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Oh my...can I come over??? The food sounds wonderful...and who doesn't love movie night with friends!!! I could use a break from this mid-term paper I've been working on. Love the shirt your wearing! ;)

I love movie nights, but sadly Honey and I have no close friend to share them with. Lucky you.

I just caught up with your shoe blog too. You do have an interesting collection and wear them very well. It's no wonder people want to know where you shop.

I am inviting myself cross country to enjoy movie night at your place! Falafel? Tea? And shared stories about Haight? I am so there! ;-)

I'd love to sit in on those conversations - I'd probably skip the movie! (How was that one, by the way?)

We do exactly the same on Friday nights - our friends come over (it's easier for them to come here, than us there because of the children - and we watch a rubbish movie, and eat as much pizza as we can.

The movie has to be brainless on purpose - we talk all the way through it :)

I love lebanese falafel most!

Hungarian tomato salad- sounds good...I love tomatoes and onions especially if they are in a vinagrette... Good for u- creating traditions!. Enjoy

Have a lovely movie-time. The internet is really slow tonight. I might curl up with a good book. Would love to join in some of your conversations. Wow, Janis Joplin? Did Geoff know Jim Morrison too? For some crazy reason those two are always linked in my mind.

Tomatoes, onions, and sour cream? Hmmm. It sounds yummy! The coffee and the tea do too. Maybe I should start a movie night here? I'd probably be stuck watching Finding Nemo or something like that. LOL

Looks like pure bliss and happiness!

Oooh, seems like so much fun! I love watching movies!!! Huge moviefreak here!

You can have food or you can have Hungarian food prepared by master Chef, Agnes. Big difference. The photos do not do it justice. I am sure you can all recall times you just chowed down on some protein and then you recall the times when the food was an experience like no other and every morsel brought with it pure pleasure . This was a visual meal, not just for taste buds alone.
A very pleasant movie night...

Sounds like such a fun tradition!!! You two are lucky to have Lucky and Lucky is lucky to have you two :)

I have problems sleeping if I have regular coffee or anything with caffeine. I don't know how you do it.

I have never heard of the food you are having but it sounds good! I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear the conversations....

i love movies ;) watching it from home or movie theaters...last night we watched two movies, Gone in 60 seconds starred by Nicholas Cage & Angelina Jolie and Man of the Year starred by Robin Williams

so interesting activity especially if your sharing it with an interesting person and significant one ;)

Sounds wonderful, and I love falfel.

Well said about Friendship...its all about people around you :)

Sounds like lot of fun....the combo - frnds, movie, food, coffee...is damn good. :) :) When I visit you....we'll plan one night of this. ;)

Such a sweet photograph of you Agnes :).

I like most Woody Allen movies- maybe because I am not 'exactly' a movie fan- and his movies are offbeat and they make you 'think'- they cater to my taste... but I know not many do, and I am usually the only one to choose him, so I just forcefeed myself to movies the majority chooses and take up an excuse of 'not going'.

What is it with me and movies?!

nice post looks like one's scrapbook :D
and the idea of a movie night with friends and family is one wishes for on the weekends...
i too find some nights like that and it happens without me planning on it and that makes it more fun.

tc and much luv as always..

Don't know what to say about that over sized belt. ;)

But who needs movies when you have that food, coffee, and tea waiting on you?

Hey there stranger! nothing like some really interesting movies and past travel experience's to share among friends. I'm really glad you posted this fine evening and hope that many in the world do the same..
Knowledge, experience and good food is essential to humanity!

I met you at Rennie's blog on today post. Wow, you're really beautiful, I'm open-mouthed :0...
We also have here "movie nights". But ours is litlle different. We gather a group of boys and girls (usually eight to ten people) go to the movies and then go to someone's house, playing poker, eating pizza and drinking beer for the rest of the night. It's really fun. We do twice a month

Yes, I love the conversation too. No, I didn't know Jim Morrison but did know the Grateful Dead and The Loading Zone and others. The famous Fillmore Auditorium Posters done by Kelly and Mouse - I knew Stanley Mouse quite well. He died a couple of years ago. Nice man. But returning to our conversation at Movie Night, we were captivated by how well "The Front" holds up and realized that it was hard hitting drama, not comedy. I mentioned I had watched "Siddhartha", the 1978 version of Hesse's novel. One of the most visually striking films ever made. I really liked it. Agnes' Hungarian meal was very well appreciated and was all consumed. We talked about ethnic foods and how hard it was to find some of them any more. (Just try and find Manx Kippers from the UK) Well enough of the trivia, I'd love to be spending time with you lot learning about your lives. "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

@Barbara: The Front is a great movie :-)

Movie nights are always great nights :-) Let go and relax.

Oh and great light in the pictures in the last post! I don't know why I couldn't find a comment link for that post.

That sounds like a great night out!

And Geoff, come to Spain. It's full of ex-pats who make sure the out-of-fashion British foods are available ;)

so sweet! what a fabulous evening!

Usually our weekends are also our movie nights.....and we get to enjoy my husband's home cooked food.
The belt looks cool..

Great to visit and read all about what's going on in your interesting world, Agnes.

Good food, good friends,a good movie-and afterwards good conversation. Sounds like heaven.

I just love hanging out with friends. To me, nothing can be more relaxing.

awwwww maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! i missed MOVIE NIGHT??!??! bummer! (fyi: classic woddy allen + falafel = lauren bait!) (ok, ok, scooby do + falafel would probably also work!)

have you read woody's *BOOKS* from like the early 70's? basically they are the best parts of his (late 60's) stand-up routines...interspersed with other miscellany (faux journal entries, short plays, etc) and comedic bits that really only work ON A PAGE, as opposed to on screen or on stage. my favorite is "without feathers" and it can be found with some searching in a used bookstore...worth lookin' for...

I agree! they simple spice up ourlives. :)


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