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Oh sweetie, I had a sinking feeling.....Praying for u and for him! Thinking of u always...

I have not been over for awhile.... My thoughts and prayers are with you amazing lady! and your sweet Geoff!!!!!

I am so sorry to hear that. Keeping you in my thoughts.

I completely understand. Please just know that myself and many others are here if you need us. I am thinking and praying for you and your Geoff.

Don't worry about blogging. Just take care of Geoff.

He's the important one.

I am so sorry Agnes. Very hard times. Geoff is in good hands. You try very hard to take good care of yourself for you, for Geoff. He worries about you as much as you worry about him. Your strength will help him rest easier. You're his ray of sunshine. Holding hands is good.

Take care of you and him right now. We'll be here in the blogosphere for you when everything works out for the good.

Oh, and you could blog about it on paper, just to help work out the emotions. Blogging does not always have to be public.

Take care, Agnes ! You guys are in my prayers .

I'm not surprised you aren't up to blogging about it - too many emotions and I'm sure you're exhausted. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

I am so sorry to hear about Geoff. I sincerely hope and pray that things will get better - for both of you. Have missed your posts but I had a feeling things were not quite right. take care and be strong.

I've been thinking about you Agnes as your absence had me thinking that maybe all was not well. My thoughts are with you and I'm sending my love and prayers to you both, ((hugs)), Kate

Thank you for the update. I thought of you the other day and wondered how you and Geoff were doing. I am keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Oh Agnes, I have been so focused on doing the National Novel month I haven't checked in! I'm going through and reading to catch up! Know I'm thinking of you and Geoff. I know you are a strong woman, but it doesn't really help when you worried and having to wear another face when you're with Geoff. The bond and love between soulmates is so strong.
Wouldn't it be nice, since we love coffee and Starbucks so much, if life's concerns could be settled with a good cappuccino, a good vanilla one?

Oh no. I'm thinking of you. Hang in there.

I wish there was something I could say.

Everyday, Geoff and you are in my prayers. Love to you both.

So sad to read this. Warmest wishes to you, take care...

Oh Agnes... *hugs*.
Don't worry about blogging, just know if you ever need an ear- you'll get a few pairs in this space... and meanwhile, you do what you got to.
Fingers crossed for you and Geoff.

Don't blog about it if you can't but know that there are people here who care about you two.

Dearest Agnes - My heart goes out to you and Geoff. I am so sorry you are going through such a tough, tough time. The heck with the blogging - we're all here for you, whether you're able to show up or not.

Hugs and Prayers...

So sorry, Agnes. I will say a prayer for Geoff.

I have been thinking of you and Geoff! I will continue praying for you both. Don't worry about blogging. There are much more important things to attend to! Hugs!!!

We must not be out in bad times...
I hope him the best.!.

There are no words, just know I'm sending you love!!!

There's no blank paper near your computer. So you pick up a catalog and tear off the bottom of page 33. You scribble a few words, scan them into your computer, and post them on your blog.

They're today's posting.

The catalog is from "Bygone Brooch Necklaces" which describes its necklaces this way: "truly magical and unique! fun to w[ear] with jeans or a ball gown."

The necklaces and their description complement you perfectly, Agnes. You, like they, are "truly magical and unique."

This brings me to the purpose of my comment. Life is incredibly hard for Geoff right now. But this much I know. He's blessed to have you with him.

(Here's the internet link to "Bygone Brooch Necklaces"):


Figured something was up and it wasn't good. Don't forget to take care of yourself through this ordeal.

everything will be all right again, Agnes.. stay strong and give urself some rest as well.
love n prayers..

you WILL get thru this Agnes - all my thoughts go to you and Geoff and all my love - Kate

hmm...I thought about you so much lately...and couldn't find any way to communicate with you...if you are not on blog means you are not reading your email too...so useless to send you email...

Please take care of yourself alot. While you are taking care of yourself you must have someone or force yourself to take care of you too...

My prayers always with you dear Agnes.

Oh dear! Very sorry! Please take care of yourself and Geoff....i feel awful after reading this :( Be strong girl!

Agnes, praying for you and Geoff...

