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Thanks for the update, Agnes. I'm hoping that Geoff keeps getting better.
I wish you all the best...

I am sorry to hear about Geoff's emergency. I am glad he is getting better and home with you. I had a strange feeling something was up and should have mentioned it, but know I was thinking of the two of you! Keep us up to date when you have time.

I am so sory ... I was wondering what was happening. Hope Geoff continues to do better. You are both in my thoughts.

I'm so sorry for your ordeal. I thought things might not be going well, but preferred to think that the two of you were off on another exotic trip. Now that Geoff is home, he's in a good place. Home with loved one has great healing powers.

I'm so sorry to hear that. My prayers will be with you and Geoff.

I have been thinking of you every single day! I was actually going to send you an email today to see if everything was okay. Sending lots of love and healing energy to you and G!!! XOXO

Take care both of you! A silent prayer for Geoff.

Thanks for taking a minute to update us. I'll be thinking of and praying for y'all.

what a lovely handwriting agnes... i was thinking of u too.. but good to hear that the tough times are behind.. my prayers for Geoff to get well soon and recover fast...

glad to hear that Geoff is better now.......

Agnes, somehow I had a feeling something unexpected happened.. So glad u have him home again... May this be the last time he has to go in... ((HUGS))

Agnes, hope things get better!

Agnes, You are more than welcome. I love you. And, I am really glad that Geoff, once again, made it through it.

Agnes, thank you for the update. Stay strong and positive. You have many friends keeping you in their thoughts and prayers.

I know we've all missed you a lot, but I can certainly understand why blogging is the last thing on your mind right now I'm glad Geoff is improving and I will continue praying for both of you!

hmmm.....Dear Agnes...thanks for update.

I was worried too and about to email you....God bless you two.

Keep in touch.

agnes, i will send up a prayer for your geoff's speedy recovery. take care of yourself too.
hugs, liz

I have been wondering about you Agnes and missing you - I knew in my heart that there had been a medical emergency and I am happy to hear from you that things are relatively ok - all my love, Kate

All the best for a speedy recovery for Geoff and continued strength for you. And how classy you are...such a lovely way to tell us what's been happening in your life.

Agnes, I'm so sorry to hear that you and Geoff have been through so much the past few weeks. I truly hope he continues to recover and that both of you will have total peace of mind.

So sorry to hear about Geoff. Such a frightening time for both of you. You'll both me in my thoughts.

I was wondering where you went! I didn't have your email to email you though. I really hope that Geoff gets well soon. I know that you are doing an amazing job taking care of him.

Agnes and Geoff...sending thoughts of recovery and healing to you. I'm glad the scary stuff is behind you and you're together at home now...home always feels so much better. Sending you both healing hugs!

thinking of you xxMiriam

I hope Geoff keeps getting better. Hope you continue to preserve your strength. All the best to you and Geoff.

So sad to hear this...wish Geoff a prompt recovery !

Oh I was beginning to have a bad feeling about your absence :(

I hope Geoff gets better and better! Take care hun!

Oh Agnes, I'm thinking about you both and sending sturdy, Rioja tinged warm fuzzies via the warm breeze directly to you across the Atlantic. I wish there was something I could say or do...

Our Dear Friends All;
Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and prayers. I feel they've really helped me pull through. I live on the living room couch these days and it has been Agnes who night and day stayed with me, slept next to me to listen to my breathing and taking care of 1000 needs. She's been my Guardian Angel through all of this and I am eternally in her debt. won't kid you and tell you I'm fully out of the woods yet but at least the despair has faded and hope shines through. So much for me to be thankful for and that includes ALL OF YOU.

So glad that everything is going well and that Geoff is getting back to his old self!

Thanks for the update Agnes, we'll pray for Geoff and do take care of your health too at the same time

Thanks for this lovely "handwritten" post. Wishing Geoff a speedy recovery. Don't forget that after the darkest of nights there's always the promise of the dawn. Take care.

'm so sorry to hear about Geoff's hosptalization. Best wishes for you both, take care!

My thoughts are with you and with Geoff. I wish you all the very best, Agnes, stay strong and remember we're here for you :)

Peace be with you both.

Thank you for the update! I hope the scary part is over for good and that you two will be back home soon. Hugs.

Oh dear...Thank God, he is back home fine !! Take care.

So sorry to hear of Geoff's health crisis. My thoughts and prayers are with you both for a speedy and full recovery.

I am so glad that Geoff is feeling better. Nancy and I were discussing about you yesterday. I am happy that the worst is over. Take care. Thanks for posting and letting us know. Give Geoff my regards. I hope you spring back to health soon, Geoff!

I am SO glad Geoff is getting better. Thanks for letting us know and Take care of Geoff and yourself too Agnes.

Oh my ... I have been on vacation at home, which is to say that I libve in tourist mecca and have been entertaining friends and family all summer. I have fallen behind when it comes to reading and commenting on blogs so this has come to me as a sgock.

I'm so sorry to hear about Geoff and the terrible times you two have been through. May Geoff be blessed with a speedy and full recovery. I shall keep you both in my mind and in my heart.

Agnes, I've been reading your great posts for a while now but missed out for a couple of months owing to being away. It is with sadness that I read of both your very tough time recently. I've come to feel I know you as a couple so I'm sending you and Geoff every best wish for his speedy recovery and your return to more happy and restful times. Take care and God Bless you both.

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