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Whoever it was who said that life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit was a wise person. There's a lot of strength in true love and, yes, in being creative and active even when it seems completely pointless! To my mind, nothing is pointless - not when you fight for the best, not when you actively create something out of nothing. That's when you can get the best things. That's when you can be your own best friend.

I love what yo said about needing to be our own best friend. That is so true and love is the best medicine for sure. Geoff is in good hands :)

And it's love that shall pull you through...


I agree - I have a few friends and family members going through cancer treatments. It's so hard on the body and it can be hard on the soul as well. My thoughts are with you and Geoff. Take care.

you are so right Agnes, love conquers all things.

my thoughts are with you both during this tough time.

take care always,


My prayers and thoughts are with you and Geoff always. I wondered how he was doing, but didn't want to intrude and ask so I just kept praying!

I'm sending you and Geoff some big hugs!!! Love is definitely the BEST medicine and I'm sure that Geoff couldn't be in better hands.

sending good thoughts your way. take care of yourself.

Love heals.
- Prayers And Peace

You can't love others till you love yourself - you are so on the right path, Agnes !! My thoughts and love, Kate

Wonderful, Agnes. And, may God give you the strength to face the challenges, which this treatment is putting in your path. I am sure your husband derives his strength from your love and will be better in no time. All the best.

From this side,before your notice,
I stay sad and feel things hurting
me..Give my love to your friend...

Remember laughter too ... it's important for both of you.

I am so sorry to hear that your partner is suffering from therapy. I would not wish it even on my nemesis. My prayers are with you too Agnes.

loving more than we know how seems to be the answer to many more things that we can imagine. blessings to you both

Beautiful words, Agnes! You're right, "you" are your own best campanion. And "love" is a strong emotion, it heals and makes life just even more worth living. I will be thinking about you and your love, I wish you the best!

"Love is more than a noun -- it is a verb; it is more than a feeling -- it is caring, sharing, helping, sacrificing." ~ William Arthur Ward

My prayers are with you both, take care my dear.

true :) I'll pray for Geoff's complete healing...take care Agnes :)

Your words and support make a big difference -- thank you all very much.

Love does do amazing things. And so does hope. Geoff will do better. Hang in there, girl!

Yes, love is the best medicine and u take care !!!

Geoff will be better soon - He is in my prayers !!!

Lots of love to you and Geoff and you are so right...love is the key! :-)

sending lotsa love your way and praying for speedy recovery of your lucky husband.. having you around must be doing half the job of the doctors n meds..

All best to Geoff - I had no idea you guys were going through that. Thinking of you both.

You're so right - love can pull us through anything.

Yes love can make miracles..it is the best medicine.

To be good is to be in harmony with one's self.

When people are good they take care..

I will pray for you two...

It is difficult to share such things but sometimes you need the fresh air and sharing can give you fresh air.

Dear Agnes...hmm...

Thank you all so much for your prayers and good wishes for my health. I'm deeply moved by your comments and it matters a lot to me that you care. George Harrison said; “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.” I feel blessed.

I pray a lot Anges and I shall keep you and Geoff in mine. Lighting candles and praying for others is always an honor. Hugs to you both.


Love is an amazingly powerful medicine. Sending lots of peaceful thoughts and prayers to you and Geoff. Keep writing Agnes, you have a lovely way with words. ;) x

Love is the best medicine of all, I agree. I would have been long gone if I did not know that I made a difference in some lives merely by being here- alive and trying.

It may come up as a strange statement, but maybe not so much if you knew that I suffer from clinical depression. Logics, lines and borders often blur out when the time is wrong....

Sending hugs your way, Agnes.

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