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I was thinking the same thing about hats yesterday. My hair is such a mess right now I think I need to wear one 24/7.

A Heinlein book in the background, a very good author. You got it right about the coffee Agnes and you could always pull the hat down over your eyebrows, but your eyebrows look like fine eyebrows...eyebrows to be proud of.

I love hats even though I have short hair ranging from short to very short to extremely short! Depending on the mood. But I love hats! Well, in Cyprus most women wear hats in the summer - mostly straw hats. So when I wear hats in the winter, I'm the ...odd one out!

I agree - I wear a hat 75% of the time. Some people on the campus I work refer to me as the hat lady.

The problem I have with hats is, once it's on, it stays on! Severe hat hair on me isn't pretty!

Good thing for me we have around freezing temperatures right now so hat is a definite! You look so cute in this picture! Different than the rest of your pics but beautiful nonetheless! :)

The title ? Anyway, I love that song "I Love Rock and Roll"----my husband does too. I used to be fond of wearing hats but sometimes the result is a "flat mop " of hair (or what you call "hat hair" does not look good on me) which I don't like.
Your skin looks flawless and beautiful!

Very good tip that I will give to my sister, she always complains of her hair. But I'm sure she'll say "Do you think my hair is bad? You want to take a punch?", haha

You look so pretty in this photo:) I doubt anyone that sees you would disagree. Coffee is my lifeline. It gets me out of bed when I know I have a crazy day ahead - like tomorrow.

what a pretty picture of you...and i LOVE the hat...I might copy it and make me one...unless you spill the beans where you got...;) I seriously wear a hat just about everytime I go out in the winter...it's so stinkin cold here in the winter. But I do enjoy wearing the hats and scarves and they make bad hair days actually look quite good!

@Aubrey: Icing or maybe Claire's, can't remember which -- and I think it was less than $20!

A lovely portrait with a beautiful smile !

Pretty picture...

I am green with envy. I don't think I can get away with a hat where I stay, without being laughed at. So, it is expensive hair jobs for me, thank you!! I get bored with hairstyles far too soon.

I even tried a hat on today - living in hope of hair improvements - alas, alack - I was a lost cause !!!

LOL....when there is a solution to eveything, we always worry abt bad hair and ungroomed eyebrows.... ;) ;) Like ur spirit....say yes to coffee... :P

Seems like a ray of sunshine passed in front of your face and gave it that beauty :) and what a subtle commercial to coffee you're making !

if the five hours were IN A ROW...and i could magically acquire the ablility to look as cute as that IN HATS...i might trade! :)

another thing that makes EVERYTHING better is a GREAT USED BOOK STORE!!! which it looks like you are in, in the photo? in this case "GREAT" is defined as an eclectic funkiness of availability--which generally bodes well for the findin' of TREASURES--i'm basing this on the fact that you're standing in front of a shelf which has, within 6 inches: a hardcover copy of "the other side of midnight" AND some faulkner AND sherlock holmes AND the idiot's guide to buddhism. yeah, i'm gonna need to look at ALL the books...you might need a second cup of coffee... :)

(ps: you are WAY TOO YOUNG to remember dry shampoo, surely?! or even to know "the baby powder trick" which of course *I* have never used...ok maybe once...in an emergency...) (grrrr to landlords who decide to do a bit of early morning plumbing w/o warning!!!) :O

The hat is really very beautiful..

That is a particularly cute hat.

Hats are the best. Immediate attitude and a bit of mystery. With hair as short as mine, hat hair isn't much of a problem--run my hands through it a couple of times and it poofs up. When I had long hair, I'd bend over from the waist shake everything forward, shake it around again and flip it back up. That dance mostly worked. If it didn't, sunglasses on top of head is a good way to go.

Unfortunately, the hat we all wear around here a lot in the winter is a ski cap--nothing you can do fixes your hair after that. Secretly, I 'd like to get one of those fur trapper hats with ear flaps. I think they're a hoot and would make blustery days a lot more fun as I chuckled at the attention it would attract.

I love hats. and scarves on my head. I only wash my hair twice a week, so they're very useful!

I want a hat. Why don't I own any hats?

Lucky: I noticed Zelazny first. But I wouldn't mind getting trapped in a room with any of the books in that stack, I think.

Very true. I am of the opinion that there are very few things in this world that good hair days and coffee cannot make better :)

hmm...give yourself some time and pay a little attention on your haris and they will be perfect...

Hats are good...not to hide hairs but to give you extra COOL look...yeah??

I could not live without my dry shampoo! (bit of an overstatement but you know what I mean!)

you look adorable but i hope you get more sleep soon :)

Is dry shampoo any good? I wash my hair everyday and I know it's not good. But I can't help it!

Hats are the best. I wish I could wear them for fun only, but unfortunately, they're a necessity for me these days in the cold weather!

Woohoo a smile! :)

Why are you writing about hair and hats and eyebrows? I see only beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile in your picture.

Speaking of smiles, it's been a long time, Agnes. I guess that's what makes this picture so wonderful.

Hey girl, checking up on you.
Hope all's well and you are just busy...

You are a pretty girl and the hat makes this an ideal portrait.

well lets not talk about the hat... though it's nice and you are right" can I just say this... you are so pretty... really.. hehe and oh about the hat... it looks nice... a little more pink ribbon hehe... please.. hehe...

***having my dose of blog walking nad I found your blog... Nice blog! love the pictures!

nice smile.

dont put hats on your head,your hair are beautiful.....so natural....

hats are nice, they add that kind of mystery to a person's look

Que t.. smile

Cute Smile Dear

hi people.its been awhile i take update.bx hiking n fun activities.anyway today i wanna teach u a term in English for tenting.it's called hopscotch.i am sure most of u per nah main tenterhook:)

Agnes, please just allow me to tell you how beautiful you are in this photo !

Hats are, indeed, a great comfort for a bad hair day. Wearing it will make the people like it more and will make you feel more confident.

Oh yes... these are really very beautiful pictures... Loved it.

Very Nice Picture Aha

yes u r right realy nice picture there

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