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Be strong, dear Agnes. Take your time.
From here, i send you my best feelings and wishes.
Love and kisses.

God... this post made me cry... please be strong...

HE will ALWAYS exist in your heart...BTW, isn't it strange to have men hitting on you? When that happened to me, its almost like there is some radar out there.. Agnes: it took me about 4 1/2 years... in general, its the usual course time...Believe me...Email me, I got stories to tell ya..FYI got a link that will floor you!.

yoga can be so good for the soul. strangers with prying questions and poor social skills,not so much.
thinking of you,

Yeah...insomnia is pretty common in today's envirnoment. I use Tia Chi. I'm new to your blog so I'm confused about the answer you gave about having a husband.

Jan @ the BellaCasa blog

I tried yoga once, but didn't really like it. I guess I need to become more...disciplined. Your mirror tells the truth, I think. You are just as beautiful in both pictures. Filakia xxxxxxx

I still can't find the right words to write...I doubt I ever will. There are no right words are there? It's OK to grieve and insomnia will be a part of that. Nosy strangers you can probably do without. Take care.

My experience with insomnia tells me that being hopeful that sleep will come, is the first mistake. I usually get sleep back once I stop stressing about sleep.
We call it 'hot yoga' over here, it's good- though I prefer the usual kind :)
Be kind to yourself, Hun, allow yourself some time... *virtual hugs your way*

One day at a time.

He will always be your husband in your heart, period. Love you!

I hope the yoga helped and you were able to sleep. He exists in your heart and always will - time will help make the memories more happy than sad. Hang on.

You still look beautiful Agnes. May your wonderful memories of your husband heal your heart.

I remember when my mother passed away. I loved it when I dreamt of her and was able to talk to her. One night, I dreamt she put her cheek next to mine and I actually felt the warmth even after I awoke. I know it may sound strange, but I know she came for a visit. In one if those dreams, she lead me to her registry book. In the morning I looked through that book and found that it contained her life insurance information....policy and phone numbers. I had no idea about it either.

I believe that she is alway around me still, as your husband is. Stay strong.

I agree with Andi and Barbara totally. I couldn't have said it any better. I hope you are able to get some sleep soon. There's a herbal remedy called Melatonin that I take when I suffer from insomnia. You might want to try that. Great big HUGE hugs to you Agnes.

I've been away from the Internet a lot lately and I missed so much. I'm so very, very sorry Agnes. My heart is breaking for you. Words can never be enough - but please know I'll be thinking of you and sending you my best wishes. Treasure the millions of memories you have. Take time. Stay strong. He will always be with you. Again, I'm so sorry. *hugs*

I think I need to try yoga again...I've had insomnia since my husband deployed a year ago...ugh...

You're still beautiful! :)

The picture of you and Geoff say a thousand words...that is precious! (((hugs))) Aubrey

You are still and will always be beautiful!!!
There is a lot of talk here at the retreat about hot or Bikram yoga. No one really has anything good too say, but if you like it that's what counts. Regardless, it's awesome that you are exercising! You are one tough pretty lady :))))
BTW, yoga is supposed to help you sleep - it does me and I am a chronic insomniac. I will send you photos of my retreat in HI for the heck of it. Take care!

That guy deserves to be stuck in that hot yoga room for about 24 hours, what a knucklehead! I love your response though, so true, so perfectly true!

At the sametime he is and
doesn't exist.It seems we
need an explanation;so we
try to understand,in vain

Here's wishing you loads of strength!

I am a new visitor to your site and I instantly felt a wave of admiration, empathy, sympathy and respect for you. I am a big, big fan. Sending you my love from where I live, a Third World nation as well, which I love with a passion.

I have done the 1 1/2 hours of hot yoga too - the weights would make it a challenge, that's for sure !! I have had a lot of insomnia for a variety of reasons over the past and physical exhaustion really does help you sleep better in times of tribulation I have found so SWEET DREAMS, Agnes !! xx

You look beautiful Agnes in both the pictures tho sad and tired now. Take a long walk in the evening and then have some warm milk just before getting into bed. Dont close ur eyes and wait, read a book and let sleep overtake u naturally. I do know its not so simple given ur state of mind. Hugs.

Glad to see you back, Agnes.

Thank you so much! I must have done something right in some previous life to deserve readers like you.

@Reenie, @Michelle, @Barbara, @Kate, @Aubrey I slept like a rock after hot yoga. I highly recommend it. Oh @Cathy what a story. Thank you for telling me :-)

@Heather and @Nancy, melatonin, a long walk, a warm drink... these are all great suggestions. I don't want to take sleeping pills so I think I am gonna do hot yoga, followed by a long walk, then take melatonin with a warm drink.

@BD: Thank you Barry. Words don't come easy... but I am here.

Oh and @Michelle, thanks so much for the photos. I wish I was there with you.

@Chrissy: Girl, I know you've been through this... I don't know how you did it but you're my hero...

Looks like you're slowly beginning to pick up the pieces, i wish you all the strength to get back to your old self, just be strong Agnes

many thoughts within but what to write I don't know. I selected travel when father left.
Continuity maybe with a subject is important And if it is yoga keep doing. We are with you always.

the picture of you and Geoff is so sweet, so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

Good luck with the "hot" yoga. Cold actually makes me very sleepy, the hot room would just energize me, very weird, I know.

SO good to hear you slept so well!!! I didn't mean to be negative about hot yoga. There are so many "flavors" of it. I want to give it a try now and it would be great if you were here.

Beautiful description, Agnes...only you could find a way to explain the unexplainable. I'm so glad you got some sleep. I've never met you but I'm terribly worried about you...please take care of yourself.

wonderful! you got some sleep!

I wish you many more sleepfilled nights. I'm thinking of you.

take care of yourself, take time for yoursel, Agnes.

Glad to see you back and working off the pain. Sleep sweet.

hmm....You are in my prayers....always.

Be brave !

I wish you peace during this most difficult of times. You are wise to take care of yourself.

Oh Agnes! It is going to get worse before it gets better. But it WILL get better. Just take one day at a time.

the sadness of your husbands long battle hit me tonight. I am a cancer survivor. I wrote a poem for you on my blog.

Oh dear....yoga is the best thing, to calm your emotions and mind and to deal with that insomnia. Dont leave it...just go on for that class...it'll help you slowly.

Ur eyes say it all - the tiredness, the heaviness in the heart...many hugs to you...take care. A person's inner strength will show through at these times...

Hi Agnes! i tried this type of yoga...here in Singapore we call it hot yoga. it's very nice and relaxing and could lose weight also ;) have fun!

Yoga in the sauna for an hour and a half. Confronting the most difficult question anyone could ask you. Answering it with grace and intelligence.

Yours is an incredibly strong mind and spirit, Agnes. All your faithful readers hope and pray your heart soon mends.

There is nothing I can say to ease your pain and grief. Yoga sounds like a good path to pursue in an effort to find some peace. I send you supporting thoughts and prayers. May the road ahead become easier with each step.

That was a bit of a conversation.

Well Agnes... Yoga definitely helps calm your mind and relaxes it too. so yes it helps in overcoming insomnia.
Take care.

i hope it cured your insomnia

My insomnia comes from anxiety issues when I try to sleep. I found that Ambien didn't make me sleepy but it did relax me enough to fall asleep. There are tons of stories floating around about strange behavior and I have my share. I found this only happens when I try to do things between ingestion and onset. Only take it when you are already in bed, relaxing, and attempting to fall alseep, and you shouldn't have any problems.

@Ambien: Ambien is a sedative-hypnotic drug. I would never ever take it.

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