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oh well...live the summer fullest , do wat u always wanted to do or love to do...xP

Summer does fly - it's so busy and fun, but it's important to fit in those siestas when we can! :)

Oh summers always fly and winters last too long!

:). Nice photograph, Agnes :)

You always look wonderful, but next to a pool is the greatest look of all and the best place to be on any summer afternoon.

Fabulous image. Love that lace-y tunic top.

You look amazing Agnes! I hope you are enjoying your lazy Summer day.

This photo could easily be in a magazine! Life has been hectic for me too...

Great hat and you are a good girl to wear one and look so lovely in it - I look ghastly in them and never put one on which is very bad in our Australian summer !!

Cowboy hats are sex-say!

And half gone? How did that happen?

brownish/golden - almost silvers-screen effect.
Agnes - Thanks for sharing And claps for the photographer.

Your blog and all of us will still be here when things slow down. Hope you are doing well. Stay cool :)

Thats a lovely hat !! Enjoy your siesta !!! :) The pool looks inviting....

Coming back after a long time. You seem to have a hectic schedule too. But looking great as ever.

Great pic. And, enjoy whatever is left of summer. Here, we have a long rainy season!

It seems you prefer summer than winter.!.?.!.
Five in swimming pool,full photo in SUMMER,and
why cut off in SIESTA.?.

Make the most of what's left of summer. The heat can get to be too much and siestas are the order of the day here too - for those that don't work, that is. That's why I love weekends - beach in the morning and siestas in the afternoon :)

Lovely photo of a lovely lady. I love the light in this photo. Enjoy your summer, darling!! xxx

The pic is gorgeous Agnes:-))!!!!

It's hard to think of summer being half over. Of course, sitting by the pool in this heat is great. Just slip out there and cool off! Great picture by the way.

One of the most beautiful layouts i have seen in a site....!! amazing Agnes

Half over? Can't be. We should start planning a little trip to the Gulf for a few days to bid farewell to the oil-spill (if it is really capped). Somehow, leaves turning gold and nature returning to normal is appealing. And yes, that hat is a triumph.

hmm...its very intresting to know how people think about weather living in different parts of world...

we...in Pakistan...wanted summer to pass as soon as possible...as it is so hot that no body can enjoy going out in the mid of the day....

well...good to read...you...Agnes.

you look so great in all your pics! i love the blouse!

...sorry my mistake.!.In Google Chrome
photos appear full..full..
In internet explorer:cut off...

U lucky, lucky, girl. I wish I had my own pool and those word would be mine. Ha ha!!

You always have the most amazing photos! Beautiful blog!

oof, YES! where *exactly* has the time GONE??!?! (at least you have adventures to show for it...i have only a GIANT air conditioning-based electric bill!!!) :)

(ps: i think i need a jaunty straw sun hat, a la vous!)

WOW! I would love to have that kind of a break too.. :)

What an amazing shot of you. You really look sexy in a hat. It's always a good thing to take a break whenever possible.

Take a chill pill Agnes !!! :-) Spend a few days doing nothing..absolutely nothing. And you look stunning (as always).

I am completely envious of what you're doing. It would be awesome right now to just take off on an adventure.


I have my break, it's called the weekend. :P

Nice photo. Wish I was there by the pool drinking a long tall cold drink with you. Hope you are well and happy too. :)

Beautiful photograph, Agnes...I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing summer, or half of one at least :)

I always have a siesta in the summer even if I'm lying on a beach. It looks like you enjoyed yours.

Great insights and a incredibly beautiful place to receive them .. you seem to do 100 things really well.

There is lyric to a very old song and I can not remember the name of it. But the line that comes to mind here," And the day stretched out before me like a long long Texas road, when your just a child there ant no time but now" Did the road get shorter as we grow older?

A fashionable afternoon break! Very tempting venue to flex your shapely legs.

Agnes, it has been 6 days. It is not likely of you to go on such a long break. Come back soon. Hope all is well with you. Take care!

Hi! Glad to see you're looking well. Hope Geoff is better too. Take care :)


I wish siestas would be more common here... I could take a break in the afternoon!

That's an unbelievably great photo and yes I'm very jealous as it's currently raining like there's no tomorrow here in Scotland, lol.

Fabulous image, i like.

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