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LOL A big shorter and lighter than you, but we share the same size... Weight is unimportant as long as your clothes fit well and u are happy...btw that is an old pic of jessica... add about 20 lbs. and then u have her at her present weight...

this girl are so nice...very good pictures

Hi, sorry about my english, i don´t kwow if you speak spanish, i hope, anyway this may be an oppotunity for me to practice another language. First ...Are you able to point Spain in a map?. ok i´m from Madrid.
I was looking for any blog out of my country, and for sincerely, i have found another more interested than yours, but the expression on your face took me to writing.
So here i am.
My name is Alberto.
Ahora te escribo en español...como te decía he visto otros blogs más interesantes, pero no tanto como tú. He visto que estás casada, debemos tener la misma edad, yo ahora mismo soy una bala perdida, espero que no puedas entender esto. Pero bueno, hay algo de verdad en el trasfondo, una idea que tengo para una novela, buscar la mujer más maravillosa del mundo...tal vez tu puedas ayudarme a buscar. Veremos...
Un saludo.
write you soon?

Oh my goodness, I thought you were much taller too. I wish I felt as comfortable as you do about posting photos of myself. You are so right...it does make the reader more comfortable with the blogger behind the blog. Unfortunately, I don't feel confident with my size. I'm working on it though. :)

I have no idea why I am not comfortable posting pics. I try to break it at times, but could not so far. But in all honestly, the reason is not that I think I am ugly or something. It's my innate inhibition since I blog anonymously ( none of my RL friends, other than Crazy knows that I blog- it helps me say some stuff about me that I would not want them to know), and Internet is such a vast place...

I got the impression you were taller, too. Maybe photos add a few inches in height, too? Whatever size you are, it looks like just the right one for you. (I try to tell myself that, too, but I don't always buy it.)
I post a lot of photos of myself, too, for the same reason. I like seeing who I'm reading about and I figure others do, too.
By the way, I knew Eva and Madonna were 5'2" or shorter, but I thought the others were tall! I'm 5'4" and always felt short - not anymore :)

All things about this post make me happy. Today I stood next to a woman that was 6'2". Her height was intimidating, she was not.

"one person's blah is another's obsession so we may never agree." so, so true. :)

I love petite women.


1. You gals aren't fat. (lol)

2. You gals seem to have way more energy for everything, as if the energy was compressed into your petite body and it has to explode out or your body will explode. I know, stupid.

Height is so over-rated!!

Come by when you need help getting to the top shelf...I got a step stool...

I think my left leg weighs 114 pounds alone hahahaha. ;-)

I adore the fact that you put pics of yourself in every post. Makes me feel like I really know you.

You are definitely not overweight! You look and better than those celebs.

I so agree that it's SO important to feel good about yourself. It seems to me that people that like themselves are always so much nicer to others :)

None of them are taller than you are? Goes to show, you're in good company! Now, about some of those photos when you were rambling across Europe and Asia? To quote a certain blond, "I personally love looking at photos of the blogger behind the blog, if he/she is comfortable with it." Would you be comfortable with showing your pictures?

I am a solo motorcyclist/traveler. If I wish to post photos of self I have to request someone to capture which I haven't done yet. Maybe in-future will post.

I am 5'4" and happy to be that height. Of course, if you are not well-proportioned, it does not matter how tall you are. And, I agree with Chrissy, one must always wear what suits them. Style is always something so personal. And, like you, I like photos. Not only of me but of other things that appeal to me. It does make a blog post more interesting to read.

hmm...well I always try my best to search for a related pictures for my blog...

but I really dont like to publish pictures...opposite you...yeah?

hmm....but ofcourse....every writer is different and same time every reader is different...

Good pictures...though...

I'm 5'4 and about 110-115 is usually what I weigh...depends on how active I've been. haha. I never take compliments very well, so I usually don't put pics of myself up, but you inspired me to do so. :) Hey you're only young and beautiful once right? Research says guys are more drawn to petite women...boobs included! :) Lucky for me.... Another thing, if you were tall would you really enjoy wearing boots or stillettos very much??? I don't think so. And....I tend to find the cutest outfits being petite...it happens to be an unusual size in America so there is always an abundance of size SMALL...or 0-to 4....am I right? I love your pictures so keep them coming!

Funny ... you kind of read my thoughts. I was wanting to do a post with a picture of me yesterday and do you know what? I could hardly find any which were blog-worthy. Since we had our son, it's like all we take are photos of him. Even on our vacation. I had to ask my mother-in-law for the photos she took to actually find a couple of photos of me or my husband in them. I know it's nice to see the face behind the blog but most times I think that the world around me looks much more put together than me :)

Awwww is that why you don't come by my blog? *sniff sniff* :(

Size 0 jeans, huh ??? Agnes, I totally envy you...hhmmm...I am looking at my waist and thinking when is that possible for me...he he he ...lol !!! :)

Love ur pics...and the way they define your posts and this blog... :)

You fit perfectly in the list... petite...but sexy !

u??? overweight??? give me a break Agnes. You are just fineeeeeee!!!!

and yes..i think i almost know you, your life & geoff & your cat & your house & your love for coffee & fall & the swimming pool where u have tons of pics etc etc...its all abt pictures i think !!!!

You've just made me realise - I hardly ever appear in my own blog! I hadn't thought about it before... perhaps time to fix that?

@Reenie: You know, I actually understand your reason and it all makes sense. I know a few of my friends read my blog and I love that they do, but like you, I never actually promote it to anyone.
A few acquaintances mentioned visiting my blog, which perplexed me as I never mentioned it to them, so I understand your point about the privacy factor. I really couldn't be bothered to ask how they found out about it though. I am neither hiding nor promoting this blog, it's just what it is, just a blog. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't. I think worrying about who's reading it and who isn't would make me feel way too paranoid. :-D

i like the way you like the individuality, howz u friend?
mine life is going great..

