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Its mild here so I can still do the Chai latte hot...Tho Monday its suppose to heat back up to 90!!

It's still hot here in Alabama. Though the leaves are beginning to fall and rustle. I went by Starbucks today after coming out of a meeting where the air in the room was so cold! At first I considered buying a hot drink, but by the time I had arrived, I went with the cold frappuccino. Hopefully fall will be here soon! I'm like you, so ready!

I like the creative way you write all over your pictures!
Cool! Love this!

I don't know which season it is either! late summer, early fall... we are stuck in between.

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Eric Castelli

I seriously can't comprehend how you're dressed like that in Florida!!! I'm still wearing flips flops and sundresses and sweating up here in North Carolina LOL. I'm addicted to the 'Bucks btw, glad you share that addiction. ;-)

Photograph with caption - excellent.

I'm not feeling autumn yet here in Texas, that's for sure. Still sleeveless and flip-flopping!

I took a photo of my temperature gage in my car today. It read 92 degrees. I am planning a blog post about how Louisiana didn't get the memo that it was supposed to be Fall! LOL I have finally learned to make my own iced coffee instead of going to Starbucks. So it's all okay now.

I wish I liked iced/hot coffee as much as the rest of the world...I feel like I"m missing out...but in all honesty can I really it call it coffee after I add all the crap in it I do??? :)

We are in cooler temps here with 59 degrees over the weekend~ perfect sweater/boot weather!

Wishing you a fabulous weekend~


nice shot and nice place....missing the beach!

I still remember those pics of Fall, last year, which u posted...hhhmmm...waiting for more such ones...
Enjoy your vanilla latte soon.... :)

me likes the way you put up this post... me gona try too *wink*

Ah I always wondered why supermarkets in the US smelt so good. Now you have solved the mystery. Duh - I guess I should have asked someone.

Well, I have more sunny days frequenting these days! That is always so nice! I find Melbourne winter very chilly, I am so happy to see it go :D. This photograph is so nice, Agnes... you pretty thing, you!

You should post your pictures into Tumblr - they would get shared all over the world... seriously.

The weather here (upstate NY) is frustrating. Last week was about 50° and today will reach 85° and off course that always comes with humidity. It's strange to see the changing colors of the trees when the weather has been so warm. I really should just appreciate it for what it is but I do love the autumn weather.

Just curious, who takes the photos of you? They always look great. Have a wonderful weekend.

I just thought of this: Seasons don't come to us, we go to seasons. I am moving towards fall excitedly, more time outdoors without keeling over due to heat. I would love to see how you dress yourself if you lived up north, with large coats, sweaters, scarves, hats, big boots, etc. I have no doubt you would look just as awesome as you do now, just with more layers!

I drink warm coffee year round, but I do find it hard to surrender my flip flops at the end of the season.

I like toffee nut lattes from Starbucks:-) bring on winter !!

I turned the heat on in my car this morning. Autumn is here! The trees are telling me so and you know what they say about those whispering trees!!!

This is such a wonderful post, Agnes, the presentation is marvellous. In my part of the world, autumn has most definitely arrived - the leaves are changing colour, the rains and winds are strong and there is certainly a chill in the air.

I am still drinking my skinny strong capuccino as I do all year round.

As soon as the Fall Chill is on the wind, I am all about the Carmel Apple Spice... makes my spirit soft and gooey!

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I hate autumn, so I'm glad it's still summertime in Cyprus. I can go to the beach, swim in the sea, and enjoy sunny days and cool evenings on the veranda.

Supposed to be highs in the 80's all week with lows at night in the low 60's. Should be beautiful :)

AC in our car is down by 2 notches too :) its getting pleasant in the mornings now.. lotsa outdoor activities in my mind already.. the better 6 months of dubai are on their way..

some days i am not able to access ur blog, today is a good day perhaps :)

love this post... it tells me once more that you are in love with life and that love-its contagious...

Don't know how I came across this blog but read it. I tried your coffee recipe and - to be honest - it doesn't float my boat. I prefer LOTS of milk.

Weather in the UK is now getting cold and wet, horrible - feel like swapping?

can i just say two words?! FONT LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! :) totally digging your layers of text over and around the photo; in fact i think i'll be stealing (AHEM!) "paying tribute to" (that's better!) this idea...quite soon... :)

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