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That is different And Excellent photograph.
Thanks for sharing.

Now might be a good time to come visit Bay Harbor, Michigan or better yet, see Niagara Falls. There's three interesting boutique Hotels in Niagara On The Lake. I would stay at the Prince Edward, but the Queen stayed at the one with the pool. The services and facilities of all three of the hotels are available to guests. And definitely go on the Maid of the Mist--you really get a shower there. Stratford's close by too if you rent a car and like theater.

I think I need a cold shower now... ;)

My friend who lives in Stuart says that u can't even tell if you've taken a shower...She is miserable too.... omg, u shaved Smokey? has he recovered from the shock? Post a photo...

It's hot here too - it seems like it's hot absolutely everywhere!

I know! I'm keeping my thermostat at 76 to prevent the A/C from running constantly! Now, I think I regret cutting down all those trees! It's too hot to even turn the stove on at night (of course I really didn't need an excuse not to cook). lol I've even started looking as pictures of snow to see if that would help. Hope you have a cool day!

I spent several summers without a/c in my vehicle. I can't imagine it now!! So grateful for cool air.
Love that photo, by the way. Cool treatment.

It's been scorching hot my way since last Friday. We've got 40*C (105*F) in Larnaca PLUS 100% humidity while inland the temperature rose to 46*C (115*F)! It seems this is the highest temp we've ever known in the last...100 years! But I'm alive and kicking, spending much time indoors - what's air conditioning for?

It's the mugginess I can't stand. Makes everything that much hotter!

Girl, you are making me hot in those blue jeans in August! Pull out the shorts or skirts and only venture out in the early morning or early evening. Keep cool....

Come visit when you can...


I want to see a shaved Smokey photo! You can't just tease us with that and not share. LOL I definitely feel your pain on the heat. Our heat index today was 118 here in South Louisiana. I'm beginning to understand how the Wicked Witch felt when she was melting! Sigh.


Lol :) - You have a good life now, the hot weather in the northern hemisphere is good! Maybe you make a donation of your time or 10% of their expenses to charity? This could not help you "stay cool"?

I loved your posts.

May peace be upon you.

4 showers a day - WOW - due to the drought here in Aus we are all on 4 minute showers - timers are sold everywhere to encourage the public to keep it brief !!

Thanks God for cold cold Coca Cola. And cold showers. It's super hot here too!

I drive home in a car with no A/C when it's 100 outside. :P

I just got to VT today and it's 90 degrees! I swear the heat is chasing me:) I understand everything you wrote far too well. I can't even stand using a hair dryer!

Sorry darling, but I looooove the heat! :)

I enjoy my sun, but not too much of it. And, the monochrome pic is great!

Lovely B &W pic !!!

So, where's the trimmed Smokey ??? Didn't want to pose for the camera ????? ;)

4 times shower ??? Pretty bad heat huh ??? Cool yourself.

Yep. I hear ya sister!

It is still winter where I live and even if tourists are walking in town wearing t-shirts, I am almost sitting on the heater while in my office...
Great photo

Nice vintage photo, Agnes. And I like the weather here in Hollandd now. We don't have heatwave anymore, it's fresh now.


Four showers a day! You know, I actually had my heater on this morning. Come to London!

hmm...same here...lol...

:)... I envy you now. Summer and rain... Whereas we have winter and drought!

LOL... thank goodness for running water uh... : )

You are lucky u don't get to be in the Indian heat with lotsa Indian clothes. :D

Been here after a while Agnes :) And you look lovelier each day! I'm celebrating my 100th post and I've dedicated it to you and other friends :)

Btw, there's a dedication for you on my blog.

I hope Summer starts soon in England. I envy you, Agnes :D

This is too much ...I'm melting here in Florida...time to head north, far north
and break these tethered bonds of this burning ring of fire...(thanks to Johnny Cash for the idea of the burning ring of fire)

wonderful blog. hope you get some cool weather soon. :-)

I totally feel you! It's been hot and sticky here lately, although after the rain today it's cooled off a bit.

I like so much your pages! Wonderful and artistics photos with deep text reflections.Thanks to this moment! Be Weel.

I have never heard of a cat taking 4 showers a day. Mine only takes 2 and my dogs take 1. Of course it is a steam shower with a full body spray so they stay in a long time.

I enjoyed your comments on the weather.Its great when the weather makes you feel this way, its a state of mind and body we should be in as much as possible. Everything here is so green because of the rain gorgeous!

It seems like it's been unusually hot everywhere this year, makes the summer less fun than anticipated spending so much time looking for ways to cool off. :P

It's hot here too - it seems like it's hot absolutely everywhere!

hmm...bueaty full picture

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