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That's so true Agnes. But so often we pay attention in a negative way, although I'm sure you're not doing that! And I really do love the idea of not thinking too much...that is a gift :)

I agree, I love having those spells of not thinking. Or at least not having any pressures to have to think but just to exist, peacefully. Have a lovely week! ;))

I do this sometimes, just don't need to do it on my commute. Then again, people are easy to figure out when it comes to their intentions on the road.

I find that when I'm overwhelmed by too many negative situations or one traumatic happening that to cope I do what I call "veg out". Which usually consists of sitting in front of the TV or driving through one of my favorite routes not thinking. It's easy to do because, as you said, there's no thinking, consciously anyway. My subconscious on the otherhand is working overtime.

What I would give for your hair!!! Sometimes it's good to not use your brain for a bit LOL.

Who are you going to hit with this big stick? ;-)

I'm in love with your pants... but again, I don't have your legs. Probably looks better on you than me!

Odessa: I am not able to comment on that post so I do it here:

Fate, Chance, God's Will - we all try to account for our lives somehow. What are the chances that two raindrops, flung from the heavens, will merge on a windowpane? Gotta be Fate. ~Robert Brault

simple living, high thinking - They say.

It's good to in that phase sometimes.

Is that a new photo? And is that the hairdo you got? It looks fabulous on you!

It's great not to think too much. I need to do that. Just relax and float off to some peaceful realm which exists only in my imagination.

I love this photo Agnes :)
The act of 'not thinking' is difficult only when you are thinking about it :), once past that stage- it's nice in a way... I think I use it as a defense mechanism at times- when I don't want to think; but that's me... complexities personified :)

I think it is a good lesson there.... Sometimes one is also pessimistic about something to a point and give it so much attention that it becomes a reality.

There are times, when I sit in my balcony, gazing at the clouds and all...the mind so peaceful and so one with nature....
When someone calls me out and asks "what were u thinking ???" - I just dont know...my mind was blank for a moment and I loved it. :)

Powerful and scary. I heard that many years ago and have tried to consciously remember it every time I dwell on a stupid thought!

Have you seen wicked lately?

The trouble with schools is they always try to teach the wrong
lesson believe me, i've been kicked out of enough of them to know
they want you to become less callow less shallow but i say: "why invite stress in?" stop studying strife and learn to life "the unexamined life"

Dancing through life
skimming the surface
gliding where turf is smooth
life's more painless
for the brainless
why think too hard?
when it's so soothing
dancing through life
no need to tough it
when you can sluff it off as i do
nothing matters
but knowing nothing matters
it's just life
so keep dancing through...
dancing through life

Best Regards

I agree 100%! Simple minds must think alike ;)

Yes, I believe that our thoughts contribute to our tangible realities. In that sense, we are immensely powerful beings.

That's a beautiful photo of you.

When I walk in the morning, my mind goes into this weird mode where I don't necessarily think so much as just let it roam free - I discover so much more around me that way.

ohhhhhhhhhh yeah. i think the "POWERFUL" part is what makes it scary, actually! someone said, "whether you think you CAN or you think you CAN'T...you're *RIGHT*!" and that is true as well. (who knew the "little engine that could" would turn out to be based on solid psychological fact??! totally didn't see THAT comin'!) :)

I like to dive deep. Then I like to surface and float on a brightly colored dinosaur shaped air pillow with nothing but sun and little drops of water all over me. One creates the desire for the other and I love it that way.


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