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Glad to see you back, thought maybe you spontaneously scooted off to another time and place :) I have a hat similar and I tend to wear it alot in the fall, beats doing the hair thing huh? Love your scarf I love wearing scarves...I totally want dreads(we are similar) but I wonder if I would get bored after awhile, I tend to do that ;)

ttyl~ aubrey

I truly think you still look great (as usual) and I would be totally into a belt like that too if I had one.
Great to hear from you again and I hope you find some time to have some fun! Take care :)

Did u take the photo of the shoreline? or is it Geoff's? either way, I love it!. And that belt is too cool girl.. tho how can u eat w/it on? Not much eating huh?

Love the hat. I, too, have one just like it for those days. That hat and great sunglasses will take you anywhere. I like the scarf too--have several of my own that work as a skirt, a dress, a top. Lots of flexibility. The belt? I would have bought it too, but it's not great when you sit down to dinner. I know, I owned a boostiere (?) the same style as the one Faraha Fawcett wore. Glad you're back. Hope life settles down to the less tediousness of blogging.

That photo of the water is just breath-taking. Glad you're back. Life does get too insane sometimes. I wish the weekend was just starting - maybe it would give me time to catch my breath.

One reason why I love my short hair is because I don't need a comb any more. Not for the last thirteen years or so! You look great in the photos as always. I think you should consider a career in modelling. Have a great week ahead! Filakia xxxxxx

Are you crazy? You always look great! Spring is very slow coming here so I'm glad the scarf wearing can continue for a bit longer. Hope your life gets a little less hectic soon :)

LOVE the belt...but then I love your style :-)

Glad you are back... I was already a bit worried.
You have a great fashion sense.
I hope your life gets a bit less stressful... and that soon you can enjoy life and travel again with Geoff.

I was getting a little worried... Glad you are alright.

I like the improvised skirt :)

Glad to see you back. Yes, you need some fun in your life!

I think you look beautiful always Agnes! You have a classic bohemian thing going that really works for you. I missed your blogging! Glad you are back.

Nice Information . Do you mind if I speak about this post in my blog site. You as well as your blog will surely get the credit.

Good to have you back :)

Nice shots...Glad to see u again.

I love the scarf/blankie - I am a scarf addict too !!

Blogging is indeed nice, you talk to people you would never meet and you talk about things you would never tell a stranger. Conversation is never on shallow grouds about weather or unimportant stuff.
I used to live in the US, and I can testify that you have a more crazy life than here in Europe. But I'm also sure that you can put an end to that by considering that all activities are not necessarily important. At least less than relaxing and doing things that you appreciate.

love the scarf cum skirt....and love the hat!

What a great scarf! I have one that size but I'd be frightened to wear it as a skirt. My knot-tying is not too good and it would probably fall straight off me.

Belt looks like a title belt from boxing, without all the gold. :P

More than that belt...I love the little cupboard you're standing in front of. And those two lil pots. I bought 4 lil pots ( a lil bigger than yours) yesterday so I can paint them bright and put some plants and make them sit outside my door n smile at me everyday. :)

In other things, I can never get over how mystically gorgeous you are Agnes. Your face always strikes me first.


Accesories or not, You look Beautiful Agnes!
Glad to have you back:)

the pics are marvelous, did you take it yourself?

hmm..I love the belt...only I wish...if I can find one for me...which I think no one in this world has ever created a belt for me...whatever...

You looked cool....girl.

Enjoy and keep posting !

I think that you outta do the dreadlocks!!

You should definitely head back to that beautiful place and have lunch, someday soon! Looks to lovely to pass up.

if anyone can pull off wearing a scarf as a skirt, it's you :) looks adorable. i'm loving the fall weather too. have a fab day!

You don't need to lose weight, silly you!

Dreadlocks would look good on you but I heard it was actually more maintenance than most people think.

Excellent photographs specially the lake/river.
Thanks for sharing.

Agnes, i love your outfits here and can picture them very well with you having dreadlocks! That belt is amazing, and so are yiu ;) Have a great day!

you look pretty always... :)

Before you spend all day doing dreadlocks, think about cutting it off. Not bald or butch but an inch or two long and add some wax to make it stand up where you want it to stand up. If that option doesn't float, then have somebody run their fingers through it. I am betting there are a lot of people would would volunteer.

Agnes, that stole being worn as a skirt is the kind of 'quirkiness' that is so you!! I wish I had the guts to do stuff like that. The quirkiness that is me is not in the least intentional. I just forget to check whether the shirt that I am about to wear, is the straight way or not.

Have a nice day, my friend!

Just letting you know, I'm starting my work day off reading your blog. Not exactly productive but, I'm in a great mood! Love the pics and that skirt!! It's great!

@Jennifer: :-)

Yes, I noticed that u are obsessed with that belt...but its good on you... :)

Thats a damn good pic by the sea.... :) :)

love the photo of the beach. Also the one of the long covered walkway.

You are a beautiful woman with a deep romantic personality. I flavored your words, that somehow had a taste of coffee. The pictures were gorgeous, and your hairs looks wild and mesmerizing.

What a wonderful blog you have. I enjoyed every single picture and your words---just like poetry. Thank you.


You epitomizes my days gone by that I never had. You are a brilliant lady with extraordinary courage. Reading you once in a while fills the vacuum. FYI your blog has been in my Reading list for a while now. Enjoyed the photos.

WoW ..
nice photography , nice Expression, totally made in to a nice nlog..

From bheemeshwari

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