Queer,but I also feel the same.
I don't feel interested in the blog if I feel I'm too "unfamiliar" with the blogger.
I did love to post my pictures on my blog but damn the misuser.The once used one of my pictures to make a fake id on fb and fame me as a slut..!
So I'm rather cautious now.
Nice post girlie,and I guess you look much beautiful; with the simplicity around u 'cause personally I don't like glamor much..:)

I post photos of me occasionally on my blog! My problem is that I'm usually the photographer. LOL I thought you were taller than me based on your photos and I'm 5"7'. Maybe it's the fabulous heels you always wear?! I think you're perfect the way you are!

It's all relative and humans have a knack for being unsatisfied with what they get, grass is always greener, blah, blah, blah, lol.

i think the fact that everyone thought you were taller *MAY* be related to the fact that you have SO MUCH personality and talent that it doesn't seem like it'd fit in such a small package!!! :) (which is probably why i am sort of shocked to hear that madonna is teeny, as well. somehow i've always assumed madonna was tall!) isn't it funny how we form these random impressions of people and don't really have any idea WHY until we really stop and think about it! :)

ps: now that my jeff is back in action, health-wise (KNOCK WOOD!) i've been thinking a lot about your geoff...i hope he's doing a better now, free of the dreaded IV, etc; and that you guys are MUCH LESS medically-based for the forseeable future!!! ♥♥♥

Just like you, I love blogs who have photos of the blogger/writer too.....not just photos of other things or other people or copy-paste images from the web. I had seen this blog which is about internet marketing and I'm so surprised that it's filled entirely with images and photos of sexy women ---right from the banner, header, badge, post entry photos and sidebar. What do those pics have to do with the subject of internet marketing?
Anyway, I don't think you're overweight.....you look great. You look taller than you are because you know how to dress up well----you know how to dress to make your body longer..

Actually, I too am not hiding or promoting this blog- and may be someday I will feel less self-conscious about it sharing myself with those who know me personally- but not today. I guess I can get a little too much of a privacy-freak at times. It does not always make sense either... Jeez, I'm the worst one can get, I guess :D!

Personally I feel if the photos I share are misused, that's bad but cannot be a reason for me to stop doing what I like doing because some jerks exist. It's not the strangers who bother me, it's those non-strangers...

@Reenie: I think all sane people need privacy. And strangely a blog is very private and very public at the same time.

In real life, you might phrase things slightly differently in the intimacy of your closest friends than how you might express yourself on the same subject during a business dinner with a prospective client. Not that your stance should be different but your choice of words might be. And of course the way you conduct yourself during a business dinner might also be different from eating pizza out of a box with your friends.

There's that social veneer that would be really tiring and artificial to have to maintain 24/7. Sane people can distinguish a social setting from a private one and navigate through the scene accordingly. And I think that's exactly the insanity of blogging, that line between social/private is rather blurry if it exists at all.

There will always be people who'll criticize everything we do and every time we reach outside the boundaries of our comfort zone, they are right there trying to make us feel uncomfortable and shove us right back to where they think we belong. I don't want to worry about people like that and do not give a hoot what they think of me.

And what you said about photos being misused, whether by strangers or acquaintances, is basically my reason for not posting any photos of my friends even though I would really like to.

This whole conversation with you is very interesting, by the way. I think your points are right on :-)

RE: I post photos because I vastly prefer blogs that carry regular photos of the blogger -- mainly because so many blogs look alike, similar templates, similar gadgets, sometimes even similar thoughts, and being able to put a face to a blog makes it one-of-a-kind to me. I feel more familiar and connected.

Great comment, and you ain't crazy. ;-D

I've been blogging since 2002, on 4 blogs, 2 of which are now retired, and one of the remaining 2 I am just the official research assistant, and photographer for the blogger, my Cat. ;-D

HIS blog (http://wwww.opinionatedpussycat.com) is even more popular than my own! ;-D

On all of them I've shared our lives, and photos of I, and my Cats, and never have had any qualms.

While most bloggers put copyright notes on their blogs, and some even in their photos, and ask people to ask us for permission to use the pics, we all know there is really no way to stop this as people can crop the hell out of any photo to suit their purposes.

90% of those who use my pics in a post do so in a way related to me, such as in linking to my posts, & blogs, & have always been people I have long been familiar with so have no problem with their using the pics.

If you are a bike blogger, or an animal blogger, or just about any other blogger who blogs about their personal hobbies, and interests, then sharing photos, of you, and your pets are one of the most important things that draw readers, again, and again, to your blogs.

Posting original photos of the blog owner on a post isn't always easy unless you are very much into photography. And yes, you must have a photographer to take your picture! :-) I love all the pictures you post here but I mostly read your blog because of its great content! That's what matters most to me.

You're right about blogs with photos of the owners :)
I mentioned about your this blogpost on my blog: http://rosemarysmanufacture.blogspot.com/2010/09/12-hours-in-prague.html

I am 5.2 as well.. its nice and different to see the world from a lil higher level once in a while but i prefer flats or medium heel.. having said that, i love ur shoes and event hose heels look comfortable.. good collection i must say.

I didn't think you were tall but I'm a little bit shorter than you so maybe that helped me to get perspective on the photos. Those heels though - wow!

I gained a lot of weight a few years ago and struggling to lose it again so I'm not overly fond of photographs of myself - but I'm trying to use more. I agree with you that I really love seeing photographs posted on blogs and I should make more of an effort to do the ssame.

I like you more knowing your less than 5'2".. :) ~ like me! Don't get me wrong, I do like and have tall friends, I just connect more with you now! Love your posts ~ jeni

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