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Sounds endless.. Looks like your stamina was tested.. Love the last photo...Sheer solitude.

I am concerned for you and Geoff. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do.
You're doing great - definitely an inspiration to all of your readers (especially me :) I'm sure all of your long days and hours are making a difference. Take care!

Great photographs!
Hope you´re ok!

Kisses from Spain.

Love the photos. Beautiful, but the coffee cup speaks volumes. Hang in there. Hugs and positive energy winging its way to you.

That third photo at the entrance to the beach is awesome. Love the colors and lighting! Hope today is a good one.

I get lost in here... I'd suggest a, let's say, more friendly layout for this blog. Something like fixed width, somewhat around the 800 to 900 pixels. A little work around fonts and probably not so many photos. Only then I will be able to allow myself some effort to understand your message. Yes, I guess you have a message, don't you? I love the white spirit of this blog hiding a soul of a troubled woman... If this is not true, then I have been mistaken by the little friendly layout of this blog. Hugs...

MMM French Fries. And who is The Wanderer? Keep the layout how you want it!

Baked brie? Do you mean the French cheese? I like it flat out by itself and I love the rind! Occasionally, I like it deep fried like camembert. Overwhelmingly impressive photos! I love them all!

What on earth??!! Some people's comments make me mad. Anyways, I love the patina of your photos. It makes them look aged somehow. Hope you and Geoff are doing well. You are in my thoughts, especially when I am driving home and the sun is setting. Don't ask me why. I guess it's because it's my 'alone' time.

I got back! Still lost, over mousing, over wheeling, over clicking. Too much time if you want us concentrated on your message. By the way? Have you found your message? Layout is crucial in life. A bad layout drives you to long nights, long days. Sepia is the one to transmit the idea of 'old', 'ancient'. Platina takes me to hospitals. Why is majority of comments here made by females? Some people's comments make me improve. Hugs...

Beautiful, thoughtful and evocative post...as always. Thinking of you both :)

Beautiful photos Agnes! I'll be thinking of you and Geoff and keeping you both in my prayers.

I send you a million hugs wrapped in love.

I can follow your thoughts and pictures very clearly my dear. Peaceful thoughts and hugs across the ocean to you. xx

Beautiful photos :).

You two are in my thoughts.

This says it all, nothing else can be added to your message. This is a very fresh way of looking at a Tuesday in November.

Oh, and I do not get lost in your layout btw. I like it's flowyness :).

I sometimes like to be alone but not for long. Then I start looking for Patty or someone. When I still had a dog, I would look for her and not pester Patty.

Your way of face this moment of your life is beautiful! Serious! Without despair and full of patience and love. Is what everyone needs: those who are on your side and you want to help and us that stayed here, sending positive energy to help you :)

ps: c'mom, someone only will get lost on in your layout if want to!!!

Hang on, and it will get better. Ups and downs, and ups again.

The third pictures is amazing. I'm not sure whether it's the light or the composition but I started at it for a good three minutes.

Glad you're checking in...I realize I don't really know you, except through these blogs, but I've started worrying about you and Geoff, nonetheless. Hang in there! Sending a virtual hug! Beautiful photos!

Do update us once in a while! Totally understand what you are going through but i personally miss it when you don't write :) God bless!

we read you....
just pour them out,
don't let the whole thing bottled up
my prayers to you & Geoff
take care dear

Beautiful, indeed

What beautiful photos during a tough time. Your way of seeing beauty in the midst of adversity is inspiring and makes you resilient.

I caught your reference to Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild":

"I like smoke and lightnin'.
Heavy metal thunder.
Racin' with the wind,
And the feelin' that I'm under.

"Yeah, Darlin' go and make it happen,
Take the world in a love embrace.
Fire all of your guns at once and,
Explode into space."

Your soul is restless in song. It's restless in pictures.
Loneliness must make it that way.


You love and miss Geoff terribly. Don't you, Agnes? Our hearts all go out to you both.

Pass the warmest hugs for Geoff, Agnes.

