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A sign of one hungry WOMAN! LOL

A sure sign you want to travel :-)

A world traveller. I was about to turn off the PC and head to bed but thought I would check and see if there were any new posts from anyone. Guess you posted just in time :)

I love lattes in the fall

Sounds like someone who wants to enjoy a deliciously tasty meal.
Loving the sound of the Hungarian tomato salad. Taste buds are watering.


Sounds like someone I would like to be invited to dine with!

Haha... hope your dinner was lovely :)

what ever it is a sign of, it sounds delicious! Hmmm,how lovely! I can just picture wonderful little cafes around the world with sights and sounds of far off places

a sign of good taste in food : ) greetings from saudi arabia! : )

What's that a sign of?
Happiness/positivity maybe.

you're making me hungry....sounds yummy and I've never had any of that...I don't think! :)

I really enjoyed reading through your journeys in the middle east...helped me get a picture of what my husband probably sees everyday...he doesn't get to post pics very often and I wish I was there to see what he sees...your pics seem to capture the "real life" I'd love to see in person. Everything he tells me about Afganistan I see in your photos....so thank you for sharing!

P.S. He was thrilled to have dinner with the general of the Afgan army!!! (well, not the part where they eat what they want off anyone's dinner plate!!!) ;)

Your cravings sound yummy. A sign of a healthy appetite, I guess :).

It is a sign that you want to make people hungry by just mentioning it - sounds great - especially on a day when I am fasting :)


Agnes, that tells me we could enjoy breaking bread or naan together !!

Andi's right. Travel lust. I've got it too, but no plans in the making. Foreign cuisine will have to do.

My favorite foods are 9,000 miles away at the moment. Around here I will settle for fried mush and two soft eggs. Mash the soft eggs in the fried mush. Eat. Take time to enjoy.

i'm not sure what it's a sign of...but now *I* want some, too!

since it's an imaginary meal, hopefully there is enough to share, right?! also, we can have sticky toffee pudding for dessert...(which magically will be completely non-fattening!) ...and it will have stopped raining, revealing a sky full of van-gogh-like stars and swirls...and the dishes will WASH THEMSELVES... :) :) :)

(hey, this is ♥FUN♥!)

(...i really DO want falafel now though...)

Not sure how or why the comments dissolved into talking about our favorite foods or imaginary places. Never-the-less, it's fun. Eggs and fried mush work for me, but so do many other things. My childhood in England did not introduce me to a panorama of gourmet foods but fish and chips can be very nice. So Agnes, I think you want to travel again. Let me get this body healed and we can make a few plans.

I think you must get up A LOT earlier than I do! If it's cool anytime at all in the morning, I'm not aware. It's HOT by the time I have coffee :)

It's a sign that you've traveled a lot more than me!

Thats a sure sign of a perfect foodie. :) :) Go on...eat and enjoy. :) I thot u put a pic of that Vanilla Latte...

A middle eastern trip for sure!

Agnes, we really need recipes if you are going to keep taunting us with the wonderful food you are craving!

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