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Looks a bit wet out there! That latte looks divine... I only carry my laptop if I'm goin on a plane.... Hope your better half is feeling better!

Beautiful post. Thank you.

Had to smile at the 'disposable shirts' line... and yes, how true :)

That coffee... umm....

I hope Geoff is getting better. Be sure to give him a big 'hi' from the Blogosphere :). Yaay to weekends and longer visiting hours!

The weather looks dreamy.

That coffee looks fantastic!! I agree that this weather has been amazing. I love all of your photos, and I hope you have a good visit with Geoff. I understand the point of visiting hours, but I still hate being apart from my loved ones.

A very good read. The only time I spill coffee on my shirts is if I am wearing a light colored shirt and it becomes close to automatic to spill coffee . If it is a white shirt then it is 100 % coffee stain, without fail. It was so windy today I felt like I was flying, just incredibly beautiful and makes suffering through the Florida summers worth it. Your phootos fully captured it.

Sending good thoughts your way - I've been wondering about you and Geoff. Love the post - beautiful photos. I love the beach in winter as much as summer. And I need disposable shirts because I love red wine...

I just brought like 5 boxes of the Starbucks instant coffee with me to South America and now I'm addicted to the orange. Hang in there love! Always sending you good thoughts and energy.

i love your photos, there is not enough coffee in the world, you should drink as much as you want before it gets finished

Australians say "in hospital" too - I hope Geoff gets out of THAT place soon !!

Your photos are all fantastic as usual. Thanks for sharing. Very happy for you and Geoff having longer times together this weekend. Have a wonderful time!!! The weather is beautiful, but dress warm if you need to go out tomorrow morning :)

Hope Geoff is better! Keep your chin up, girl! Have a great weekend!

I love the pictures... Best wishes to Geoff to get better soon and wish you a wonderful weekend with the time you get with him. I love this time of the year too... feel like posting something about it.

hmm...beautiful pictures....beautiful post...

take care of yourself too....

Lovely pictures-very dreamy! Autumn has that effect on me, too, listening to the rain slowly dripping off the roof. An inward time, full of reflection. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I don't think I own a shirt without a stain on it. Just sloppy, I guess. Hope Geoff is "out hospital" soon, and you two can take some relaxing strolls along the beach.

Alkis is like Lucky. He spills coffee and occasionally red wine on his light-coloured shirts all the time. What a disaster! Thanks to Vanish these stains come out easily. Your photos are great as always. Don't forget to give Geoff a big smack from me!!!

Oh by the way! About your title... isn't that a line from Bob Dylan's song "Blowin'in the Wind? I am pleasantly surprised that a young girl like you quotes such an old song - I think Bob wrote it in the early 60s.

Your photos leave me longing for another visit to Florida, I miss the beach! I miss living near the beach! Prayers for you and Geoff!

you must worried about Geoff, cheer up, my prayers to you both

@TheBluesMan: Thank you. And you're right, I am worried.

Tell Geoff I say hello and tell him to do his best to entertain the nurses! I also say hello to you and wish you more of the soothing weather.

HA! i am SO WITH YA on the subject of disposable shirts! in fact i might even surpass you on this sentiment b/c i am sure i'm klutzier than you with food/beverages...and then i spend half my time with open bottles of paint or ink... :) (just imagine what you could do with ART SUPPLIES...trust me coffee in the car has NOTHIN' on spray ink in the sink!!!)

still thinkin' of geoff over here...sending good thoughts...and "get well soon" vibes...and "hurry-up-n-get-HOME" wishes...tell that guy to take two hugs outta petty cash, ok?! (ps: hi SMOKEY! hope you're being good while your hoomins are away!!!) :)

Blowing in the wind ... one of my favourite songs. It looks like you're having cooler weather. It has turned all warm and humid again here. Hope you're having a good weekend.

Yayyy...for large bags...
That coffee is tempting...
And disposable shirts...OMG...Perfect world it has to be, isn't it?

I say "in hospital" but again, I'm not a native speaker so...

Your pictures are great. Shows the atmosphere and your mood too.

I've taken to buying cheap shirts at our local market - the only real issue is finding ones that don't have sequins stiched on! I love these photographs.

All my sincere prayers for your hubby to be better real soon Agnes.

There is this vintage quality to most of your pictures, which reminds me of home...rustic, countryish, earthy. Bathed with nostalgia. Love the "dont go all yankee on me" pic. :)

You guys sound like you're constantly in and out of hospital that it just becomes part of life. Not a good thing though. Thinking of you guys.

And on a different note: what is it with spilt coffee that makes it look so desirable? Love for cheap shirts is a wise thing ;-)

So beautiful your picture of the sunset that makes me want move in to some bay area here.
And I like so much that Bob Dylan's music "Blowing in the Wind".]
Looking to that palm tree moving by action of the wind at sunset photo, I do not know if you heard the answer to your questions but it sure was a moment you wich you could believe in something good as would I believe :)

I can see what you mean about the movie-esque quality of the bay. On about bags, I just ordered a couple for home; will write up when they arrive...

You and Geoff are not alone. People around the world have you in their prayers and are sending you their strength. Reach out and grab on. A whole world of hope and a good cup of cappacino can chase the clouds from the sky. Given a little sun, grabbing lunch on that deck overlooking the beach wouldn't be a bad idea either.

beautiful pictures is all i have to say :)

I love the pic of spilled coffee. :) Hope all is well.

I'm not really a coffee drinker but I get stains from eating crabs and lobsters---which we have both in the northeast America, esp. New England , and also in the Philippines.

Lovely pics.

Glad to know that I'm not the only one who constantly makes messes of my shirts (and everything else) from spilt coffee.

I understand what you mean about there being "so much character in everything" during certain times of life. Hang in there!

Hugs to you & Geoff,

I definitely feel the same about the weather. There is something about it that makes me feel.... ALIVE. =)

Love the coffee photo. It looks delicious!

Not sure how you feel about Jell-O, but I thought you might find mine fun =)


Hello Mrs Agnes...
Don't you have posted anymore.!.?.!.?.

Wow. You're quite gorgeous. Please make it Upstairs because I would greatly looove to kiss your adorable feet. God bless you with discernment.

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