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What an exciting life of travels you had!
You hair looks still very good !

Long-hairs - The favorite.
Anyways, may I jump into the lovely blue water?

My hair never looks that good even after I've just been to a beautician! But I understand how you feel.

I've just starting reading your blog recently, and your sincerity is so refreshing! Plus, you're a darn good writer. Love it!
- Susan

Agnes, from the looks of your picture, my humble opinion is that you offically no longer have bangs! (forhead fringe) You hair looks great!


PS: that's "Forehead". I was typing so fast I dropped out the "e" Or shall I say "ye"? :-)

It is always such a delight to be reading you Agnes.

IMO, bad hair days now ,I think...are trendy! Your look natural and earthy...naturally beautiful. :) I don't like a well-defined part, and windblown hair is sexy ;)

You should see MY bad hair days :lol:

good for you Agnes...me, seldom do I go to beauty parlor since it's so expensive here....nice photo by the way ;)

OMG, I would die if I went that long, but yet still you look gorgeous!!!! I'm getting my hair done next week yay!

I am having a bad hair week :).

And if my hair looked as good as yours does on it's 'bad' days... Sigh.

If only I could have your bad hair days! You have traveled a lot! You aught to have a Travel Sunday for your blog, where you allow us to see your travels through your pictures and hear some of your stories. I bet they would be interesting!

If that's your BAD hair day, Agnes, then may they never stop !! I would take your bad hair day over mine any old time !!

Gosh... I am having bad hair days and I can completely empathize with what you say.

You dont look like a bad hair day, lady !!! ;) Then you shld see my good hair days - that will be LOL !!! :)

Go for that styling...which seems to be the top thing on ur head. :)

Yes, I guess you need to go for a haircut. But, your hair still looks nice, whichever way you style it :).

bad hair days and Agnes are words that do not go together. An impossibility, just can't happen.

If you're havind bad hair days, I'm having terrible ones but sometimes I am past caring. I love hearing about your travels. Life must have been hectic.

I don't think there are any bad hair days for any of us--we just think we are having one when we're dissatisfied with something else that's going on in our lives. Bed heads are in. Limp locks are too. Bangs? Who needs them? Once cut, you're stuck. --But then looks who's talking. Someone who cut all their hair off in 1985. I was sick of wasting half my life styling my hair.

hmmm....I think....your hairs are just fine...infact I like them...

Traveling seems to be a great moment to not worry about perfect hair. Especially with all the humidity! What a sweet blend to enjoy some spa time and then venture off again into more adventures in Asia! I must say I am hooked and hope to make this one of many more in my future.

And here I am looking at this pic and thinking, "Wow, Agnes looks so lovely!"

BAD HAIR DAY?!??!??!??!? ha! i scoffs at yer so-called bad hair day, matey! (i'm not sure why pirate speak is creeping back into my vocab 3 days AFTER ITLAPD...sorry...i will attempt to speaks like a landlubber...AHEM! like a normal person) to wit: your bad hair day is cuter than my good hair day. sadly, i am not joking.


i can reach the stuff at the very back of the top shelf of the highest cupboard... what with bein' 5'10" to your puny 5'2"!!! so there! :) :) :)

Don't change a thing your a great example of Natural beauty as it was!

Your hair looks great from here. Wish I had enough to pull up like that!

la la la - not listening - la la la... lol

You always look lovely. There I said it.

Agnes, with your hair like that it still looks great. Mine is what you call a really bad hair day. I really admire your sincerity and humbleness.


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