Hi Agnes,
I was not around for a while... Read your previous posts, all my prayers are with you.
You will definitely come out of it, Geoff will get well very soon..

Oh sweetie, hang on. Geoff is so lucky to have the love of his life by his side. Wishing you so much strenghth and courage. I'll be thinking of you and Geoff and sending positive energy.

Dunno what to say. I am still dealing with things I have not figured how to cope up with. And I donot pray. I'll just send some of my sunshine to you and hope for the skies to open up. Love.

I knew something was up and have been sending great thoughts and hopes your way. I know you can handle whatever life dishes out, but it is not easy. Gather those who love you close and know that those at a distance also love you and Geoff. You and Geoff both matter in the world and no matter how long a life either of you have your contribution is substantial and a true good. When the storm abates a bit or passes let us know and we will help you.

Thoughts are with you...

Just stay take care of Geoff and yourself too, be strong, all our prayers for you both.

Sending love to you and Geoff. Hugs to you...

So Sorry Agnes. I was also wondering whether Geoff was keeping fine. My prayers are with you! May God give you strength to handle the tough times.

You don't need to apologise for a single thing. Thinking of you both and sending out a prayer :)

Been thinking of u.....Agnes I sooo wish there was something I cd do....my prayers with both of u.

My prayers are with you two, all the way from South Africa. He WILL get better. Take care of yourself, Agnes :-)

Oh no, Agnes. I'm so sorry. I would tell you to be strong, but I know you already are.

You and Geoff are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sending all the positive thoughts I have! Peace and healing for your family!

- Peace And Health

It's okay not to blog girlie...we'll be here for you when you're ready...many prayers and much love to you and your hubby. Please take care and know you are in our thoughts and prayers xo

OH my dear friend, I am praying here for Geoff and you too. Take care.

Shucks. I had hoped you guys were back up and about and all was well. In case I am not back I'd like to wish you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Agnes - I'm so very sorry. I'll be praying for you and Geoff.

Thought something was wrong, we are all thinking of you and praying for you both.

Be strong and keep praying. Believe me, it helps in rocky times.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Just stumbled on your blog tonight and have already fallen in love with it - Thanks for just keeping going every day with it and for your honesty. Sorry to hear about all the hospital time, will pray for you both.

Praying for you and Geoff...
Keep your faith and everything will be alright..

WE will pray for you both.

oh RATS! i was afraid there was somethin' afoot! i cannot even imagine how you must be feeling! don't even TRY to blog...just TAKE CARE of yourself...and take care of the man...and know that there are many, many, very devoted not-quite-strangers sending good thoughts & good vibes in your direction 24/7!!! lots and lots and lots of love to you both... ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Heyy Agnes,

Been away for so so long. Heard about Geoff's hospitalisation from Mehreen.

Don't exactly know what to write and what to say. I just can pray. For the Rockstar and for you. Bless you both from the bottom of my heart.

Do take care.


I, too, have been away from blogging for a while and am just now seeing this. My prayers are with you and Geoff and hope you can feel the hugs {{{hugs}}}

Hmm apparently using Facebook is just as usernamish as using my blog name but I got tired of seeing my name as Thirtyandawesome.blogspot.com, lol.

Anyways, just checking in Agnes.

I am very concerned. From my perspective Geoff seems like a great guy and so forth. I hope he is okay with whatever awaits him. Actually I feel confident that he is - and his having you to care for him tells me that he knows how to deal with life and possibly soon, death.

Your blog is as attractive as you are Agnes. I was wandering around some Google Images and your picture came up - with your big golden earrings; you know it? I clicked there and was captivated. I may not have this correct but it seems that you started blogging as Geoff became symptomatic and this eloquent poetry might be something, I think maybe I understand, coming from a part of you reaching out to communicate frustration and lack of control - about Geoff's health.

What I am saying Agnes; is that I hope whatever happens it will make the Agnes Pages better than it is even now. I hope that Geoff will go into a full remission and gets his strength back soon.

"I come from the Soft Position where nobody dies..."


