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Enjoy...all your moments....wish I too can hide in my couch for 3 days (no, atleast one day) to watch my fav shows...its not happening for me...

OMG,LOL... My son bought all the seasons.. He got hooked. Are u guys cross eyes yet? hmmm, youtube has the jimmy kimmel version of his interpretation of the ending.. lol.... August is just around the corner..

Right on, not a Lost watcher myself, but sometimes camping in front of the TV watching back to back series is relaxing.

Lost lost me in the middle of season two. Vegging out on the couch, we do movies. Having a big social, get-dressed-up-a-lot weekend looming, this last weekend, a few of the movies we watched were: Driving Miss Daisy, Mission Impossible, Michael Clayton, In the Line of Fire...in gym shorts and tees and not much else. We survived on cold chicken.

Looks like you are having a great fun time with the marathon...
Enjoy :)

I started watching "Lost" and I really enjoyed it, became completely hooked like yourself. And then, the whole plot became way too confusing and in the end, I gave up with it. But I hope you manage to see it through until the end :D

We do the same thing around here : ) We turn everything into a marathon, lol. We got caught up in a Lost binge a few months ago, but we stopped in the midst of season 5. It started getting too Scooby-Doo for us, and all logic was lost. Good luck!

Enjoy it!! It's the best!

I love slump days !

Love it - such a fun series. I can imagine doing the exact same thing. Enjoy!

Awww, that sounds so wonderful AND romantic! I think we all need to be trapped inside the house from time to time with our special someone. Enjoy!!!

I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi.

LOST is AMAZING! Enjoy the first few seasons! They are by far the best!!!! :)

Sounds like a great escape...has me now yearning for a marathon as well, even though I know I can't find the time right now.

hahahaha! I just watched the final episode with my daughter and her husband last weekend. LOVED it.

wow, that's totally crazy. Enjoy your spree. I remember, I had done something similar for Heroes :).

Haha... Great. I did something similar some years back, with Lost. That was before they started to drag the plot in the middle; but maybe it wasn't the plot and it was actually 'me'!

i love Lost. my siblings and i do Lost marathons all the time. i've watched (and rewatched) all six seasons, but i won't spoil it for you. my favorite character is desmond. how about you? :)

Sometimes it's nice to put your thoughts to zero and escape to another world. Enjoy every moment of it! I wished I could do that too. kisses!

So that's where u've been!!! Lost in LOST!! :D Seriously, its that good? It runs here, but I've never been inspired to watch it. Besides, I'm scared of getting hooked onto stuff.

Sounds like a nice relaxing 4 days staying cool! I know so many people that love this series. I'm adding it to my always growing Netflix list :)

Is it good? I really don't watch television (not for any good reason, just I can't sit still that long, although I can spend hours in front of a computer!) but my son got Firefly for his birthday and I enjoyed the pilot. So I'm thinking I should make the time to sit and watch it. I've heard a lot about Lost, maybe I should try it.

lols...i stopped watching it..the more i watch, the more confused i become

I don't usually watch TV - not because I don't like it but because I have to choose between blogging and TV when I work and more often than not, I choose blogging. However, I have watched every single show of Greek Idol and the greek version of Dancing with the Stars. Other than that, I enjoy watching horror movies. "I know what you did last summer" is my favourite. It gives me the willies whenever I watch it but for some weird reason, I love it!

hmm..yeah same emotions overcome me twice or thrice too..during last three years...

and I enjoyed it too...like you...

but dont forget to stay in touch with your writings...

have a nice time.

@Angeli: Wow, clearly, you should be here with us watching ;-) yes, Desmond is great, he looks like a younger Dustin Hoffman. I am not sure who my favorite character is but since I am a sucker for a great accent, I guess Sawyer and Sayid. I also think Danielle Rousseau is an awesome character (great accent too).

@to everyone else who got confused: We are still 6 episodes away from finishing season three (had a few appointments so had to leave the house which slowed us down...) and so far we are not confused. Mystified yes, confused no. I heard that the confusing stuff starts later, right? I hope I will like the later seasons, I have every intention of getting to end of season five by the end of the week :-) I'll keep you posted...

It's worth the hermit-like dedication.

My sister just did a LOST marathon and I believe you can watch them on your computer. I gave up in during the second season, but my sister said she wept and sobbed at the end of the show. So beautiful she kept telling me, as I rolled my eyes. :D

LOL! my husband and I did the same thing when we discovered LOST. It was already in season 4 and we did a marathon with all the seasons on DVD. Ahh but alas we caught up with it at discovered if you go to abc.com you can watch all the episodes there all the way to the finale. Have fun in LOST land!

I'm doing the same thing right now with Grey's Anatomy. It's impossible to get anything done

I have only so far heard about Lost... perhaps I should think about getting them too... Have fun.... :) Hope to see you back here soon...

That's great that you can spend so m uch time just wathcing your (new) favourite s how. I never seem to have time for anything - except blogging. I make sure I make time for that because I get to meet so many nice and interesting people.

Good Morning Everyone;
So the secret is out, we're having a Lost marathon. Never seen the show before. Quite interesting. Spoilers seem impossible as the plot direction goes anywhere it wants to anyway. I like many of the characters. I like the concepts about what life and reality may or may not be. Feel as though old Alan Watts and his colleagues from Palo Alto in the sixties got a few fingers into the pie. If it is any kind of universal truth we're seeking, we've come to the wrong door. This is a trap door. But if we enjoy entertainment with enough mystery to glue us into it, then this is for us. Nice to have our attention on the less serious side of things for a bit.