Beautiful photos, a keen eye for the world's beauty, but yes-I can hear your sadness and frustration in every word.

lovely lady, gorgeous photos, beautiful scenery, warm thoughts, friendly concern, best wishes, healing vibes, deep admiration...craving salt-air-improved fries! (OOF! and i was doing SO WELL at not being silly...for upwards of 90 seconds...a new personal best!) :) :) :)

(seriously: thinking of you BOTH!!! sending ultra-good thoughts! ♥♥♥♥♥!)

You're a strong girl Agnes! Prayers to you and your hubby! Your pictures are beautiful....

nice to read you again..dear Agnes...

Take Care...

I have NO idea how I stumbled upon your blog but I wanted to say, you are PURE ART!!! Your words, your style and your picture...your ineer dialog which are the seeds that bloom into/onto your blog....WOW! Great role-model....will save your site and revisit...mother of two, full time art teacher, wife, artists and team mom...not a lot of time to enjoy but WILL BE BACK...Thank you FOR SHARING!

Your comments are so lovely. Thank you.

As long as you are blogging I know you are OK, Agnes - love Kate

You are such an inspiration Agnes.
I am sending goodwill and prayers your way, and some silvery sunshine.

And Yes, the last photograph - excellent.

Just letting you know - I'm still reading. Might not always be first in the line of commenters (or within a mile of it), but I AM reading :)

I am kinda lost too.... just don't know what the post was talking about and I couldn't understand the title in relation to the post and also the pics although they're really beautiful.
But whatever it is you're feeling right now, hang on in there. Pray and and you everything works out for good. Have a blessed week.

Hang in there! xo
(love your bag by the way!)

I'm not lost at all. I can feel your loneliness, sorrow, worry. It shows in the photographs--abandoned beaches, gray skies, one lonely bike, lots of unreadable confusing signs, discarded fast food containers. Very hard times. Takes a lot of strength. Bright side: your photography.


Sorry for your troubles, and I hope Geoff gets out of hospital soon. Your prose is like poetry; your photos wonderful. I wouldn't do a thing to your layout. Its kind of fun scrolling down to see what's next.


you sounded tired.
do remember to take some time off for yourself.
love the third photo!

Hope you are both getting better or are both OK.

Haven't been blogging or reading blogs for ages! Just read your last few blog posts. My prayers and good wishes are with you and Geoff!

Just stopping by to check on you. Sending prayers and hugs...

Stay strong. Thinking of you.

Just checking on you. Love.

Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you.

You haven't posted for awhile, Agnes. That makes us worry about you and especially about Geoff.

Despite your not posting, there are a few things we know. First, we know you're incredibly strong. We know that because you haven't written a single word of complaint.

Second, we know everything's not going well. We know that because you haven't posted for awhile. We think it means you're preoccupied with more important things. That you've focused all your energy, all your life force, and all your prayers on those more important things.

We, your netfriends, are here for you, Agnes. We're wishing and praying for a miracle. And for a happy ending.

Hope you are all well. Have not see you about and was worried.

I got a new blog at wordpress.


Someday maybe you can stop by.

@Rider: Thank you so much.

I love what Rider wrote. I wanted to say sort of the same thing, but unfortunately am not as eloquent. I hope you will reach out to any, some, or all of your net friends if that helps at any time and I am definitely praying.

I know we've never even actually "met" persay....strange that you should cross my mind so often and I thought perhaps I should tell you that I'm thinking and praying for you and sending many positive and encouraging thoughts your way. xo

I've missed you Agnes. Hope all is going well. I know you're going through tough times but I think of you both every day. Keep strong.

Checking in, Agnes.

Look towards the sunrise as a new day dawning and another chance for things to improve. Now, obviously, I'm oblivious to the exact conditions going on in your life, but I can say for certain that remaining positive is the way to go.

Being strong is for people around you to do, you have enough on your plate as it is.

@Everyone: Thank you.

Sending peace your way.

Agnes I'm wishing you and Geoff a happy Thanksgiving. The pictures are wonderful it is proof positive that the everyday ego of life steps aside to solitude, Nature, and humanity and the ones we love. It's all that matters.

No material object of any kind can achieve this..

A speedy recovery for Geoff and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ciao Bella

Just came over to check ur posts. Loved what Rider wrote...said everything I wanted to pen......take care my friend, my prayers with U both

I'm starting to worry dear Agnes. You and Geoff are in my prayers. Life can give you such crap. Hold tight.

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