Being multilingual you might appreciate the numero-linguistic interface, as I like to call it; where an intonation like Matthew THORNTON might reverberate over centuries of time. Matthew returned to the Congress in December (1776) and plead that the Congress would allow him to wet ink the Declaration too. Done; allowing for anyone to sign in tardy approbation. Look down at the bottom right signature; #56.



I am not saying that the modern poet is Matthew from 1776, or even evidence of reincarnation; only that there are aspects of life, like Geoff living in your heart, that will easily survive in a timeless realm of eternity - whether he recovers physically or not. You will always find him. He will always be showing up.


David Merrill.

This is more fun if you click Full Screen!


That's a pun by the way - "Unwritten" as your Blog is in haitus awaiting Geoff's Transition - or Not! Back to my opening paragraph:

I am very concerned. From my perspective Geoff seems like a great guy and so forth. I hope he is okay with whatever awaits him. Actually I feel confident that he is - and his having you to care for him tells me that he knows how to deal with life and possibly soon, death.

I don't mind should you delete my "substitute" artistry later; when you get back to your keyboard. My Art is no substitute for your Art by any means; I am paying you a compliment as yours has mine exploring into new avenues - as art does. If it is good. And you should not be too surprised that your performance has captivated more people than myself. Hence my concern expressed above is that if Geoff dies this Page will set dormant, with my poor lipreading being the last entries in a Page called Crash - my trying fill the gap.

I encountered your photo on Google Images as it hit a related uneventful Word and clicked the photo - and that became an icon pigeonholed under "Claudia" for the Song (in my heart at the time) but more relating to reproducible mental models like Matthew THORNTON I was writing to my 'suitors' (intelligence nexus in a brain trust) about the Golden Ratio and before exploring to find your name and art here, used your photo as a demonstration of how things within the Golden Mean are great to look at:


I have flashed this next photo around at the Grand Lodge, being a non-Mason myself, it just glazes the good Brothers over and they hand it back like I am not even there.


At the Center is the Heart of the City. I have no evidence that all these things lined up through human intention. I think it more a background operation somewhere beyond the Order of Archelaus (John the Baptist's Mentor). A light on the far side (eclipse) of the Magi seeking a glimpse of the baby Messiah.



My mind's eye thinks of you passing the hours awaiting Visiting Hours in Intensive Care, and therefore venture to Comment with links that may take up some of your time.


David Merrill.

Please edit in this photo above the Monuments photo link on my last post.


With the incorrect photo there, it doesn't make much sense to the Reader.

It is snowing hard here in Colorado this Friday morning. I think that I relate to your opening Post as it must be excruciating to try and describe what you are feeling right now, as it is really a moment to pretend that nobody is reading; if you were to blog at all and about anything you could write at the moment would seem way to over the top later.

I make up songs as I go, albeit it was 1988 when I had his little studio. No skill to speak of - just creativity. This song sound-on-sound probably took an hour. From nothing at all, me doing something else, in an hour. No rehearsing - just laying down tracks so that is my apology if you cringe:


Something on my mind relating the Golden Spiral to you Agnes:


I emrace my, desire to...
Feel the rhythm, to,
Feel connected, enough to step aside,
And weep like a widow, to
Feel inspired, to
Fathom the Power, to
Witness the beauty, to
Bathe in the fountain, to
Swing on the Spiral, to...

I am not sure how to go about this next part; but it has to do with the way you photograph Geoff. - With love and respect. You have something there we all desire and even envy - something so very beautiful that embracing the entire spectrum can be viewed in a way as beautiful too? The band above seems to have captured it in a verse; the way I feel and hope you are experiencing what you are going through.


David Merrill.

P.S. The common sentiment is great too. I hope Goeff gets well soon. It's just not really my style to say it twice. You made mention you appreciate artful wordcrafting so I am giving it a go in lieu of your usual talent.

I am still sending my best hopes and wishes to Geoff and yourself. One day at a time, one moment at a time. Just get through it moment by moment. You can do it.

Yours is the first Blog I have ever read, that I remember anyway; my first memorable Blog? My comments seem to be of a completely different character than the other readers too.

