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How did Smokey react after being at the kennel? I always worry about my pets when I have to kennel them... My gf has her orchids hanging the same way...

In the Wizard of Oz Dorthy said, " we're not in Kansas anymore " and I get the idea that when you walk into your place you are no longer in Florida anymore.

Sure seems that way to me.

I also blog at the dining room table and it always looks a terrible sight. Love the orchids. I didn't realize they were so low maintenance, but then again you live in Florida, right? I'm in Ottawa. Much chillier except in the summers when it's hot and humid.

Is Smoky bearing a grudge?

Those orchids are gorgeous! I've never tried growing them - don't know if they would survive Northern Ontario - even on the inside :)

Your place is beautiful and looks very comfortable. Wishing you and yours a Happy Fourth of July!

Excellent whatever I am watching.
Claps for the person having the vision about the same.
Those pillow covers(Rajasthani style) And The dress - very matching.
In-short will say: The house owner is rich And cultured - Enjoy!!!

Happy Fourth of July! I absolutely love your decor Agnes! It's so lived in and sophisticated all at the same time. Beautiful!

Love the colors of your home--such good feng shui! I have orchids surrounding me in my home and clinic. They have the best energy. You look fantastic in your 1st pic. Rocking my fave shoes of yours!!! HAPPY 4th!!!!!!

Your place looks like it is filled with a sweet energy and is a wonderful place to relax. Of course it looks like Smokey is helping out some in holding the space. Beautiful!

I love the decor, Agnes- it does have an 'oriental' touch- doesn't it? :)

I f you ever need a tenant for the attic/garrett just let me know !!!!!

I love your home. Make me almost wonder why you want to travel so much, but I am an adventure seeker as well so I understand. Your orchids are so gorgeous! Have a great day :)

For a "temporaty/non-permanent" home, it looks very very cosy and has a real "homey" feel. I love orchids to, I have them on my windowsill. I love thos large (Indian?) Cushions on your couch! And seems like Smokey really owns the place... lol. have a great week, Agnes!

If I had that kind of couch, I'd definitely be there all the time and read a very relaxing and informative book. Nice choice of colors and cloth btw.

We hardly ever get any rain in the summer, so we were pleasantly surprised a couple of weeks ago with an unexpected downpour. I also love orchids - yours look lovely! I had a couple of them on the veranda but they didn't survive long even though they weren't in direct sunlight and I did water them twice a week in the summer.

Wonderful home !!! :)

And doesnt Smokey's fur turn different colors with the reflection of light ??? Its so lovely.

I must say, Agnes, that you have it all. Good looks and the whole 9 yards that goes with them. And, you are surrounded in a kind of luxury that most people work for and pray for good fortune to get. They could win the national lottery and not come away with anything that compares. LOL

I like your words. They make the post worth reading. It is almost like reading an autobiography by some famous and rich movie star. I like the look at the place you call home. I like the things you buy and have in your home. I would not expect to see more or less. I also like the cat. What a charmer.

I like those rooms you barely ever go in. They are like friends you only see rarely but enjoy knowing they are close by. I like that you have designed your world to be who you are.

Ah.I must admit I really admire your taste in decor.
Despite been travelling almost of the time,how did you manage to have such a lovely place..?
May u always be happy..:)

I want your kitty! Smokey is so gorgeous.

I love your space. It looks so airy and bright.

Hello Agnes;
I love this post. I see things through your eyes, not my own, and they feel different enough to be an adventure. So much beauty and so much Smokey. So glad he feels he fits. What a loving creature.

You have a beautifully inviting home. Thanks for showing us around :-) I had my own Smokey years ago. What a beautiful darling yours is.

When I was younger, I found the idea of owning a home a bad idea as it meant being tied down to 1 place forever. Now I'm not so sure :-)
You have a lovely home!! Cosy & warm, very inviting.

As usual, lovely pics of your home. I wish I had a corner at home, just for me. I would fit it it with a snazzy trap door! :D

Your home is so beautiful, I can barely stand it. I suspect if you had wilfully decorated it as a "permanent home" it would not have half of the charm that it does.

Great cat.

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