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5'2"? You're a shorty! :P

you're 5'2? you look taller in your pictures.

I cannot imagine being in those heels - I only ever wear ballet flats !

Fabulous shoes! I would totally break an ankle if I wore them though haha. What a beautiful sunset. Sweet dreams!!!

I thought you were taller - you look tall on pictures!

These are some really high heels! I could never walk with them.

You are the same height as me!

@above comments: Oh really, I look taller? You know I always think Christina Aguilera looks so lean & tall when she's actually shorter than me. Proportions maybe?

5'2" ... you look like 6'2" ... you must have a good personal photographer ! :-)

I don't own a pair of flat shoes (except sneakers). I own mainly 4 inch heels because I'm not very tall either ;)

Your hair looks awesome in this photo! Hope all is well.

I'm 5'9" to start with, It would be fun to try heels that tall but I might stand out a bit! Ahhh, and the sunset is gorgeous! I never tire of taking pictures of beautiful sunsets or viewing them, thank you so much for sharing.

I'm only 5'4" and I hope I look as tall as you in my photos....love the shoes...I would feel like a model in those! :) The satchel is super cool too! Love the sunset photo!

Nice capture of the sunset!Did you use filters to keep the glare down? Amazing shot! It's like a fireball! There is no way I could wear 5" heels! I remember having a hard time with 3" ones. The purse? Very unusual!

Not a bad end of the day it looks...

I know, I feel that you look taller than you actually are. It is all in the proportions, I guess, as you said. 5" heels wow, I could never carry them :).

Shorter people always have good balance in-comparison with tall ones - They say.
Re.: Twilight - The sky - beautiful.

....hmm...I like the sunlight/twilight picture....good to read you.

I like your bag.

I agree with Sidney, its on the angle...you look taller for 5'2 in your photos ;)
but the heels...are so..I couldn't be able to carry those. And i like the colors :)

Exactly my thots above - you do look taller in your pics...I thot u were more than 5'2" naturally...LOL @ the extra inch!!!! :) Thats one awesome heels, I tell you. :)

Oh, love that twilight pic....its good to drive towards the sun...I did 2 days back and me too took pics...will load it soon. :)

do you take all these photos from your iPhone? Or so I remember you mentioning Geoff's super camera? The last one is so classy, the first one, needless to add, is lovely :)

How's Geoff doing now?

mmm that last picture makes me nostalgic...for what, i'm not sure. lovely blog :)

Boot envy (especially love the wooden heels) although no way could I walk in those!
Love the sky photo, too!

I have some really high heels, which I do not wear to often - I feel like I'm on stilts. LOL. They're awesome for dressing up but nothing beats wedgies in my book.

5' 2"? you? All this time I thought u were around 5'7" ... I'm 5'4" so I got 2 inches on ya girl... No way could I wear 5" heels. omg...
Love that dusk photo... great shot.

Quit complaining about the hair (referring to previous post). It looks lovely in this pic too!

Maybe Geoff was hunching just to get you all worked up! :D

The earth begins to tilt further away from the sun...The age of Aquarius cometh..


wow! that's a great chiropractor you've got there to have snagged you an EXTRA INCH!!! can i get his number?! :)

i'm thinking the HEELS are 5" but there is a platform type scenario in the sole of the shoe that is adding height?? ok, i have no idea...i shall have to contact rod serling and get back to you! :)

(in the meantime you and smokey, and your magic shoes, and your sunset and yes, even your smudgey windscreen are downright ♥GORGEOUS♥ missus!) :)

What's for dinner is a constant annoying question that plagues me minutes after my foot hits the floor in the AM. And it's especially annoying since I haven't felt like cooking in quite some time--and I definitely haven't felt like going to the market. If I never went again, it would be okay with me. --Freezer. Must have a freezer and keep it stocked. Also, I make a bunch of chicken breasts poached in wine to keep on hand for I-don't-want-to-think-about-it days. BLTs are also good fast downhome cooking--provided Geoff isn't a meat and potato guy.

Indeed! You do look taller! I'm 5,6 and still love high heels. I'm used to 15 cm stilettos but I still need to practise walking in my platform sandals!!! And by the way, that twilight photo is gorgeous!!! Filakia...

I seriously thought you were at least 5'8". You look so tall in your photos!

You look way taller than 5'2" in pictures! I am very excited about this because I love your style, and have often lamented that I'm too short for it. But apparently I am not too short! Now I'm off to ponder my wardrobe.

Absolutely gorgeous sunset - great photo! And how do you walk in those shoes??

I knew u were 5'2 looong back;-D; u mentioned it in ur 'about page' I think or was it in the India chronicles.

U look gorgeous in the pic:-))!!!!

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