Ergo, upon waking to a snowy-cold Colorado morning I want to summarize and clarify, as it seems not only for you Agnes, but for many other readers as well. My mathematical delving into the Golden Spiral was to assure you that, Geoff will always be showing up; like I said above. It is not just an empty slogan, Geoff will live on in your heart. But I am not talking about ghosts, as popular as that movie Ghost was on that same sentiment. I am talking about Geoff's life being more than the physical manifestation of his body - but the effects of his physical body. Things like his estate, his professional achievements, his love for Jamie and Smokey...

The Spirals are nothing less than the Signature of Life. Looking at them manifesting around us, even physically like in the METRO organization blueprint on the City of XXXXXX I hope assures you that I am not just saying that Geoff will always be around as an empty sentiment to make you fell better. Geoff will last.


I am making a lot of presumptions here based on your ability to delete my monologue at a whim. One I suppose is that you are approving these posts. That last snippet is associated with "Swing on the Spiral, Of our Divinity, and Still be a Human" in the music video I linked above, through Darren ARONOFSKY, The Fountain's director.

Black, (1)
And, (1)
White are, (2)
All I see, (3)
In my infancy, (5)
Red and yellow then came to be, (8)
Reaching out to me, (5)
Let's me see. (3)

Like with my bees:

Mmmm... fresh raspberry honey! The hive is in the raspberry patch.


I emrace my, desire to...
Feel the rhythm, to,
Feel connected, enough to step aside,
And weep like a widow, to
Feel inspired, to
Fathom the Power, to
Witness the beauty, to
Bathe in The Fountain, to
Swing on the Spiral, to...

The connection to The Fountain is indirect though - to Darren ARONOFSKY's first video of note; Pi; Faith in Chaos. That title is intentionally misspelled. He really means phi by the same pronunciation and apparently felt that a more commonly understood mathematical term by the same pronunciation would sell better. Phi is the inverse of the 61.55% found in any intersection of a pentagram which forms the proper Golden Spiral like I showed above:


This earlier movie is a bit more cryptic (intentionally in black and white) but then you have to let Darren grow, like anybody else in life.


@David: Hi David, Agnes here. Comments are not censored here, only spam-filtered.

I am not sure how to respond. I am not on a blogging break per se. It's just that my entire mental activity is paralyzed. All I want to do is save my husband's life. I cannot write. I cannot speak. Words fail me. Life as I used to know it is alien to me now. Talking to people these days is like interacting with Martians -- I am in a different world now.

That's all.


Thanks for the blurb though! It was in your temporary keyboard freeze that I wrote my monologue. It is actually mysterious to me why I am writing - I am keeping up on my other cyberspace activities with the brain trust and so forth so I hope it is more than just curiosity or trying to impress a strange beautiful but married woman...

I think it more that I am trying to put myself in your shoes and experience your experience through your blog. This recent turn for the worst with Geoff made him a bit more real for me, and then it stultifying your writing set me into thinking about death and my opinions and experiences with it.

You made a comment somewhere about appreciating good wordsmithing and I am hoping to cheer you up a bit about my presumption that since Geoff was diagnosed some time ago with advanced cancer, that this will be his last hospital stay. You write that you can only think about saving his life, instead. So I would consider my attempt to help you see Geoff's death my way worthy of deletion - no problem here.

I fight cancer every day. I am cancer free, I am sure of it. I earned a 4.0 GPA in electronics and spent plenty of time inventing the CD/DVD technology (quite literally, inventing it) and memory tech in the camera SD Cards too. That biases my thinking about cancer to being electrical. With good electrical activity (communications) then the DNA unzips and rezips perfectly during cellular reproduction. St John's Wort is good about that so I put it in my skin lotion applied daily:


I bought a boatload of costus (qi mu xiang - sausuria root) to make some Temple Incense and discovered it is a cancer treatment so I eat it to lose weight lately. I bought some DCA too, which is basically a harmless plastic but it causes tumors to 'come out of hiding' (glucolysis) and be aerobic. If they go anaerobic then my immune system cannot 'see' them. If I make them have to live on oxygen instead of sugar, then I destroy them. There are more ideas with complex waveforms but it would be cruel for me to offer you hope with Geoff - as this kind of relationship is quite strange for me.


