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Agnes I just love your room! It just oozes tranquility and peace :) loving that idea of the canopy too :)

have a great week :)


I love that bed too! You should just take down the walls and add glass from top to bottom! But what you did does help until you can get the walls taken care of!

OMG, LOOOOOOOOVE it!!! You are such a rockstar! Will you come and create a canopy in my room too?

Agnes I think your bedroom is stunning. Simple, stylish, serene. OK, four 's' words is probably enough for one comment!!

Oh my goodness! What a fabulous place to rest. It's so peaceful and welcoming!

Right on, simple yet very sensual...very nice.

Can I live with you? I joke.

That top room is incredible! And you did a great job creating the same feel in your room - absolutely lovely :)

Ultimately, I want to live in a treehouse. There are some pretty amazing, real, live ones out there!

What a lovely bedroom! I bet it's super peaceful.

Oh, it's beautiful. Looks like a serene place for a beautiful lady :)

It's incredible!

WOW !!! Its a big WOW from me....the canopy bed which u tried to create is damn good idea...like it. :)

Love the pics...the lampshade is fab...never thot that this color will suit the bedroom walls - its fantastic. :)

top is good but in below you can add something like natural pool for better look

The canopy is fab!! I like the way you adapted it to your room.You are a genius.

But you know what I have eyes for?? That seating-cum-storage space at the foot of your bed. I was thinking of getting a long chest done for my room, but I am gonna borrow your idea! I hope I can execute it soon. Will send you the pictures!

Really beautiful, Agnes. I want to live there and wake up to the bird sounds. Dreamy....

I love what you did with your bed. It gives the room a tropical flair although it would look equally good here in the Med. Maybe I should go and buy some bamboo rods ... :)

The top room is beautiful, but I like your version better. Very nice job, Agnes :)

Agnes, your bedroom is absolutely gorgeous!

my kind of bedroom too, v nice
btw, no picture of yours this time huh?

I love it. So serene and peaceful, so flowy which just makes things all the more easy for me to clear my head and focus my thoughts on all things characters and novels.

Your bedroom is gorgeous! I'd love to have it - and to jump on your very comfy-looking bed!

Lovely.... that is a nice link too... Can I borrow you as my interior designer?

It's like a bed for a princess. : )

I adore what you have done, just adore !

I'm pretty sure you just found my dream room! Now to find the funds and manpower to convert my San Francisco apartment to look like this =)

Hi Agnes, very nice post... I love canopy beds too. your's looks calm and beautiful.

If I had that bedroom I wouldn't leave it.

Wow you should be an interior decorator! I love what you did. It's so beautiful and creative :)

You definitely have a flair for design.

that first pic really is amazing!!!
and i would kill for a bedroom like yours :P

I love it! Your inspiration room is simply gorgeous - but your bedroom is equally as beautiful! It really looks great.

OMG!!!! that 1st pic.....i m in love with that bedroom :)))

Wow Agnes..
the tree house is so beautiful... makes you feel very much a part of nature..lovely :)

Hi Agnes;
I agree with all the comments. The inspiration was great and the conversion to the canopy bed you designed is brilliant and aesthetic. Love the entire look, color, mood etc.

I'm salivating over that room! Love love love! Honestly, the only thing that would make me love it more would be... well, no walls and a mosquito net. *swoon*

Hey your new bedroom is just out of a dream! its beautifully designed. lucky u!

WHADDAYA MEAN it doesn't hold a candle??! it's GORGEOUS! it holds ANY NUMBER of candles...it holds a flippin' chandelier, imo!!! seriously, what a brilliant--and brilliantly simple--way to incorporate the idea of that amazing bed into your existing room! ♥♥♥

(do feel free to drop in and re-decorate ANYTHING of mine that takes your fancy...i shall leave the key under the mat...just in case...) :)

I completely agree, that room is simply wonderful. One could truly be at peace in a haven like that :)

"Agnes' Pages" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.


Damn girl you should be doing interior design! I don't know all that much about you to be honest but judging from your always so beautiful pictures and the colour and feel of everything you do you really are an artist (think I have told you before) I like the theme and style you have found! I wouldn't return to your blog if I didn't genuinly liked it! :)

Love it. Cheers mate..You managed to recreate the magic !! :)

p.s. - my laptop was infected with virus/had to be formatted..and I was changing projects at work at the same time hence the absence !! I have missed U :-)

Good job! I like the airiness the material gives. While not exact in material, the feel is the same!

Just checking up on you, girl. Where's you?!

Hey, just checking on you and Geoff, y'all okay? Miss seeing your writing.

The best about the first photograph is:
Early morning rise is sure.

Agnes, Where are you? Missing your posts. Have a nice day!

It's amazing!! You are so creative, you're bedroom looks lovely :-)

A beautiful space to enjoy moment's of peace and harmony. We should try our very best to surround ourselves with nature as much as possible. Beautiful environment thank you for the photo Agnes!

Balance of the Mind
Balance of emotion
Balance of the body

I hate it when people post this kind of stuff. Now you have me all worked up to do some rework on my own bedroom. Wish I had yours! It is much larger then mine.

Your bedroom is the best place I saw inspired by that canopied bed. Simply amazingly beautiful! Enjoy your new creation and enjoy life more! God Bless!

What an absolutely gorgeous room!!! :) It's so serene. I'd love a space like yours. You've inspired me. Enjoy, enjoy! :-)

Great pictures, really nice bedroom. I am feeling sleepy....... :)

Wow…I am bowled by your level of knowledge. I am so impressed. I think you have got a deep insight into this topic. Could not think on those lines ever…I think you are gifted…keep going. Thumbs up!

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