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OMG, your shoes!!!! They look just like the other ones but black. Love them! What a lovely post.

If I could be seventeen again and know what I know now! Gosh I sound old :) But, yes I agree those times were the easiest and the hardest at the same time.

I love your shoes= not just these, but all of them!

Such a beautiful photo of you Agnes! I absolutely LOVE your shoes!

It's fun looking back at those teenage years - but I wouldn't want to relive them! :)

Beautiful photo Agnes! And I too remember those teenage years. I did get out and travel the world and will never regret my years around the world. :)

Those were the times. Beautiful Memories Agnes

Your picture is surreal. It speaks out to us. Is that sunlight on your face?

Rainy times are lovely times - loved ur teen time - such careless and fun-loving attitude...whats ur fav song ???

those were the good old days eh,
and these memories tend to stay with us forever

It's the simple things that always seem to revisit my memories also. I agree, this is a beautiful photo, but not because of your shoes. :)

You are just too beautiful Agnes. It is like you are some sunshine with your aura.

Ohhh teens are the best times in ones life..liked the line "Happiness was happiness" good one !

"Pools of sorrow waves of joy
are drifting through my open mind
Possessing and caressing me"

Agnes! That is one of my all-time favorite songs from the Beatles!!! Fiona Apple did an amazing cover of that song too! And love your photo, your bag is so cute! xxx

Talking of Hungary - Agnes - i will be going to Budapest in December !!

One of my best friends is from Hungary. She's been living in Cyprus for about 8 years - since she got married to a Greek Cypriot. I've heard so much about Hungary from her that I really felt like visiting the country a few years ago and was really impressed. I had a great holiday in Budapest and I do hope I'll be able some day to visit again. This said, I don't like big cities, I mean I wouldn't like to live for ever in a big city. And I've never lived in one really. My teenage years weren't all as happy as I'd have liked them to be. When you experience war at 16, your whole outlook on life changes.

~ps~ I also love your sandals!!!

It feels like a spell; the warm rain, the memories, the aesthetic touches. Too beautiful to spoil with words.

You write wonderfully. It's interesting, isn't it - to watch people in their teens - to see the endless hope they have, and sometimes to remind ourselves of our own hopes and dreams, and the times we spent with others forging them.

Oh man you make that sound so good, and what a lovely photo girl :)

I like these shoes. LOL A different color brown or black, maybe. I thought I had your blogged linked yesterday but Blogger is absolutely screwing things up over here royally and nobody can comment or leave one and if they do it doesn't show up. So the link went somewhere. I will try again, Agnes, when Blogger gets its act together.

Agnes, I have been reading the posts from your trip and looking at all the pictures... thanks so much for sharing them with us! Have a great day and I hope the rain takes a long enough break for the puddles to dry up :)

There is nothing like crying in the rain. I have done it dozens of times. washes away the blues! :D

It is pouring here. The monsoons have finally hit. But then with it comes puddles that I have to navigate on my scooter. Getting chores done this time of the year is a task, I tell you.

Maybe when a person is too close to nature when S/he is within smaller town.
Maybe when a person is too close to self when S/he is within smaller town.
Smaller town always favorite And will be favorite always.

nice photo :) nice pose :)

I remember killing hours as a teen too, summer could be amazingly boring.

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