I am not a medical doctor and much of what I do to maintain good electrical communication on cellular myosis and mitosis reproduction is quite unscientific. Basically it comes down to understanding why something is helpful and applying it to myself, carefully observing the effects.

Maybe it boils down to me being selfish. On my opening presumption that this blog, my entertainment here is produced by your frustration at laboring for control of somebody else's health. Maybe even feeling responsible for somebody else's health. And that now you have gone through a change like you describe above, the days of my entertaining Agnes Pages is coming to a permanent end. Sensing that is probably what drove me to spending the time and effort to write. That sounds pretty childish on my part, but I am new to this. I don't know exactly what my part as reading a blog is to play.


David Merrill.

P.S. I suppose that silence on your part is fine. Especially if you cannot write your thoughts for a while - it is better you don't.

I hope everything is k with you and your husband Agnes.

You are always in my prayers.

Thinking of you and your gut-wrenching situation. Looking forward to when you learn to speak Martian again and post. I remember when I was in a situation similar and when I returned to my old life, I felt like I was underwater. Submerged. Take your time surfacing.

@Patty: I wanna hug you.

Is it just me or do any of you notice how creepy "David Merrill" is?

WTF is wrong with you, David? Did somebody drop you on your friggen head when you were kid? Seriously!

Is it just me or do any of you notice how creepy "David Merrill" is?

WTF is wrong with you, David? Did somebody drop you on your friggen head when you were kid? Seriously!

By creepy I suppose you mean my presumption Geoff is dying in a Florida Intensive Care Ward. That much seems obvious to me. But miracles happen all the time so I don't want Agnes to give up hope, by any means. Looking at the keyboard paralysis though, I am sure Agnes is doing everything in her power to make wise decisions and participate correctly with any treatments. Hopefully that is what she means by 'saving my husband's life'.

My participation in the blog is mostly about that - being responsible for all facets, while knowing the boundaries too. So blogs themselves step over the boundaries. Agnes says, Write Like Nobody is Reading' yet people are - I am. I am enjoying the good and I empathize with the bad. I feel. At the same time, I am exploring the forum. I write about how I feel, it is strange to me that I am the first to come along and do that. Mainly writing a blog must be some sort of a plea for attention; and logically I am presuming that since Agnes started writing when Geoff was diagnosed, she is being expositionist because she wants input; maybe about those boundaries - like how to take responsibility for somebody else's health responsibly. Don't get me wrong; there are a lot of beautiful women around Colorado, what is attractive here on the Agnes Pages is that she is intelligent and skilled at written communication.

You are obviously passionate about Agnes and her life as shared on the blog here - The Agnes Pages. That seems good in itself. You even lash out at me in your percieved need to protect her from me. That is the only sense your question makes really. There is nothing wrong with me that I am aware of and I have never been told about any head-dropping. I have always worn a helmet but the strap broke last crash, before I hit the pavement! You can get a look if you like:



[Unload the CAT Scan to disk before you open it for it to function as it is supposed to.]

Do you know Agnes any better than I do? - I mean in "real life"? It seems to me that by limiting other people and their opinions; being insulting, that you are insulting Agnes by calling her a narcissist. You think she only wants one way interaction; a simple Agnes Exhibition? Do you think all she wants is the generic white bread sympathy card right now?

Or is this the effect that blogs have? Is there a rule book?

There is a Comment function for us to express our thoughts. I used it. I even let Agnes know it is fine by me if she wants to delete me from her existence.

I totally noticed and felt like a real a$$ for the e-mail I sent Agnes. After I read those comments, I thought poor thing is probably worried about all these strange people.
I really was just trying to touch base, but now worry I was just being a pest and adding to any stress - sorry Agnes!

@Michelle: I LOVED your email Michelle -- thank you so much. I even told my friend Lucky what a lovely person you are.

Also, everyone else, who emailed me, thank you so much for your kind words, you're the best!

Have a merry Christmas everyone.

