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I can so relate dearie...My life is hecka busy it seems 24/7! But then~ I'd surely be depressed and bored if it weren't. I LOVE the outfit in your previous post! :) Wishing you a fabulous week~ Aubrey

Hehehe...that is a nice post. You are good in making those collages.
Looks quite hectic...
I like a busy life but not with daily chores... only with the things I like to do!
No to empty fridges, cooking, cleaning, laundry, paperwork, etc. .... yes to photography, photoshop, reading, dreaming, travelling, eating (no to washing the dishes)... ;-)

I like being busy but I don't like days like today. Working from 11am-10pm and then grocery shopping afterwards, dragging myself to bed and then repeat. But yes I am alive and that's good.

That was so good! I woke up this morning a bit disgruntled with some of the things in my life. So I said to myself..change it then! We shall see :) Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

I like half-half. Half rest, no noises, horns, elevators, telephones and traffic jams. In the other half you can definitely throw at me what you want, because I will divert half and half we give a way. Good week ^-^

Very cute! That's definitely what my head (but brunette, not blonde) looks like when I'm at the office. After a long day like that, when I get home I have a bad habit of ignoring all of my home-related To Do's and just tuning out with a good vintage magazine...

I love your little collage! My weekend was very noisy. I had my niece and nephew over which made for a grand total of five kids. I was crazy enough to bring them to the park. They all promptly ran different directions. I need a vacation and some ear plugs! Thank goodness tomorrow is Monday!

Gosh, most of these mirror my thoughts, especially the groceries and oil change...lol. Enjoy your week :-)!

yes... monkey mind they call it ;) ~ I have begun to meditate to help with mine...
Love your collage! you are very creative. Pretty too. Hope all is well with you!

Ah yes. I know what you mean. Most days it seems as if there are not enough hours in a day to do everything that I need to get done. So some things (like dusting) never seem to get done.

Pretty woman -- busy mind. Too much to do. Sounds as though we're all in that boat. You're the best.

Well, I guess you speak french but as I'm not sure, lets stick to english. You have here a marvelous blog, full of life and unique, I love your art to tell the life and illustrate, there is a fresh wind blowing through your pages, thanks for that.

LOL... nice one, Agnes.

I think I like being un-busy most of the times- with occasional bouts of busyness...


Have you heard the saying "if you want something done then ask a busy person " - so could I give my list of chores Agnes ???

Ha ha, i know this one! Am soooo ready for some free time, play time, me time! Have a great day!

Oh...its terrible on Mondays...when I try to postpone imp work during weekends....

I always have a to-do list on my fridge...and its never empty with things to buy or to do....Looks like its the same story everywhere.

Sometimes, I don't even know if I am Going out or coming in!! :D

But jokes apart, sooo get what u mean, before I know it the next weekend is here;-o

Agnes, the pic is anything but chaotic, a vast deviation from what the elements surrounding you are crying out loud about. So does that mean you handle chaos well?? If I'da been in that frame, I bet my life I'd look nothing as the perfect picture of iridescent beauty you're ever so pretty face is scattering!

In other things I love your header. :)

I wish. Alone yesterday watching feetball. Not even a good game. So quiet you could hear the car using his litter box.

Well I dont like it this busy, definitely!!

awesome, i love this post Agnes

Reads like Mondays. Today, I passed the hunting baton to Honey who's at the market shooting dinner while I soak spots out and launder his delicates. Good arrangement--Him hunter. Me gatherer. And we both agreed no more pets when the pet died; our Tony Tulips was irreplaceable. From all the comments, you've hit on everybody's day-to-day drudgeries.

I REALLY like actually love my down time these days. Your college is so cool. Have a great week :)

What a fun image! Yep, that's about what mine looks like, too! AAAARRRGH!!!

I can relate! AND I hear inside voices in both English and French - can you imagine?!

hey! i like your blogging style... sooo darn cool!

hmm...so like me....

specially...the laundry... :(

It's so noisy at work, that I like the quiet life at home.

Very creative as always, funny and coollllll :))
Lol....what a collage!
50-50 for me :)

Definitely. Even during Yoga X (Part of P90X) when he is like "Clear your mind", I can't seem to do it.

Fantastic picture :) You're brilliant - you do know that, don't you ?

this post is so cute ;) me as always and as everyday my life is so full of things that I need to do urgently..but at night I tried to meditate and clear my head off...

awesome photograph of THE SUNSET. so radiant and soothing effect it hath.
have a great weekend dear.

busy woman you are... in my head also something like this runs every now and then :D

This is so funny and creative, I love it.

Oh yes, my mind is buzzing with a thousand things at a given moment. Is that a new haircut? Your hair looks chic.

best digi collage ♥EVER!!!♥ well played, missus, i love it! (at some point i will make something similar and if you could just pretend like i thought of the idea MYSELF i would really 'preciate it, k?!) ;)

my head feels like it looks like that A LOT, actually. without the litterbox. and usually the song that is stuck for days on end is from 70's AM radio (helen reddy, anyone? whatever happened to her, anyway??!) or some horrid jingle from a tv commercial (call jg wentworth! 877cashNOOOOOOOWWWWWW!); and obviously there would be a lot more things made of paper or yarn, in various stages of completion. but yeah. i'm with ya. :) :) :)

(ps: jeff's socks TOTALLY fit me!)

If I could summarise my life workwise, I'd say it ranges from busy to hectic and very hectic at the end of term. But I guess I love this fast lane in my life. It's an integral part of me! Have a lovely weekend! Filakia xxxxx

I'm trying REAL hard to enjoy every minute, as it's NOW that I'm living. Not tomorrow and not yesterday, just NOW.

I think that the feeling of productivity and being productive produces a residual sensation of accomplishment. But sometimes, doing nothing and basking in that nothingness feels better.

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