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i love this post! sooooo gonna try the cuticle remover!
looking forward to more tips =)
oh and i love the first picture, it's beautiful.

My trick? Cheap wine gets you as drunk as expensive wine. :)

Wow, never knew that about colorless shampoo!. Will have to hunt down some..

@Chrissy: By "colorless" I mean other than Selsum Blue. A little color is OK.

Hairspray takes out ink stains on clothing... it really works

I've never heard the vinegar trick before - neat. I wonder if it strips hair that's been highlighted or dyed. Neat idea :)

Awww these are lovely! Well, I'm not domestic goddess either, but I think olive oil is the best moisturizer on the planet. :)

PS Love the way the light is hitting you in that pic!

To prevent dry skin and remedy over sunned skin, I use Spring Valley Vitamin E moisturizer skin oil. You can buy it in the vitamin section of Walmart. It's great for nails as well. My friend used it to help with her over sunned neck and chest skin. She loved what it did.

Thanks for the tips Agnes :) one treatment I've heard for but am yet to try ;) is using haemorrhoid cream for under eye circles etc. I read somewhere that a lot of models use it! another good one is dabbing some toothpaste on pimples before going to bed and overnight it shrinks the pimple without any scarring, have tried that one and it works!

Have a great week.


Wow! Handy tricks :)

I use a rather boring (and possibly known and tried by all) method to get rid of puffy eyes- cucumber slices. Works for me like magic. I have oily skin so cucumbers work pretty well on me, if applied on face as well- instantly erases the marks of tiredness...


I think you always look beautiful Agnes! I totally have to go add vinegar to my shampoo now! As far as tips go... I was always told not to wash your hair in hot water. It stimulates your oil glands and makes your hair get oily quicker. Also, if you rinse in cold water it makes your hair shinier.

I loved this post, Agnes! I look forward to more such home tricks. There are so many which are my favorite like using lemon juice and sugar as a body scrub. It leaves your skin so smooth. Works better than any scrub. Gram flour, turmeric and milk cream as a face scrub. Really leaves your skin clean and blemish free. Used teabags chilled and placed over eyes - heavenly and work well with dark circles. Use beer after shampooing the hair for extra bounce on the hair. Use sparingly because it is very drying.... I could go on and on... :). I will try out your vinegar shampoo trick. Can I mix vinegar in Pantene?

What a PERFECT post Agnes! I'm going to be trying these. My favorite is a whipped up egg for a tightening face mask.

WOW !!! I love this...am off to get that olive oil and some cotton...thank u :)

Veiny hands...give me 5 !!! Me too have them...but got sort of used to it now, so I dont bother much...I feel it gives my hand a more slender look. :)

Shampoo and vinegar - now, thats something I didnt know...let me try that too. :)

For dark skin at the back of neck, underarms - due to sweat - here's something - apply warm sesame seed oil and massage well. Leave it on for sometime. Then scrub with chick pea flour, turmeric. Actually it helps if we can leave the scrub on the skin for sometime, before washing. The moong dal flour (green gram) can be used instead of chick pea flour too.

Really good article! I was impressed by your literary grace! Blog images are beautiful! Would you like a friend?

I will try the vinegar trick, that sounds like a great idea. The idea of someone using Selsum Blue to get rid of a stain made me laugh out loud, though!

I take rough salt and mix it with almond oil and rub it onto my feet as an exfoliant and softener. I just keep it in a tub by the bath, it lasts ages.

Ok here are a few of my tricks:
1. For soft and shiny hair I add some virgin olive oil (about 6-7 drops) to my shampoo. But I'll try vinegar as well!!

2. For under-eye circles: I soak two cotton pads in lukewarm camomile or aniseed tea and leave them for about 15 minutes in the eye area.

3. For crow's feet: I use La Prairie eye contour moisturizer. It's expensive but it does wonders.

4. Living in a warm country where the sun shines 300 days a year, I always use a sunscreen emulsion for the face, a good moisturizer and I drink 10-12 glasses of cold water every day.

