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I have to laugh.. Your post title is so true.. I guess that could happen w/ relationships... Earlier this year I did the ending of one.. I gave this person 2 chances over a course of 5 years.. This year was the last straw...We both wanted it to work but his issues evidently took precedence...

I always love a good storm - so invigorating. Sleep is eluding my little one today. He's still up and it is waaaay past his bedtime. Sometimes he just has to act like a little monkey.

Love your little handwritten posts like this!
I agree - nothing like a good thunderstorm. Sunshine here today, though, and I'm loving it! Hope you catch up on your sleep tonight!

Your handwriting is unique, the script of a lifelong postcard writer.

I love a good storm, especially when snow is involved. Maybe this year we will get some! Also, I think its pretty cool how you posted in your own handwriting!


Insomnia is a gross feeder. It will nourish itself on any kind of thinking, including thinking about not thinking. ~Clifton Fadiman

You rock, you know that? I love your creativity!!! I'm jealous you only needed 1 coffee. I think I had 4 and I got 8 hours of sleep.

You are good with technology at-least with blog writing skills for sure. The new way of writing-nice.
You wrote on a paper And then the click of the camera And finally attachment?
- correct?

I love thunderstorms too, but not so much when they keep me awake! Bet you sleep well tonight :)

I hope the rest of the week days/nights are better in terms of sleep...

Post title; how many things could the apply to in life...oh well..! :-)

I usually find a sleepless night means I sleep amazingly well the next night, fingers crossed for you :-D

Nice handwriting, great thought!

Damn. Your handwriting is lovely :)

I always find it best not to fight insomnia - I hate it but try to go with it and then drink coffee all the next day - I am glad your post insomnia day was good !!

First of all, I love your handwriting- unless you are using some sort of technology that is so creative that it totally looks handwritten :)

Secondly, I love thunderstorms. I love love love thunderstorms!

Thirdly, Smokey playing with your toes is just so cute. My Sher licks my eyebrows when I (try to) sleep... I love how silly and adorable cats are when they love you :)

I like the way you've done this post... :) :)

The post title - thats exactly what me and my hubby dear were discussing today morning... :) :)

Hi Agnes … it can be frustrating not being able to sleep, the long hours, waiting for the day to awaken.

For us with so many palms on our "little acre," the trees are refreshed and the ground is laden with the past.

May your days be long and your heart be full - Maxi

We had thunderstorms yesterday as well...matched my mood...and thoughts, at the same time it was comforting :) Wishing you a lovely week! And....that green bench looks to be a lovely spot to people watch! ;)

hmmm...yes once a while it is neccessary to have storm....but effect is the same...we never feel tired...

Wish you happy storm day...

wow!!! well said ;) have a wonderful day ahead Agnes!

We are on the same page on storms , I just love them. The stronger and more intense the winds the more I enjoy it. My favorite storms have been in foreign countries and some countries have better storms than others....As "Thinking" said...wishing you a happy storm day.

I guess it is easiest way to lose it and the most painful way - I am waiting to get something today which I thought I was going to get easily - but then I started wanting it too much and now I feel I will lose it. I empathize about the sleep - happens to me very often too... I love rain too!!!

Agree with the title.. :) Haven't we all experienced it! Agony it is.

I dread storms!I usually sleep like a log but on a stormy night I can't sleep a wink!

I love storms as long as they're not tree breaking threatening! Two trees on my house is enough! But hard rain and thunder, what a good background for sleep. It was cool here last night, so my cats wanted to be close to keep warm!

The title is a real piece of wisdom! So true...

When your body and your mind can't sleep, better listen to them.

The title of your post took me back in time. I think my latest post will tell why!

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