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I would love a house on a beach, a deserted beach just so I can be alone with my beloved waves and rocks and sand :)

LOVE your pics!!! And it brought back memories of Autumn days on Myrtle Beach and Hunting Island beach where I grew up!!! I miss the beach dreadfully...the closest "beach" I have is Lake Ontario. The beaches on the West Coast are gorgeous too, but I love the sand-between-my-toes beach! :)

What wonderful places in your photos. I would love to ramble there. The sea calls my name at every waking moment. Any sea, anywhere!!!

Life is a stream - I say.

Yes to Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dream is to live a lil beach town too, but I want Brasil. Love these pics. :)

I so know what you mean. It's the same sense of relief we get her in New Orleans! Fall gets kinda quiet here too. No Mardi Gras parades, no drunk Spring break kids... it's awesome! If I had my choice, I think I'd retire to Tennessee. Something about the mountains just calls to me.

I've lived outside the US, I've lived in California, Oklahoma, Texas, but I always come back to Alabama. I kinda like the mountains. I would like to visit Maine and watch one of their winter storms come in. I'm not sure I would like all that snow, though. I think too many of us have the travel bug to make you settle down!

Love the p/s and p/p/s.... ;)

Hmmmm...Argentina....the beaches...wow, sounds good... :) :)

OMG, Reggae songs! Sounds so much from my distant past!! I am gonna do some serious music listening this weekend.

Have a great weekend, girl!

I love your picture....it looks like a different YOU...may be a different Agnes who is ready for the fall :))

Agnes - I went to Buenos Aires a year ago and adored it !! And 24 years ago I spent a month living in Malaysia on an Australian Air Base that has now shut down, loved that too !!

I love love love the way you describe it! Flowing in the opposite direction of the crowds and seeming the charm that few experience. and yes, Please don't make me settle down

It always was my dream to live near a secluded beach... actually, I like to settle somewhere and then travel... Keep on coming back to that one place. One reason I love Melbourne so much is because it feels more like home than any place I have ever been to... So far, this is where I want to come back to- over and over again.
I too have big beach plans for the weekend, btw. Yaaay!!!

lovely photos Agnes ;)

Please don't every settle down, for our sakes! And I love the clogs you're wearing, love them!

I'll always live in the south (I know, never say never) and having just spent an autumn weekend in a near-deserted beach town, I envy you living in one!

I would love to live beside a beach too. But, as you said, a secluded one and not a crowded one.

Don't get me started Agnes. I always feel at home wherever I live. I prefer hot to cold weather. Lived in England, California, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and more. My favorite would be living on the land; farm areas or wooded areas. But again, wherever I live is home and generally I enjoy myself. There's no place I long for but it would be fun to live overseas for a while.

Everyone of your photos is a painting. I love the colors and the dilapidated buildings--loved them so much I Googled Scullys to see where you were. Now I know exactly where this picturesque part of the country is. Who knows someday you may run into this tourist?

@Linda: Sculley's is in St Pete, a couple of doors down from Bubba Gump Shrimp -- between Madeira Beach and Treasure Island. I love St Pete beach!

Living life as unfinished journey is the way to go!!!

Great photos! They remind me of when I visited Cape Hatteras. In case you haven't been, it's VERY remote and a great place to get away from it all.

A second home in Malaysia sounds heavenly even though I haven't been there. Have a great weekend {)

I only rarely get to visit a beach and when I did my television shows I was at West Palm Beach and lived in Delray but no beaches around to stumble out on. I got cornfields around here. Nowadays most of them are picked and there are only stubble where stalks once stood. Not a nice soft place to lay down and expose yourself to the bugs and bees who are just as grateful if you stand up and walk around. If you want a drink, god help you find a spring or you could take one along in a canteen of some sort. Anything but more plastic bottles.

The weather here in Greece is awesome warm days and cool nights!

For some reason I dont know, I connect with the 2nd picture - reminiscent with the quaint lil town by the beach I grew up in. And you paint a tranquil picture as always Agnes.

Beautiful pictures, A! So beautiful. Hope all is well with you!!

I feel unsettled being so settled right now. Help! =/

So you are a bit of a cowgirl !

The light looks wonderful, and I bet it's still quite warm as well. I can see why you like it!

I hear you! Most tourists are gone now and we can at last have most of our beaches to ourselves. There are still some tourists from northern Europe. I guess our weather is still summer to them. Autumn greeted us on Friday afternoon with a downpour and low temps for this time of year.

well yes, the leaves & such are reallllllly beautiful up here in the northeast...plus the "crisp & cool" thing that happens is FABULOUS after a long hot summer...but i kinda think you had me at "tourist-free beach"!!! (on the other hand ♥ARGENTINA♥ sounds muito bom...i may need more than two words of portugese, however...) :)

i am loving the weather right now too! the only thing that would make it better would be to live near a beach instead of being totally landlocked as i am. love the picture, the yellow over-tones. that's one way i know fall has come, the color of sunlight changes. it's so subtle, for me it takes a quiet moment for me to settle down and notice it.

I love the "every bartender knows that a good reggae cures half the world's blues" - yes, I could stay there too - which doesn't have to be settling down - just being very comfortable somewhere. And happy!

Love the photos!

I was raised on the beach just north of San Diego. Not always isolated of course, but the beach town, with that particular air and flora, always tell me I am home and happy. Only reason I ever feel the desire to be wealthy is so I could retire there.

Because my husband loves the beach so much ---more than I do, we are planning to build a beach house here in the Philippines on one of the 7,107 islands , fronting the beach shores.

I love your photos.

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