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Storms are so energising and clearing all at the same time aren't they? That looks like a beautiful part of the world.

The top one I love!... Total vintage... Love the natural sepia he captured....Looks humid, Agnes...

Oh, how I adore a stormy day! They have yet to come here to California. Today must be 100 degrees!
These photos are beautiful and I can feel that special feeling that only a storm can bring when mentally I step into them. Namaste!

That 1st one should be in a magazine!!!

Beautiful pictures indeed. You're so lucky to have someone take your pictures! My husband usually takes pictures of me with my mouth open or my eyes shut ;o)

The first attached photograph - The favorite maybe because of matching colors - excellent.
Geoff - Thank you.

Beautiful shots, the lighting is perfection.

I know... the first one is damn good....everything is so perfect. :)

nice photos :)

A great model taken by a great photographer !


Do u think girls pic in the Products will increase the product value?

Lovely pics and a dedicated hubby!

What beautiful scenery. Gorgeous photos. It looks like it was a fantastic storm.

Enjoy that bath !!!

I love storms- day, night, anytime :)- the more fierce the better. But you should not drive while there is a storm Agnes, good that you are safe.

Beautiful photographs, both of them. I love the brown grass flower in focus in the second one. I am allergic to that plant (back in Dhaka, they call it 'kashphool'- but I always thought they were pretty :)

Half the battle is already won because you like having your photo taken :)

What beautiful pics.. the storm looks great!!

Wonderful light and great shots!

Geoff's photographs are wonderful. The colors and mood are so right. He's captured the tranquility that precedes.

What a great way to start the day. Sit at my computer and drink my java and put on the Agnes pages and see the phootos and read the blog and all is well... the day starts off well.
Thank you Agnes.

i like the 1st pic too

Both photos are awesome. The storm gives them a haunting quality. You look like you stepped out of a magazine or catalog in the first one!

The light is perfect! Sometimes, I love when the weather is moody.

what great pictures, it is so captivating to see the changing energy of the storms as they roll through the sky - magical in how big they can be!

He is a wonderful photographer!

I fear storms but love Geoff's photos. They're brilliant!

I love a good storm. Though it is melancholy, I don't mind it one bit.

Nice photo. It really capture the moment.

Storm are good if they are form little time and get worst if they are stopless.

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