David, I am only going to respond once. Only one chance to get it. Yes, I have known
Agnes and Geoff for 8 years. In real life mind you. I am sure if Geoff was or is aware of
your posts, he would not be offended at you flirting with his wife and actually take it as
a comlpiment. However, to some of us who are friends with him- a man who is still alive
and struggling to stay that way- and who a woman who may be confronting the loss of
her life- find your long winded comments and flirtations offensive and disrespectful! I know
Agnes well enough that she would rather be polite than be aggressive. So... I am asking you
as politely as I can muster, kindly, shut the f&$k up. Please?

to Robym....from an "Agnes Follower", thank you for your Comment above....it was sorely needed. I totally understand the place where Agnes is...have been there. Hope you will take special care of your friends.

Sure will, Tillie! And, sadly? I don't think "divad" will be flirting with (actually stalking) any of the attractive Colorado girls, instead, and we haven't heard the last of him.

Merry Christmas Agnes and GEOFF!!!!

In summary it teaches me a bit about this construction, blogs. With a delete key handy I really see no need for Agnes to be offended at all. Actually the topic about the Golden Ratio is quite entertaining and edifying especially about the universe holding mysteries and keys to understand them.

Thanks for the lessons.

Slick shot Robyn;

You try to make it out like I'm stalking? I actually take your insult to my manhood as a plea to spice up the forum a bit too. I understand it as an addiction on your part though; to the Agnes Pages. - Probably a guilt trip that you have not been visiting Agnes "in the flesh" for a sitdown over coffee. Instead you want emails and defending her against her own decision to pass my posts to suffice as being a friend. The bottom line is that Agnes screens these posts. She approved mine. And the first thing you had to say about them is that I am creepy? Well I granted that you are passionate and I am glad that Agnes has physical friends in the real world. I imagine if you are that inarticulate though, you bore the daylights out of Agnes and she cringes when you get rude to people in front of her.

It is because I care for her, as a Follower on her blog lately, that I might confront her with what I see about her blog. It is over, at least for her own good. Can you imagine anything so denigrating to Geoff than to open his eyes and waiting for her to quit cyber-socializing to get her attention? Can you imagine how tolerant he has had to be of all the time she spends here with you all?

Years ago I heard a report about why people talking on cell phones in public is so annoying - at least back then anyway. It is because we only get one side of the conversation. The same with cyberspace social activity; only more so. A good study peripheral to this is Examining Boundaries in Cyberspace by the Aspen Institute. That is more about the legal issues arising from interstate communication and gambling but it opens one's eyes a bit.

You made mention that Agnes is close to losing her Life. I agree. Not just the Love of Her Life; but she is in danger of slipping into trying to find solace through her keyboard.

It became a bit too cold around here to get out comfortably so I went exploring into why somebody like Agnes would dedicate so much of her time sharing on the Internet. Time will tell us if she comes back. Robyn; you think about it in retrospect - would I accuse Agnes of blogging because Geoff became sick if I was trying to impress her; or more like "stalk" her as you would liven up the blog? You are mean and anti-social to post what you did! And the same goes for you folks chiming in. Step back and get a look at yourselves!

So Agnes, if my meanderings and poetry - my wordsmithing - have offended you in any way, I hope that you passed them through your screening without reading them; that you were too busy in the "real world" with Geoff, Lucky and Robyn (rude as she gets sometimes). I hope you have a lot more real people than them around you now and forever! [Albeit I understand that two good friends are plenty enough.] Lucky is very patient to let you share your social life, turning the screen to him now and again.


David Merrill.

P.S. I saw an episode of House like that. HOUSE used the blog to diagnose the woman and heal her!

[Additionally; I hope that you are cheered with the liberation that you will not be running to your keyboard for a Life after Geoff, if that is the way things go.]

David Merrill is insane. Either that or he is extremely socially retarded. As for knowing Agnes - I don't know anything apart from reading her blog - but I now know she's one restrained and polite lady.

David Merrill is insane. Either that or he is extremely socially retarded. As for knowing Agnes - I don't know anything apart from reading her blog - but I now know she's one restrained and polite lady.

As for the latter, I socialize in the "real world". To the previous observation then, I feel that one has to be unhappy or a threat to one's self or others to qualify. But I am not a psychologist. You are obviously a layman too as no psychologist would ever get caught making a diagnosis over the Internet. I recall trying to avoid the trouble of a doctor visit with an elderly man by emailing a photo of his cut to his doctor... No go! The doctor would have nothing to do with the practice.

