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One breath at a time. Be well.

We'd love to meet Jane :)
We know you're still there. You're a fighter. We're right here, waiting!

Good to hear from you again Agnes. Obviously, there is no expectation from this end of how often you post. :) Yoga is tough though. As a man, it's even tougher, for some reason. (Ha.)

Agnes: What kind of accent? U must tell!..lol... Gf, u are now on a J-O-U-R-N-E-Y..... and I know u know what I mean by that.... u will discover your new strengths... that yoga class is definitely what u need...keep it up... btw, try something else that u have never tried before... I re-discovered photography again...its helped.

@Chrissy, born in Hungary + Asian father + European mother + American life + years of world travel + long years in Europe + a multilingual existence... how am I not supposed to have an accent?

@Agnes:...So u have an international sound? kind of reminicent of Jolie's characters that she plays?

Great to hear from you Agnes. Take care.

Always great to hear from you Agnes! Yoga is HARD - I know ;)

Glad to see you back a bit. Great job posting by phone, I have not been successful with doing that with photos.

Sorry for my typos courtesy of a sore wrist,shoulder, and self imposed boot camp!

Snowed last night. That makes everything pretty and clean when you get up early. It doesn't take long, though, for humanity to make it look dirty.

I had no idea you had an accent!

It is great to hear from you Agnes. Take care.

Agnes, there is a billboard here for a jeweler. It is very simple - black & white, woman sitting at a table, very understated and very beautiful. She looks JUST LIKE YOU. I think of you every time that I pass it, and send prayers for healing and peace your way. I hope that you are taking care of yourself. Thank you for taking the time to post.

I am now-a-days short of words.

I've recently read a book called "Love Virtually" by Daniel Glattauer - an Austrian journalist and writer. After a few e-mail exchanges, Emmi and Leo begin to find themselves in an online romance full of drama and erotic tension. The whole book is written in continuous emails Emmi and Leo send each other. So, it's really easy to read. It feels like...snooping into their inboxes.:-) And it's great entertainment!

I met in person only one online friend a couple of years ago. And now we are best friends ever! Hope the best for you and Jane. Filakia xxxxxx

Agnes, one moment, one foot, one breath at a time. That's all you need to know and do, as impossible as it may seem at times. Hearts are joining with yours. Thank you for sharing such an personal journey...it speaks of your strength.

(I love that you have an accent...and not surprised at all!)

Agnes.....i'm going through a particularly hard place in life right now......not at all as tender as the wound you are experiencing. I want you to know how much courage and inspiration your posts, your feelings have given me. i'm so glad to have found this place. Thank you for opening your life to someone like me.

One moment at a time gorgeous. Yoga will help you be able to breathe again! Much love!!!

hmmm....and I am waiting for you....

Take Care.

I love Jane too. She's given me a lot of comfort when life sucks (understatement). I think you have that glow too Agnes, it comes through even via blogging. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Agnes,Sometimes it helps to talk about your loved one. I'm sure your readers would like to hear about his illness, how you both dealt with it, etc. It can help in the healing.

If not, Glad to have you back!

So nice to hear from you. Take it slow, and all your friends are there for you.

Would love to hear the 'accent' sometime :)
I have often wondered about accents... is there anyone who does not have an accent really? British, American, Australian- all those who speak sort of the same language but there still is an accent, right?
Stay well, my friend.

I think love gives us pleasure and
bad times. After this,life becomes
another. We don't forget,we change

nice to know Agnes ;) keep it up!! ;)

you'll pull through, stay cool

I have had 3 weeks in Europe Agnes and I adored Budapest ! That's my news !

It is cold in the south, especially in Alabama! I do not understand being in the house forever and having to wear big coats! I am hibernating! I don't think I could live where snow is constant! I am so glad to hear from you!

Its good to know you're well A.

I'm glad that you are continuing the yoga. It was really good to see a post from you. I think of you frequently and I'm still praying for you. ((Hugs.))

Ur eyes are tired...take rest and catch up some sleep...yeah, I know its difficult, but do take care. Lots of hugs to you.