You know, we just don't seem to be able to get through Season 3 -- I have to rewatch 2 or 3 episodes on disc 5 again, as I keep falling asleep on them only to awake to nothing making sense anymore. Can someone please tell me if John Locke's father is the same person as the guy Sawyer's been trying to track down? Him:

And Naomi said they found Oceanic Air 815 and all the passengers were killed... huh? Are we in some parallel universe? Please don't tell me it's all just a dream.

Anyway, back in the house with a full fridge, going back a few episodes trying to get back into the hang of it all and see if I can un-confuse myself.

yes and no...yes it is the same guy that Sawyer is chasing and well, he is a con artist that led John to believe that he was his father but he is not John's father...I don't want to say to much but I am pretty sure they already made it clear that he used John to get a kidney or something.

the other wreck will be explained as the show goes on. But in short it is an elaborate cover up...

Don't worry, the parallel stuff with come up in later seasons just to keep you wondering!

Have fun!

I got hooked in season 2 and I don't watch TV either! I blame my son. As embarrassing as it sounds, my life revolved around me being on the couch for that hour every week this past season. I truly miss those guys. Enjoy!

Thanks @Becca :-) I just rewatched the one with Sawyer & Locke & Kidney guy and it's all starting to make sense... and by "making sense" I mean every time I think I get it, a new mystery is promptly introduced...

@Barbara: I know, it's pretty addictive :-)

Yum, time warps. We did the same thing with "West Wing." Got to watch the actors aging, as if they were actually working in the White House, grayer by the season.

Agnes and Geoff, hang in there. It's worth the trip. I did the marathon about 2 weeks after I watched the last episode. I watched instantly on Netflix for the first five seasons, then had to switch to Hulu, and then over to ABC.com for the last few episodes, so as to watch in hi def. I use my 32" hi def TV as my computer monitor, so it was like watching a 120-hour movie to me. It took me 12 days, and then a few days more to write my massive review on "Lost".

The last six minutes of the last show make me sob aloud every time I watch them, courtesy of YouTube. If you want to know my take on the show, here's the link, but don't read it till you're done. "Lost" was a wonderful show and for me the ending was perfect. I hope you'll agree. Don't know if I'll ever see anything I like more. Happy viewing.


Wow, from the comments, it seems like a great show to be watching. :D Now I am seriously tempted! Ok. finish up and get back to blogging. Missing ur posts!!

Look at from another angle, this is really a good break for both of you. You should do this more often.

@Butterfly: It's r e a l l y addictive. And like many of the commenters pointed out, watching it marathon-style just sucks you right in turning your whole mind (and life) off for a week. Also, you'll save a lot of shampoo, conditioner and make up, not to mention laundry detergent and even food.

I am pretty much immune to TV all together and yet here I am closing in on a week of living in my living room in my sweats, glued to the screen and eating from paper plates and disposable cups because I do not want to waste a single minute on doing dishes.

Cursed numbers, plane crash survivors, ill-fated luck, esoteric miracles, mysteries, fate, faith, second chances, an island that's not even on the map, topped with a cast that's not only good-looking but has the greatest assortment of international accents -- what's not to like?

I never got into Lost. Whenever my family watched it, I would see an episode now and again and it made no sense to me.

I figured - eh, maybe I will watch it on DVD one day - right now, I just do not have the time.

I'm still enchanted by your writing. I think it's your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable that is so alluring. You really should write poetry :)

Forgive me Agnes for I have sinned. I do not watch television but I'm addicted to madmen.
I had begun by telling my friends that they are watching nonsense..
I have Don Draper Tatoo on my left buttcheek is that normal? ok seriously..good writing is a rare these days give it a shot!

not to worry, this is 100% normal...and seems to reflect one of two positions on this show (as a number of commenters have mentioned): to either be utterly HOOKED and unable to do anything else until supplies are depleted; or to not be even a little bit interested--a stance that can easily be reversed once its holder has been in someway, even unwillingly, exposed to the show! just be glad you're watching on dvd and not live telly...or renting one disc at a time and having to suffer painful withdrawal symptoms whilst selfish fellow customers take OVER A DAY to return them!!! :)

remind me, in the fall, when you've recovered and re-adapted to life in the wild, to mention "the wire"! ♥

I never got into Lost (and probably won't now, I know too much about it). That said, I had a House MD marathon last year when I discovered I loved the series - I watched all the past seasons to catch up to my new addiction!

Never watched Lost; but if you believe in it, I do !

Like your blog. Very interesting and easy to follow. Your photos are nice.

I like doing a "Die Hard" marathon or completely opposite, "IceAge", I never get tired of watching "Ice Age:The Meltdown, that's the one where Ellie comes into the picture. The third one is pretty good too. Plus, I have been known to watch Law and Order for hours. Have fun!

hi Agnes!! u have a wonderful blog and me and my wife we are terrible fans of Lost..we watched this beautiful story since the first season here in Italy... keep on blogging!!!!
P.S.; sorry about my english...;-D

hmmm nice blog dear

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