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Have never heard of New Orleans Cold Brew...I know u've been to Starbuck's. Have u ever tried their Chai Latte? that's one of my favorites... love the nonfat version...

agnes, that sounds so good! i will have to try it.

It sounds amazing! I'm pretty partial to my New Orleans coffee too! Of course, it's probably a lot easier for me to get mine than it is for you to get yours. LOL

I now declare you officially as the best barista in town !

Only twice till-date I visited Leopold Cafe. Once with a friend, Once with family.
What I like most is Interiors/Ambience/Food/location - Total Western or French will say.

Do not know why but I've never liked cold coffee! GIVE ME HOT!

Hot coffee in the morning, but in the PM, okay. I love ginger and chili and would give almond milk a definite try for added flavor. Nice treat.

Um YUM!!!!!!!!! I want one now. :)

While the directions and comments make this sound, Hmmm, interesting, I think I'll have to pass! I love the New Orleans Community coffee, which I buy all the time, are they made by the same company? I do like a Starbucks cold vanilla Frappuccino. Hope you had a quiet moment to enjoy your coffee.

oh lovely... haven't tried it and not completely a coffee fan but still you make this sound so damn good! :)

Wow, great recipe. I am game to try it. But, no sugar? The pics are great, btw. I am a coffee freak myself. And, I don't know if you have tried filter coffee in the south of India, it's truly fabulous. Also I never heard of spiced coffee.

There's a local coffee place near my work than I grab my coffee from every morning- they have many experimental flavors and they have one similar to yours- Cinnamon, Ginger, milk.... I take that every other morning when I am not taking the chai latte.

It's heavenly :)

Cinnamon sticks and orange peel infused in coffee is marvellous too !!

Yum! I sort of wish I actually liked coffee :)

This looks a perfect morning starter...Adding ginger is a very interesting way to spice it up...But i prefer cold cofee!!

@Reenie: Really??? I have to come try it!

Not a coffee drinker, but this does look inviting.

Enjoy your concoction. I think my husband might love the idea of chili in his coffee. He's the spice lover; I'm the chocoholic :)

Wow that recipe looks GREAT! I love coffee - I think sometimes it's what gets me up in the morning. I get my order from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. I love their Chocolate Glazed Donut and Caramel Vanilla creme flavors (yes I have a terrible sweet tooth :)
I also love their single cup brewer because Martha Stewart I am not.
Hope all is well and thanks for that wonderful recipe!

I do like my coffee. Been hooked on it since the Army days. Loved their coffee. They made it in the morning in the kitchen (mess hall kitchen) in a giant tub about as big around as the diameter of the tub in your clothes dryer. Big. And it was boiled in that pot on the stove. I don't recall how they got it in the coffee dispenser but that's where I got it from first thing in the morning -- around 5:00 AM. Gosh it was good stuff. I like Starbucks and bought some and liked it so much that I made too make cups and drank too many cups and they ended up calling 911 and taking me to the hospital with heart skipping -- beating odd ways. I was in the hospital for several days while they got things regulated. So now, I am reduced to decaff. And that is like yesterdays cold coffee still in the pot.

thanks for sharing Agnes :) will try this at home after my one month no-coffee-month :) heheh!!!

I see a comment the size of a whole blog coming on!! :D

Cold Coffee in the morning? I can do chocochino, frappuchino, whatever in the evening, but nothing like hot coffee in the morning. Do you have any hot coffee variations that you can pass on?

Chilli in coffee? Really? Would you add that as part of cold or hot coffee? I have never heard of this, despite living in India (for most part of my life, thus far). I am a chilli freak and I would love to try it out.

I have been to Leopold once. Last year. I cannot explain the feeling. There was a crater under my table from grenades that the terrorists had placed there. Bullet holes, broken glass all speak of the terrible ordeal that Mumbai suffered. Great food! Great ambiance! I'll try n post the pics for u.

Have a nice day!

oh instead of adding the cinnamon sticks why not add the cinnamon powder to yr coffee. Cinnamon also helps in regulating the glucose in yr body

@Butterfly: Would love to see some photos of the Leopold Cafe. Have you read Shantaram? I never had spicy coffee in India (or anywhere else) -- I think I might have invented it. But ginger & chili do remind me of India. And call me crazy, instant coffee reminds me of India too (I love instant coffee). I think you could put chili (a hint only) in hot or cold coffee. I'd probably go with just soaking an actual chili pepper for a minute or so because I do not really like anything powder-y in my coffee, except on top of the foam or if it's really really well blended. I have to say I think chili & ice go really well together -- hot AND icy!

Delicious and creative! you have turned "Starbucks" on it's head!

It is the wonder of India that holds you...you mentioned you have "been" to India many times. I think the next time you will "return" to India.

Look forward to your next creative recipe!

That sounds sooo delicious!! I love cold coffee and adding ginger tea for flavour sounds like a brilliant idea and of course soy or almond milk....mmm..i had a delicious "shakerato" (great example of Italians fascination for English) at a beach bar i Italy (that was a similar thing but served in a coctail glass. Heavenly!

@Butteryfly: I just made the hot chili version & am sipping it right now. It's REALLY good! Not insufferably spicy, just spicy enough.

Guess what ??? I am reading Shantaram now....its so wonderfully written, that I am unable to keep the book down even for a minute...yeah, Leopold's cafe...looks like a must visit for me too.... :)

Enjoy your coffee.... :)

Girl friend, that is some serious brew.

ok, you lost me at "blender" (waaaaaaaay too close to "cooking" imo) but other than that it does indeed sound FAB! :)

I love chai lattes at starbucks.

Yummy! Thanks for the recipe. It's getting a bit too chilly for iced drinks here though...

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