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There's such a nice feeling when everything is clean and crisp! Looks like you had a wonderful, relaxing day :)

Wow you did a lot of work today! Nothing tires me more than house work! Glad you are getting some time to relax now :) I love this photo and your view.

Nothing like getting the home in order.

This view makes is appear as if you are on a cruise ship....the good ship Agnes sailing for ports among the 7 seas and beyond the far flung oceans

Lovely Location.
But why windows are closed?
Fresh air - fresh thoughts always.

I would kill for a view like that out my bedroom window.

Camping...hmmm...yeah, so much fun !! :) As usual, I love ur pic !!! :)

Wow, I love the feeling of a clean, clutter-free house, and crisp sheets -- heaven. Great that you used your excess energy beautifully. A great pic of you, as always.

Wow, is that the view from your bedroom??? Stunning, Agnes! I'm officially jealous! And I love the feeling of a clean house too, I feel very content when I've done my cleaning and can enjoy a hot cup of tea afterwards and smell the clean scent of my house. Have a nice day, today!

Great picture and I love the view from the window. I love anywhere that is by the water. And I love crisp clean sheets too.

I love crisp sheets, especially if they have been dried outside on the clothesline in the wind !!!

looks all fresh including you, hi again.

What a lovely view and u look so relaxed lying there reading the magazine....enjoyyyy:-))

What a beautiful pic.. the background looks very refreshing indeed!!

Ah... that is so inspiring - a good thought for the weekend.

Your photography is fascinating even as you are.

I hate that summer flies by so fast!

I am with you about clean house. I can always rest better when my environment is clean and organized.

Boo Hooo!!! I want that view. I want it NOW!!!!

It's scary we're well past the longest day; but still plenty of summer to enjoy.

Nothing can bet the joy of clean house and the peace of mind that comes with it..looks like you had a wonderful day :-)

That's it! The joy of a clean house, That says it all. Clean, crisp sheets, no cat hair, spotless floors.

the best part about housework is sitting down to enjoy quiet time in a clean house, i think. enjoy!

I haven't been to your blog in a while. When I was a kid I loved campling in the woods. It was a great time as four or five families would pack it up and camp for a week far away from civilization. We had a blast.

But now I want a decent hotel LOL! Maybe one of these days I'll take the fam on a caming trip.

Stephen Tremp

Such a pretty photo!! I love your blog!! xoxoxoxoo

you must send me some of your energy Agnes :) have lots to do, but not enough oomph today :D

take care and wishing you a lovely weekend.


I can't remember the last time I stopped doing whatever I was doing to read a book! I mostly read when commuting these days.

LOL @ rooms seeming more spacious and taller !! Enjoy your well-deserved siesta :-)

I know about the sheets! One of my fondest childhood memory is going to bed the night after my mom washed the bedclothes and let it dry on a clothesline in the summer sunshine. The smell was wonderful!

Yeah, cannot believe the year is half over too! Seems like yesterday 2010 started and I was looking forward to my final semester!

Oh, I live crawling in between crisp white sheets. So nice!

I'm not much for camping, but the smell and feel of crisp, clean sheets calms the soul.

;))) Ah I'm usually a slacker with cleaning but when I do get the urge, its always therapeutic. I don't know why but theres that really great satisfaction clean something myself. Also camping - well, my OH has decided we will go camping in the backyard when we get back from a big trip downunder...that should be interesting. Not far from the crisp sheets if I get scared during the night. LOL ;))) And, I have to say before I got to bed - that I loved your Pakistan trip blogs, photos were amazing.

Is that the view from your room??? Gosh, it is SO pretty.

Great... beautiful crisp and clean sheets... straight out of a dream... very nice pic...

Cleanliness is next to?__________ Agnes please fill in blank. And don't worry there is a whole lotta summer left. You and Geoff should head for the woods no doubt about it. Smell of pine and fresh air is...essential and...logical. I suggest the Adirondacks or Vermont no shortage of quaint towns I call them "hidden valley ranch" towns, like on the bottle?

I'm in BC come and see at NS Ciao!

I made a comment in "A diet of sorts,..." and the size
of the photos is becoming normal.!.?.
I think my computer is crazy...

...but you stay *SO* cooooooooooool...

(just finishing the thought. sorry. love that song. could do without the daily re-enactment of it that is the new jersey summer climate at the moment, but hey, better than "stormy weather" i suppose!) :)

What a great picture! Love the sun coming in, how relaxing!

I hate housework chores but I must admit that once done, it feels great.

There's no place like home. What a very beautiful tempting recline you have over there!

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