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Best wishes to Geoff, and you. The fact that you got to have a 10-hours much deserved sleep is fantastic. I hope the procedures are not more serious than they previously were.

Good to see you posting... now- take care of yourself.

Sleep does you well!! LOL on Tim Gunn! "You made it work"!

And, "Good bye, Mood"!

(Mood is the fabric store on Project Runway and that's what he says everytime they are leaving)

You are just TOO adorable!!! I want to give you a big hug. I can't imagine how emotionally drained you must feel. I hope this new hospital is the perfect change.

you poor dear! I would come do your laundry for you AND cook you dinner!! I hope things get better for yall!

I love project runway...and Tim Gunn cracks me up! :) I think you're two steps ahead on the German...but I'll get there :P

Ah, I'll be thinking of you two. I'm glad you got some rest and he's somewhere that you feel better about! Try to take care of yourself. Glad you checked in!

hahahhahaaa.....the diagram is hilarious :PP
Best wishes for you and Geoff on the serious note!

Best of wishes to Geoff - hope all goes well for him. I would love to sleep for a whole day. Have been so busy lately I just can't seem to catch my breath and every part of me seems to be aching. Oh well, the weekend is looming with the prospect of a couple of hours relaxing while I get my hair done.

I hope you had sweet dreams Agnes !!

ay yeah laundry..can't go away with it.. have a nice day! hope Geoff's okay.

I hope you and Geoff are both OK. Nothing like one at home and one in the hospital.

The same that happens with your nail clippers happen with the pens in my case: they always vanish and appear coins instead. I usually attribute this work to "goblins" 'cause I go mad with my pens disappearing :S

All the best to you. And, in my case too the nail clippers go missing.

Ohhh what a lovely thought ten hours sleep!!! How I would love that.

I too ponder the disappearance of the nail clippers and safety pins. They too seem to morph into pennies in my drawers.

Glad you found a hospital with a more pleasant atmosphere. Very important. Hope Geoff is feeling better soon.

Hope is all well with Geoff. That's how much I sleep during the winter there in the US. 9 to 10 hours everyday/night.

I love Project Runway.

Well, buy nailclippers that are a little bit pricier, just like mine. I bought it by mistake but it turned out, it was so durable...I bought it at $25.00 last 2001.

hmmm...nice to read you again....take care !

I am praying for the two of you like crazy! I figured when you went missing that something was up. I've been missing your witty posts. I hope that Geoff gets out of the hospital soon. I think it's great that you switched hospitals. If you weren't comfortable with the old one, then it was definitely the right move!

That was a well deserved 10-hour sleep. Hospitals reflect the personalities of their doctors and other staff, don't they?

I'm sorry the hospital is so far away, but glad you and Geoff are in friendlier and more competent surroundings. Hope the tests go well. If ten hours isn't enough--get some more. Rest keeps your head on straight.

Hi Agnes and all our friends. Thank your for your warm wishes and prayers, they are much appreciated. I do like this hospital more... more of a focus on physical therapy... better thoughts. Miss you all and hope to be back in the land of the norman soon.

best wishes to Geof
& cheer up Agnes

arrrrrrrrghhhhh! NOT the dreaded hospital AGAIN!!! oof, i am now vicariously jangled on your behalf. ...but... YES i agree that places have "personalities" (PLACE-onalities?!) and particularly in the case of hospitals i think having a good one that makes one feel comfortable is CRUCIAL!!! many, MANY good vibes and best wishes for a short stay & quick recovery for geoff...and good sleeping/safe driving for his missus! (not to mention nail clippers that remain emphatically and unremittingly corporeal; though your graphic for that is unassailably awesome, it must be said!!!) ♥♥♥♥♥

ps: ok, i've got the grey cat, hospital patient & even the tired laundry woman mentally pictured...but for "canadian" i've got a cross between dan ackroyd and a mountie. i'm quite sure that last one is inaccurate...at least i HOPE so for lucky's sake! :)

@Lauren: Lucky is Canadian. He was just being himself... and so were we :-)

Hey, Geoff! It's great to read your posting, Fella', and to learn you're in a place you feel better about.

Here's wishing you a real speedy recovery.

Where do those pennies come from???

Loved the post Agnes and the nail clipper morphing into pennies was hilarious;-D. For me its my house keys...into kids hairclips;-/

Good to hear from u Geoff:-)!!!!!

I laughed when you described your "customes"...infact, a friend told me what I would dress like and I said I'd just be me, but a little more unpredictable, confused and freeky. ;)

I'm glad you changed hospital. Good energy is important! All the best,


Ok, so there are a few mispellings in my comment haha....I'm really tired over here. No 10 hrs sleep in sight.

Your very presence will simplify and speed the healing process. You are both plugged into each other we call it "double Harmony".

Believe in your healing power as a woman it's divine you know! Geoff feels it..

Glad you were able to recharge and sleep, don't be afraid of the dreams. Come on over I have Brisket!

It's so great to hear from you and learn that both you and Geoff are happier with the new hospital. Very glad that you got some more rest also. I'm continuing to send positive thoughts Geoff's and your way :)

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today

When we accumulate our sleep deficiency the its one marathon sleep.

10 hours? Geez!

Hey Agnes. I hope the change of venue is working out well for you and Geoff. I've just come back from visiting a friend in a palliative care unit. I couldn't imagine a nicer, more compassion wrapped place for her to be. So yes, I completely agree that places have personalities. This one is loving. Hope yours is friendly, competent, smiley :)

Your diagram made me laugh out loud. Wishing both of you the best of care and hope and sunny autumn days.

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