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I think you have the lyrics to a perfect country and western song here. "Somewhere during the day Kenny Rogers decided to take up involuntary residence in my brain's circuitry and I am yet to set him free." and the next line would be " So get in your pick up truck and drive away and let me be..

@Lucky: We'd better copyright it.

The line about the wife taking the kids should be : the wife left me w/the kids, on the same day the dog died...etc.....Make it an all time low country song...

Ew country music, or is it even music? :P

A small dose of Kenny ain't so bad
Might cheer you up, if you're sad

I like country music ... sometimes. I'm so tired today I can barely think coherently. So apologies for the short comment :)

My fave shoes!!! :)

I like country music. I used to listen to the radio stations that played "popular" music. There was a time when I bought records but it has been a while back. Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass were the last records I bought and I think those 78s were tossed out when I turned 50. Depressing. I am thankful his music didn't get stick in my brain.

ha! I love it. I guess it would be like getting any language or accent stuck in your head. Just with beer, gun racks and cheat'n women :-)

I was particularly interested in your last posting: "Get Your Motor Runnin'". I recognize the first line of Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild" when I see it.

In your posting, you gave us riders an instruction: "Take the beast out and ride," you said. "Do it for me."

Your wish, when you spirit is heavy, is my obligation. So, I took the V-Twin Extreme from the garage. I tied a ribbon to the handle bar, in your honor. I headed west. I rode into the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It was a beautiful October day. A glorious ride.

Now that it's over, let me tell you a secret. Not every day and not every ride is like Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild." Some rides, like today's, are more like Bob Seger's "Roll Me Away."

May this link give your spirit a lift, Agnes:


@Rider: :-))))

Is that a turquoise ring? It's one of my favorites stones! Good pictures and great shoes!

can't say that I"m a fan of country music...I like happy tunes...but soulful is great too. Country all seems to run together and sound the same...okay there might be a few I like :P btw my kids love belting out Born To Be Wild! That's a song that gets stuck in the head all to often...:)

I am not too much into Country music. But seems like you are having fun.

I like country music... not every day... but I enjoy it once in a while.

You got a nice outfit to go with Kenny Rogers' songs! :-)

i like Kenny Rogers songs ;) and country music is for me! nice photo Agnes..by the way are you sitting on the chair??

Haha... I do see some of your blog posts or lines from your blog posts CAN be turned into a country song :D!

I love country...and i can listen to it all the time!
btw, todays picture is colorful...usually your pictures are more white black and gray....i like the yellow today!!!

I go through fads with listening to country music - your lyrics are fantastic :)

KENNY ROGERS??!?!?! ok, see, i was *RIGHT* about the apocalypse...i was just wrong about which monday! *WHAT* have you been listening to, woman?! ok, ok, don't panic: just try and sing something less egregious for a few hours (like...ummmmmmmm..."100 bottles of beer on the wall"? or "the name game" or that horrible subway sandwich jingle?!) whilst i have an i-pod full of motown and bhangra sent to you via next-day air!!! :)

what about shooting the deer while drinking beer and kissing your dear?

Dont set him free until you have had all the fun!!!
Have a great week aheah, Agnes :)

hmm...I like country songs too...

Where there is no good happening in a song...its a country song...well its one of my defination...lol...

My life reads like a country song lately. LOL I decided today was going to be a happy day no matter what I had to do! So far, so good! I hope you're having a good day too.

I'm not very much into country music but I happen to like it a lot at times..depending on the mood!!

Country music is definitely a mood thing with me - and I do believe you have a knack for the lyrics!

Oh, I'm spotting a Canadian flag behind the American one!

I like country music, well, I like listening to the accent most singers have.

I'm not into country hardly at all either. You completely summed up how I interpret it in this post. Hysterical :D!!!

interesting and weird blog...specially your post''odessa''

Hi Agnes,
As soon as the weather is better again overhere in The Netherlands and I bring The Old Gal (my 1985 Harley Softail custom on www.gettingyourhandsdirty.blogspot.com) back to life, I will think of you. I will take it on the road and you can ride along on your scooter... ha ha ha on your side of the planet.
Grtz, Twotone

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