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I must say its hard whose photos I like more.. Both u and Geoff have a lot of talent.. He does show your best side which are all sides..lol...I like your landscape ones ...btw is that 3 Cups of Tea? I loved that book....

I always see u here with coffee glass. R u addicted to it?

@Chrissy: Yes, it's Three Cups of Tea -- I just started it. I can't believe you recognized it!

And @Jidhu: I guess so :-D

@Agnes: that cover is unique... the story will tear at your heart.

That is a good way to take pictures...very candid!
And the results can been seen ! Great self portraits !

And all this time I thought it was Geoff taking the pics! I've always been meaning to learn how to use the self timer on my camera. Now you've motivated me. Love the blue nail polish. :)

Nice picture! You are still bare-feet and I'm already wearing socks up North ;-)

Well that explains why your photos are all so candid and real! Thanks for letting us all in on this little secret! =0)

I love the moment. What a great idea to set up a timer like that. The colours in it are beautiful and so are you.

It is a nice way to capture random moments actually. Hmm, no wonder your pics are so natural.

Is that your new hair, Agnes? They never look 'not nice', so one cannot tell :).

Blue nail polish and barefeet, there is something very comforting about these two things, it gives an aura of bring 'at home'.

I love that wooden flooring And The color.
Only few days back one cameraman taught how to use manual feature of camera otherwise all I know is:
Click Click Click
very similar

You know, I've never taken a snap of mine, all by myself...my girls keep trying it from time to time...but I've never done it...looks interesting... :)

Awkward poses ???? Really ??? I dont see anything like that... :)

so lovely setting ;) Starbucks nice on the go...it's so nice to set in a comfortable and cozy chair outside of your house...

hmmm...every picture have a full story behind it..yeah..

I kind a addicted to your pictures now Agnes...seems like important part of your entry now....

Anyways..good one..

I've never used the self-timer on my camera. Perhaps it's time to give it a try. I love that wooden floor. Hope you had a good weekend. I spent mine looking at fighter jets at the yearly air s how we have here with a very exuberant 4 year old :)

I like all your photos. Especially natural ones :)

I think Geoff takes really beautiful pictures of you. Like you said, the difference is in the human eye part. But, I do like all your pics. And, these not timed ones are great for their spontaneity. BTW, I couldn't comment on your last post as it was not letting me. I just wanted to say that if you looked this spectacular before visiting the salon, then really there was no need to visit one :)

i don't believe you ever have an uninspired attempt !! The pics are always marvellous !!

Ah, so that's how you do it, how they are so natural. I'm always intrigued by your posts and your photos Agnes. You are a breath of fresh air :)

ok...that makes sense now. Mandar asked me the other day....he was like..."who takes all those pics for her, day after day???" and i was like... "her husband, Geoff???"

Now i can tell him about the face timer :)

Aha now i know "who" has been taking all those nice pictures of yours, i suspected that it couldn't be Geoff all the time

Cool way to take your photographs!!

Well you got me curious. I never tried my self-timer before--didn't even stop to think I had one. So I just did. The picture of this blogger behind the blog shouldn't make it to the blog--I haven't even brushed my teeth yet.

Thanks for the tips on taking photos. I also like to see the face behind the blog. I would probably post more, but only do it when my husband or a friend is here to take the photo. I'll try and learn how to use my timer. Your hair looks great - but then again I always thought it did before :)

Thanks for sharing! I've never heard of a face-time - I'll have to see if my camera has one. I love that bench by the way - great background for a photo.

I was in fact searching for this useful resource a handful of weeks again. Thanks for sharing with us your wisdom. This will likely definitely heading to assist me in my tasks.

WOW! I have to see how to do that!

You're so spontaneous! You are a free spirit really.. :)

the more i read your photo philosophy, the more i am reconsidering my stance on having my own picture taken; you do make a persuasive argument and YES one definitely feels more "connected" somehow to bloggers whose image is a presence in addition to their words. food for thought, definitely. also, i am seriously liking this idea of a "face timer" that takes photos randomly; i now want to find the book for my camera and see if i have that! :)

ps: i agree whole-heartedly that geoff is an *AMAZING* photographer!!!

Hmmmmm! And I though it was Geoff behind the camera all the time, patiently taking these pics!! :D

I love it! It's perfectly candid and that bench looks like a lot of memories has been shared in there.

I had so many memories for a bench like this one. And still hoping that those memories I had will happen again.

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