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The shoes in the 2nd pic stop my heart. I looooooove them!!! I'm obsessed with boots. Every time I go to Argentina I pick up a new pair. I can't wait to be there next week and find my next pair, yay!!!

Your taste is eclectic... I love your shoes...I like shoes that will stay around and not be a fad...

You've got great taste in shoes, Agnes :) I love different types of shoes but now I'm really into leather brogues and boots.

I love the boots on the far right in the picture... they're different, arty, and make a statement of sorts. I like that.

I love your shoes, especially the boots! I don't go shoe shopping very often, but when I do, it's so hard to choose. My first criteria is that they have to feel good on my feet, though, and since I only wear heels (except for running shoes!) that does help to cut down on the choices!

If I have to wear shoes, I prefer flip flops! LOL I am so not fashionable Agnes! I do admire it in others though!

Ahh shoes - this is my type of post !!! I have a moderate sized shoe collection and am mad for boots and ballet flats but wear runners 90% of the time if not more !

I've come to appreciate heels later in life. What can I say? I'm either a nerd or a late bloomer depending on your point of view.

I love your style, which I call chunky but funky. I'm referring to the footwear, remember.

Enjoyed your riffing about your unapologetic love of shoes ("as every girl know, it's real hard to care").

oh, DROOOOOOOOL!!! yes, i confess, i have lust in my heart...or my feet...or, well, somewhere...for your shoe wardrobe. yep, all of them! and for your outfits as well, actually. b/c it's not that i *OBJECT* to fashion, i just have ZERO interest in shopping generally and clothes particularly. so i buy comfortable black things from catalogs.

i do PROMISE, however, that if you started a line of agnes-endorsed "garanimals" for grown-ups... ('member those??! from the 70's?! ok probably not...they were clothing for kids where you matched up the picture tags to combine outfits; the idea being that even TODDLERS could find 2 tigers or 2 lions and dress themselves stylishly!) ...when those arrive, i'll happily be your most loyal customer, k? in the meantime, i shall continue to vicariously enjoy your lovely things! ♥

I love comfy footwear. Heels rarely, mostly chappals or flip flops.

Phew....some collection...you have got thr Agnes...

Birth control glasses...ha! That is great. I am wearing mine right now. :-)

And I looooove, like seriously LOVE, those lace up high boots in the first pic.

i love the boots ;) I hope I can wear those...given the climate here it's impossible...me, I love espadrille shoes from flats to heels. also i like leather shoes :)

The subject line nearly stopped my heart girl. I think your shoes are gorgeous. I always notice them in your photos :)

Well, I love heels for the same reason- they make me 'walk' better :D

Loved this post. Shoes shoes shoes!

Hi Agnes;
I wouldn't normally have much to say about your shoes or womens' shoes in general, but your excitement and obvious love of them intrigues me. I happen to like them a lot but feel they each owe a debt of borrowing from the style of the original "Doc Martins". They were once my passion so you see, I do understand;

@Megan: I know! "Birth control glasses" -- it cracks me up!

I love all your shoes and everyone else seems too :) I am going to give up leather now, but I do want a pair of shoes like your strappy heels. I started wearing heels only when I started teaching high school in my early 20's. I'm barely 5'4" and I didn't want ALL my students towering over me!

leather bags/shoes/belts - always favorite And Yes, your collection is excellent.

you do have a kool shoe collection :)..
i love the way your blog looks, thats what makes me come back again and again..
something like hand knitted by you :)

keep inspiring..

I love your shoes but I wouldn't be able to walk with them! Besides, I suspect your feet are much smaller than mine...

I love "slingbacks". Heels, with strap running along both sides of the foot, crisscrossed across the toes, opened at the toes, about a 21/2 inch heel. Of course, I'm the typical southerner, as soon as I get home, off come the shoes and my barefeet welcome the cool floor or the toes slide back and forth in the soft carpet. And I love ballet style flats!

I noticed your boots when I first started visiting. I love your shoes. And how you combine layers to make wonderfully individual outfits.

I found a salon that does eyebrow threading near where we stay in England, so I'm going to try that too. :D

And Lauren, I remember Garanimals! How funny!

Love Love Love your shoes! I love high heeled boots with jeans, with dresses....with whatever, and a great pair of high heels to bring my sexy on in a cute evening dress. But I actually really love jeans. I can dress them up or dress them down and they feel great. But more times than not, when it comes to shoes, you will find me in a pair of flip flops here on the island because that is just the easiest when you are always having to take your shoes off to go into the house!

I love those laced up ones and the ones to the left in the last pic. Distressed leather...I had never heard the term before but I totally get it. Old shoes, vintage/second-hand are the best! I was sooo lucky a few years back my grandmother told me she had a few boxes stacked away with shoes from old dinner parties and premiers, worn once or twice and really well taken care of it. There were about 15 of them in mocca, leather, dark brown snake skin, sexy red ones...and they fit perfectly. I felt like Cinderella! I love boots, heels or flat doesn't matter altough I do get your "I am in control power-walk" statement!

I luuuurrrvvvvvvvvvvveeee boots and I have them too! But there is hardly an occasion to wear them here. I used to wear a lot of heels but Neha changed it all for me! I was a low key Imelda Marcos about 7 years back, but these days I hardly bother.

Rock on! Great shoes. I like high heels on jeans too. Its a perfect match. I was surfing the net about high heeled shoe and then i got your site. You had a great collection too. In addition to that i was an avid fan of leather products. Love love love your site.

Great shoes! When these pair of shoes come into my eyes, I feel so fantastic. Fashion shoes they are!

I must say your shoes collection is tremendous. I am a shoe lover too. Love the high heels. Don't hear what people says. Your shoe collection and choice is indeed fantastic. I liked the one pair with distressed leather and wooden heels.

amazing collection you have there

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