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Agnes, you have a lot of courage to take one of those trains!!

I found it very interesting to read the difference between a traveler and a tourist. I would definitely fall into the tourist category. I do enjoy seeing the world, but it isn't long before I miss my little corner of it. =0)

I'd like to say I'm a traveler, but I know I'm a tourist. Whatever you call me, I love to travel, love to experience the real feel of wherever I am, but I love to document it somehow, too. But then I do that at home, too. I've found it helps me remember - and my memory needs the help!

Trains are my absolute favorite way of traveling. I find them to be so peaceful. But, taking a look at that picture makes me very anxious haha. I'm DYING to travel, it's been 4+ months for me. I can't wait to be on the plane to South America in 2 weeks yay!!!!!

Btw, that pic of you is stunning! :)

I am definitely a tourist. hahaha

Traveler: One having No as such fixed plans as similar as tourist.
Nomad traveler: That is interesting always And I wish the same for self.
Best wishes required...please

Oh My I couldn't get over the train pic! I took a train a couple years ago in California. I love to travel...but I guess I'm just a tourist...purely for pleasure...as much as I travel and move about...I'd call myself a gypsy..or some sort. I enjoyed reading through your posts on your travels in Asia...I'm jealous my husband is spending his days in Afganistan and I can't be there to see it all...maybe one day. We are moving to Europe next year...I suppose that will do for now. :) Cheers to a pleasant week!

Oh...I also want to book in the Orient Express... :) :)

Is that pic taken in India ???? Or Srilanka ???? Whatever....these days its much better, I guess. :)

@UmaS: Dhaka [Bangladesh] I think.

I love trains! When I was younger I used to take the train from Poughkeepsie down to NYC for day trips the the city. The tracks travel along the Hudson and some parts are beautiful!
The craziest train I was on was from Brasov in the Carpathian mountains down to Bucharest, it was the end of December and the heating was broken! FREEZING! I sat in the dining car drinking whisky to try and stay warm!

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.” – Paul Theroux

Love trains... but I am not sure I would take this one... awesome !!!

I wish you will be able to book that trip with Geoff soon !!!

Oh that pic is crazy! I think I know the location though, or a similar one... not sure. This may actually be Kamalapore, in Dhaka :D.

Lovely post, as always, Agnes :)

I never thought those trains were real. Wow. It is amazing that people travel on them but I suppose they have no choice. I too am getting withdrawal symptoms for Italy though. There is no place in the world that soothes me as much as our northern neighbour. Hope you get to travel soon.

Awesome, I love it !!!

I would love to just pack my bags and go!! Im such a traveler...


I love traveling by Indian Railways ... I love the sounds of the stations, sounds of the train and the outside as we move through different landscapes and I would love to do train journeys in other places. I find it connects you to normal people more than planes or cars. Another way to enjoy living in a place like a native is to do homestays. One can pretend you are living in the locality - however, I guess it gets even better when one is able to work there too - even if for a very short time.

I have been on the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada and loved every minute and would do it again like a shot !!

The sight is just awesome but what a pity that they forgot about safety. The train system in Sri Lanka & India, a legacy of the British, they were also left with a very sound legal system too.

You have a beautiful blog. Someday soon I will travel to Mexico. (A South African Gypsy :-) )

I've actually never been on a train that's gone very far (i.e. across a country). Just commuter trains! (Marta? :P)

Thanks for sharing the train photo. Being more of a tourist than a traveler, I haven't seen, I've never seen anything like it. Your post really made sense to me because I travel a fair amount and really WANT to become less of a tourist and more of a traveler! Have a great day :)

OMG. That train would cause a panic attack--I'm always the first one out of the theater to get away from the crowds. I do have fond memories of trains though when you would get dressed up and my mother would wear a hat and gloves. There were private compartments and dining cars with tables clothes and roses. I loved flushing the toilet and watching the track fly by through the opening. It was very fascinating. I was five.

Yes the overcrowded Indian train.. Especially the mumbai locals!!!
They are a different experience altogether..They do not look like the one you have shown though!!

Love the photograph of the train in India...

In India if you haven't used the train, how did you commute?! Air always.. Good for you I guess. Else you might never return ..specially if you used Mumbai local trains ;-P

Feels good to be back. I have a lot to catch up. Hope Geoff and you are doing alright :) Let me look at the pictures atleast in your earlier posts !! :)

To me the best way to travel is on foot. When you travel at high speeds, the present means nothing: you live mainly in the future because you spend most of your time looking forward to arriving at some other place. Travellers on foot, however, live constantly in the present. For them travelling and arriving are one and the same thing: they arrive somewhere with every step they make. They experience the present moment with their eyes, their ears, their whole body. At the end of their journey, they feel a delicious physical weariness. They know that sound, satisfying sleep will be theirs: the just reward of all true travellers. By the way, I love travelling by train and I also love your very poetic title! Filakia xxxxxx

Well...I love train too...even I like to travel through it instead of taking plane...though here in Pakistan train services are not too good and speedy...

But it has its own taste...hmm....

Pictures are great...as usuall....Enjoy.

What beautiful, transporting photographs, Agnes. And yes, the Orient Express is rather amazing.

Where did the title phrase come from? A song? It's hard for me to just travel as a tourist. I do, but I know I'm only getting the public side of the location. It's not about the people and their lives. You have to live somewhere to understand. I guess that's what you mean about the difference between tourist and traveler. It's interesting, this glimpse about the trains.

I spent a wonderful day/night/morning on an Indian train once, talking to the most fabulous woman about life, arranged marriages and all manner of stuff. And trying not to be freaked by the guards with rifles!

@Judy: It's Downtown Train by Tom Waits

Trains are wonderful most of the time, lol.

That's Bangladesh Railway. The 'boston.com' link you specified says so. Usually Indian trains aren't this sort of crowded nowadays. Yes, the situation was this, but about a decade back, and in the rural transit lines only where they ignore "reserved" seats.

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