Lots of snow fell in New England. Some miners were rescued in Chile, that was very cool. There are maybe revolutions happening in North Africa. My dad's airplane is going to be in the Smithsonian. I have an achilles injury and have to stop running for a while. My daughter moved to Seattle and is getting married. I am migrating my blog soon. I am glad you met a new friend in person. I am glad you sweat a lot in Yoga.

I hope you can post the photograph, I'd love to hear.

And now I'm deeply curious about your accent.

Maybe Jane should do a guest post! :)

Thank you for dropping in every now and then, and it was lovely to hear about Jane. Take care lovely lady.

Well that answer to Chrissy explains all about "The Accent"...
Nice to hear from you :)

Dear Agnes, good to hear from you and that you are sweating it out and getting out to do something. The news from this side is that I have not posted for ages and I am hoping today will be the day. The sun is shining outside though I can see the whole landscape is frozen. I am extremely curious about what your accent sounds like.

There is something about your blog (not only lately...) that makes people click "comment"...and it is so beautiful to follow the wonderful comments and encouraging words from your readers! I take it Jane is someone you have connected with through blogging. It must have been great to meat in real life!

I rarely get comments on my blog and probably don't have nearly as many readers as you, but I guess I can be a little "fluffy" ;) and perhaps don't open up to comments as much. I see you as a very authentic person with integrity and heart. It's easy to like you and easy to write a comment.

Keep going girl!

I mean "meet" of course ;) I also have an accent...a Swedish one!

We have that kind of yoga here, too. A grueling workout. I have a Brooklyn accent, not very elegant. Take care of yourself. Life has a way of pulling us back into-life

And I have been told that I occasionally slip into a Minnesotan (remember "Fargo"?) accent. I definitely don't like hearing that!

It's so good that you're slowly getting some life back in your veins. Yoga is good for that. Going through the motions seems like a tremendous effort, I'm sure - but it's the best thing you can do. So is blogging. Thanks so much for sharing where you're at. I hope it helps at least a wee bit.
- Susan

i hope you can post the picture. it sounds like the meet-up might be a little bit of a story, with the handiwork of the universe involved and all :)

Lovely to hear your voice here. I can definitely imagine an accent of a well travelled soul. Take care. x

I just read through your last several posts. I'm so sorry to hear about your personal tragedy. Clearly the universe could tell you needed the pick me up of meeting a friend. Best to you.

Oh Agnes - I am so sorry for your loss. I've been reading your blog for a while and felt as if I knew Geoff a little.

My news? That I've almost stopped blogging (weird, I know). After seven years, something has changed in the universe...

Keep writing Agnes:-))!!!!

Keep moving forward - keep breathing - keep living.

Sounds like the universe knew you needed a lift. Take care.

It looks like I missed this post. Hope you're keeping well. Accents are sweet things. We all have one. I used to get it all the time during the year I lived in St Louis ... 'oh I love your accent' they would say. And I would kinda giggle because for me, anybody who isn't British has an accent :) And that includes me too, of course.

I like your spirit, Agnes.

Hey Agnes. I didn't know 'hot room' yoga existed! It must be one of those improvised things :)
Keep blogging!

You are breaking my heart. The world will never change no matter how long you distance yourself from it, the news is never good but you be brave and live the life ahead of you. The memories will never fade they are there to treasure, the future can hold expectation and hope given time. Keep in touch please.

Agnes, I haven't written in a long time - myself, in and out of hospital, and dealing with a narky consultant. So I understand some measure of the taste and scent of the life you have lived for many months. But because I know that life, what I see most clearly is the effervescence you must have brought to that hospital, to those long corridors and to the eyes your figure must have passed as you made your way to your love. I know how it feels to be waiting for the one you love in a hospital bed, hear the sound of their footsteps, and then when they appear, it is light, bright, sunshiny, and perfect.
Lucky me to have the lights I do, and lucky Geoff to have had your light. Lucky us to still be enjoying it, for him.
Thinking of you x

Keep doing your think Agnes. I always enjoy it.

This was among the things you wrote: "I guess I am trying to find my new place in the world . . . ."

Yes, most of us have to find our new places. But sometimes, for a very special few, the world itself makes way and prepares the new place.

You must be one of the special few, Agnes. And Jane, whose meeting with you was "the handiwork of the universe," is, I hope, sent to help make you that "new place."

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