pretending the loss doesn't hurt.
Because it does. It always does.
So my thoughts and prayers are with you.
That's a wonderful picture, full of love. The love you will remember and will make part of your memories.....
Tons of love, thinking of you.

Thinking of you love and it really is one minute at a time.. I am so sorry Agnes!! xoxo

I'm so sorry Agnes... know that he is still with you! Watch for the signs and synchronicities! You will see! I lost my sister (best friend) not too long ago and now have a new found faith in life after life on this earth. I have a blog in honor of her to cherish her memories (www.lovingmaryforever.com)
I read the book "90 minutes in Heaven" and it started my healing ~ then I read the book "Another Door Opens" and the journey began!
My heart goes out to you and I'm sending you love and a warm hug!

Dear Agnes,
this picture truly tells a story and reveals so much love! Thank you for sharing this. I hope that time will ease your pain and that your tears will cleanse your sorrow, and that one day, you can read this Patti Smith poem and resonate with the words:

It’s been a hard time
and when it rains
it rains on me
the sky just opens
and when it rains
it pours

I walk alone
assaulted it seems
by tears from heaven
and darling I can’t help
thinking those tears are yours

Our wild love came from above
and wilder still
is the wind that howls
like a voice that knows it’s gone
cause darling you died
and well I cried
but I’ll get by
salute our love
and send you a smile
and move on

So darling farewell
all will be well
and then all will be fine
the children will rise
strong and happy be sure
cause your love flows
and the corn still grows
and God only knows
we’re only given
as much as the heart can endure

But I don’t know why
but when it rains
it rains on me
the sky just opens
and when it rains
it pours

But I look up
and a rainbow appears
like a smile from heaven
and darling I can’t
help thinking that smile
is yours

Am so sorry Agnes. Time is the best healer.

Hugs and prayers, Agnes.

Dear Agnes,
we all understand what you must be going thru.
do take care of yourself.
God bless you.

Thank you all for the kind words. You are all amazing -- I don't even know what else to say.

p/s: @Rider: I always thought I was the lucky one.

Stopped by, this morning, and saw the addition of the photo.

When they say that a Picture is Worth a Thousands Words...this wonderful photo is Exhibit A.

Thank You for sharing.

Hugs and love to you Agnes

Thank you for sharing your loss and this beautiful photo. In your time of sadness, the memories held deep within your heart will help to soothe your spirit at this difficult time. And with each memory, let your heart be reminded that nothing can ever take away the beauty and the love you have known - not even death. I know that love will always remain a part of you.

I am so sorry. I wish I could make it right.

Then yours and Geoff's was the very best and happiest of marriages, Agnes. You each thought yourself the luckier for being loved by the other.

Agnes, I am so sorry to hear about Geoff.

Uma mailed me after reading your post, since I have been away from the blogworld.

I can imagine what you must be going through. I sincerely hope that God gives you the strength to cope with your loss. You are in my prayers, Agnes.

I cannot stop tears the moment I saw And at the same time memory rewinds when father died And I have gone through similar sad times of life which at present within but yes, Prayers for you.
- peace

oh Agnes, this photo makes my heart cry out...take it slowly..

Thank U so much for sharing the moment with us Agnes, the passing away of a loved one tests us like few things do. Keeping you in my prayers and hoping you find comfort in the memories you have. Hugs.

Be Strong Agnes... we all are with you...

I am so sorry Agnes. My heart cries. My prayers are with you.

Agnes I am so sorry to hear this, i ahve been thinking of you
be strong and my prayers are with you

my heart & my prayers are for you, be strong Agnes

Thinking about you.

It's ok to not be you for a while.

Oh Agnes, I've tears for you right now, have been meaning to come by and check in sooner. I'm so so sorry. No words can express. Just know that you have friends listening out here.

Big Hugs, peaceful thoughts.
Talei xxx

so sorry Agnes.

I'm truly sorry for your loss.

Agnes-so sorry to hear of your loss. With a heart like yours I know the sadness must be great. Wishing you strength and healing in the days ahead.

Dearest Agnes,
I had to search the archives after reading about the dream :( so sad to read about Geoff.
No platitudes here. You've managed to move forward, actually sleep, travel and write your blog, which I so enjoy. 'nuff said.
Hugs to you {{{{{{Agnes}}}}}}****

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