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It's rough though. Make sure you squeeze in some quiet time, some fun and laughter is a must. Look for it anywhere you can find it. Keeping spirits high keeps you strong and Geoff secure.

I love this attitude... yes i do and for the 2 something years I've been reading you and have known you, you've inspired me with it... bit by bit with each post...

May God pull you both through it safely inshAllah!!



When you're going through something traumatic, time does seem to stand still, your world is what is happening there in front oy you. The peripheral world ceases to exit. From your short comment, I'm concerned about Geoff. Take care and know that y'all are in my prayers and thoughts.

The blog world is strange or maybe its human nature and emotions... I am sad to know of your suffering & all I know you is through this blog and these posts of yours.. but am so glad to see the positivity that both of you share and exude....
hugs n prayers Agnes!

i haven't been following you from last one month....missed all the updates from Pakistan trip....
i don't really know wat to say here..... but just wishing the best for you and Geoff

Words cost so little and yet they can mean so much. And your words really spoke to me today. I hope that things will get back to normal for both of you.

Agnes: take the time to breathe... i can imagine what u are facing.. a close friend of mine went thru exactly what u are going thru.... I hope u have close friends and family there that u can lean on... I am sending good thoughts your way...((HUGS)) Give a hug to Smokey, I am sure he needs one... Animals are so intuitive.

I am still keeping you and Geoff in my prayers Agnes!

Sending great warm hugs, love and light!!!

Please let me know if there is ANYWAY I can help.

Oh Agnes, I'm so sorry. I'm just getting caught up here. I'm glad things are returning to somewhat semi-normal, or at least calming down somewhat. I'm thinking of you and Geoff and sending lots of good thoughts your way.

I was going to comment again after I read Geoff's comment on your last post. You two are SO lucky to have each other. Your caring and support for one another is very touching and quite rare I think. Your attitudes inspires me. Take care you two!!!

Never give up, Agnes. I know you won't because you are a brave girl.

Keep the positive attitude! Everything will get to "normal" soon!

thinking of you guys. take care.

Your wonderful attitude really is quite exceptional. Great big positive vibes to you both :)

Staying focused on the positive is wonderful. Sending you heartfelt good wishes and more positive energy and thoughts. Take care of yourself.

Agnes, your words are beautiful and the strength of your spirit is admirable. Comments truly do work wonders. Stay hopeful :)

all the best. Keep the faith!

Keep strong - Of course I know, you do.

And its this positive attitude of yours, that keeps things going !!! Take care.

Hi Agnes, I've missed a lot of things here. But will catch up. Been in a sudden situation that my whole August was so full and busy. Hope things are all well with you..regards and have a pleasant day!

Great going, Agnes - you are a wonderful example to us all of putting your best foot forward - Kate xxx

This is a beautiful post, Agnes... I'm sorry your world is a little lopsided at the moment... My best wishes are with Geoff. I know you are taking good care of him.

Best wishes and love.

All my best wishes and prayers for both of you..
Hope he gets fit and fine v.v. soon...

Hi Agnes;
Again, thank you with all my heart for your 24 hour support, day in and day out for years. I'm getting stronger now and hopefully, if this next week goes the way I expect it to, I'll be well on the way to self-sufficiency. So perhaps it is time to look forward to a bright future and a return to our happy times. The comments have deeply moved me and given me hope and desire. I'd like us all to move on now. Whatta ya say?

best of luck u guys...take care.

So sorry for what you 've being through... My bad english doesn't help to express my feelings. Hope everything goes well... My best wishes for both of you...

I was away and was not connected to the net most of the time. Even then everytime I spk with Bins I asked abt u.
Geoff I'm so glad u r feeling Better. Agnes, along with the happiness u mentioned the strength of ur spirit shines thru. Take care friend!!!!

I'll light a candle for you tonight :-)

It may not be normal, but it doesn't mean it won't be normal again... :-) Stay strong!

Sending lots of love to you and Geoff :-)

I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better Geoff.

Hey Agnes and Geoff,

So glad you are together and that you are taking great care of each other. Many candles and prayers are being offered from our home to yours.

By the way, with the new beta BlogCatalog, unless you actually follow me there, I will never be able to post on your wall, which I find rather convenient. Just FYI. Many hugs!


Your love shines through, Agnes! God bless!

Despite your tough times, I believe God has given you all chances to live and continue to shine for others. You're tough and sweet, Agnes. God Bless you!

i believe god has given you all chance to live and continue to shine for others.

our love shines through, Agnes! God bless!

Your love shines through, Agnes! God bless!

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