5. Once or twice a week, I make my own face mask: just mix in the blender the juice of 2 lemons and 2 tablespoons of honey. Put it on your face avoiding the eye area, leave for 15-20 minutes and you'll get a soft, velvety skin.

I agree with Heather L, by the way. Rinsing your hair with cold water makes it look much shinier.

Oh Agnes - sadly I have no beauty tips to contribute ! I wear no make up, just sunscreen in a moisturizer and I just cannot be bothered fiddling trying in vain to halt the rapid march that is the ageing process. I am what I am.

Hi Agnes;
I'm sure these are all fun. My sister always used a make-up brush and powdered the roots of her hair during the heat. She dusted off the loose particle first. She said it made everything look cleaner and dryer. I'm just happy to have enough hair to worry about it.

I like the tip about grease-stains and shampoo. I must try that one!

I'm definitely going to try the vinegar one-my hair feels so dry this summer. Hope this will soften it up a bit, thanks!

What great tips!

Hi, Agnes! Long time, no see (and it's all my fault.) So, does the vinegar weigh down the hair? Mine is already so fine and nearly lifeless...

hmm...wow...sure I will try the Shampoo and Vinegar one which makes your hairs shiny and silky...my hairs are so bad...so embarrasing...when around find so many good haired women...

hmm...thanks !

wow, lovelovelove this post.. i really enjoy reading these home remedies.. all women do i guess.. had no idea abt the cuticle remover, am going to get some! thank you
i know very common ones, using tomato peel with sugar as a scrub always works for me.

My mother-in-law's secret is to not wear her glasses while looking in the mirror.

The only one I have is hydrogen peroxide in a 50/50 mix with water for teeth cleaning. THIS REALLY WORKS.

Ah, now I have the ACDC song stuck in my head! :-)

I don't have that many tricks but I'll be sure to try yours out. Oh, oilive oil and avocado face mask, great when your skin is super dry, no kidding. Vinegar shampoo was to get rid of lice when I was a kid!

Agnes, Tell me how in heaven's name you came up with the 'cuticle remover for face' thing? Reminds me of the man in 'My big fat greek wedding' who use windex as a quick fix for everything including cuts! :D

My quick fix for stains on clothes is to throw out that outfit and pick up a new one. Any excuse for shopping!

Hey Agnes! What catalog are you looking at in the above pic? Love your blog...

i have *ZERO* in the way of beauty tips...but i'm tempted to try all of these if i'd wind up looking ANYTHING like miss agnes!!! ♥

I don't know why I scrolled down to read this post but the first beauty treatment thing involves vinegar. That brings back a lot of memories because, during World War II, my sister was about 17 at the time and I used to watch her wash her hair in a wash basin of water, pumped by hand, from the cistern out back. Mom made the soap we used from grease and wood ashes and it was called, "Lye Soap." We used it for washing everything. She used it to wash her hair and the rinse was pure apple cider vinegar which we always seemed to have plenty of. Shampoo was not even available and if it would have been we were way to poor to buy it.

And here I am again... sorry for not checking in on your blog for so long. My only "secret" (I have none really) is just to take a shower as soon as I get up - if I don't, I feel grubby all day.

Warm olive oil on DRY hair for 5 minutes, then wash and condition as usual - great if you have dry hair.
Clary sage massage oil before bed - guaranteed to give you unusual dreams!
These are my favourites!

One of the BEST POSTS EVER!!!!!!
I am doing all of them tonight!

Wow.. this is a useful post. I'm afraid my contribution is zilch. WIll try vinegar+shampoo. I want soft hair!!!

Cotton balls dipped in cold milk is great for dark circles.

What Is This

I was like REALLY??? Are these true? Vinegar for the hair and cuticle remover for the skin? I am so afraid to try all these things. I don't know if I will have the courage to try all these. I am so afraid of the side effects that they might give to all the users. I have been longing to have very nice skin but I am not that desperate to try these. I am so worried and afraid.

Thank you for all your info! This was exactly what I was looking for. Keep it up!

I have used the cuticle remover and it worked well. Am going to start with once a week. Did not leave it on longer than recommended

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