What you might perceive as "insanity" though is simple mathematics. I mean What is Mathematics Really, by Rubin HIRSH.


This applies to law and My Blog; which is being improved by what I am learning here. Thanks, Agnes. You are very kind to allow this to be broadcast. [Don't get that wrong; I dearly hope Geoff can recover fully for many more years of happy marriage. As to Robyn's emasculation, it has had no effect on my needy widow fantasy. Good thing this is only cyberspace! Hey! Who named him Lucky?] I draft remedy for an elite class of people called suitors:

"...the United States, ... within their respective districts, as well as upon the high seas; (a) saving to suitors, in all cases, the right of a common law remedy, where the common law is competent to give it; and shall also have exclusive original cognizance of all seizures on land,..." The First Judiciary Act; September 24, 1789; Chapter 20, page 77. The Constitution of the United States of America, Revised and Annotated - Analysis and Interpretation - 1982; Article III, §2, Cl. 1 Diversity of Citizenship, U.S. Government Printing Office document 99-16, p. 741.

The Golden Spiral exploration, as insane as it might seem, was for you Agnes. The mental models and archtypes are quite antique and it might behoove you to examine them regardless of Geoff's condition. That is unless like me you have your cyberlife fashioned to profit financially and keep you in the "real world" at the same time. [BTW those aerial shots of Dubai are... memorable, to say the least!]


I think it best under the circumstances that you both quit insulting Agnes' judgment and policy. In my exprience also, nothing good comes from insulting people but also in my experience it gets a lot easier for petty people to do it on the Internet. Kudos Agnes; that last link is tribute to your "hat" photo with the obviously read and reread book collection behind you. You are an artist - or at least Geoff is, with a camera!


David Merrill.

David got me there. Ouch.

Hey Agnes. I hesitate to type the words Happy Christmas but, at the same time, I am wishing that it will be your happiest Christmas ever. I am hoping and hoping that all will be well for you and Geoff. There really are no words that anyone can say that will make things right but I think that what most of us want you to know is that our thoughts are with you. Hugs :)

Thanks Loree and merry Christmas to you too :-)

Nice to hear from you Agnes...
Wish you and Geoff a Merry Christmas...
Just praying for you both, tell Geoff that we all are with him...
He will surely get well soon..

How are you, guys? Miss your posts!
Merry Christmas.

Agnes and Geoff...

First, Merry Christmas to you both. Though I know neither of you, the fact that you share so honestly from your lives on the pages of this blog tells me how special the two of you are, and it blesses me.

Come to think of it, any second thought would only bring attention to something(one) undeserving of any more... so I will stick only to the first thought, and all that love.

My best to you both this day.


It's been a long time since I've shown my face around here, but the silence has gone on for such a long time. Just hope things are looking up for you two, or that they will soon.

Agnes, I hope the New Year brings healing for Geoff and good things for the both of you. I was encouraged to see you posted in the comments on the 22nd so maybe things are improving. Keep your friends close but also seek some quiet for yourself.

take care friend.
may the new year make your hopes and beleifs true..

may god be with you..

How is everything, Agnes? Hoping for the best. And praying for a better year ahead.

Bless you.

hi agnes. i have been on a blogging break so didn't realize what you have going on. i am so sorry to hear about geoff being in intensive care. i can't imagine what you two are going through. you are in my prayers.

Holding thumbs for you. Fantastic blog b.t.w.

Peace and love from South Africa

Sorry you are having a tough time just now. Hope all is well soon.

Dearest Agnes, write something....anything.

You haven't commented since the 22nd.....I think we're ALL holding our breath.........

Agnes.... many of your virtual friends are very worried. you haven't written for long now. Our fingers are still crossed. If you could just say few words pls... to let us all know that you are ok.
Needless to say, there are many readers of your blog who are there for you.
God Bless.

Ditto to all of the above. I think of you each day and send white light to you and Geoff. Please... just a few words? We are so worried. Big hugs and God bless.

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