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I have also been blogging quite a lot recently...courtesy of the heat!( It was too hot to go outside after 11 am.) I've also done a lot of tidying up as well and given away some of my shoes and bikinis to the Red Cross. This said, I love your shoes, especially the beige sandals. They're gorgeous!

U look great in that photo!. love cashmere pashimas...as far as shoes- i love those neutral strappy ones!. I think we all just wear a few pair...

Well, you look good in what you got and giving some of it away should inspire you to find more. I like your shoes and that is the first thing I saw when I started coming here. The shoes and your attitude. Fascinating.

Ummm those shoes definitely deserve flattery! I LOVE them!!! If I wore them though I'd be over 6' tall haha. That cashmere coat is to-die-for. I seriously can't believe you paid $5 for it. Incredible find!

I love the coat, your bags and your shoes. You are so organized. I've heard it's healthier to only keep what we need. I do hate it when there is that one thing occasionally that I wish I'd kept!
It's been great hearing from you four days in a row!

Your shoes and bags make me drool.....I wanna have them too...hehehe....
So this is what happens when there are days of endless rain...
If you purge, I am willing to receive hand-me-downs...hehehe

I agree that less is more! I get a thrill out of purging the things I no longer need. Not only does it leave me more room, but they go to people who will use them when I donate to charity. Good stuff all around.

I don't like having a lot of 'stuff' either. I much prefer to live in my basics - jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, running shoes... It's all about the comfort :)

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I do agree to less is more and so from the beginning I've made sure that my daughters clean up their wardrobe at least once a year, to give away all those that doesn't fit them anymore, to someone who can really fit into it. Its a wonderful feeling to see the happy smile on my house-help's face or the security guard's face, when they get such things. Whats the point in accumulating, what we dont need or what we wont use ???

Organizing is good, totally! I love your pashmina coat,and it looks pretty good on you. It has a regal feel about it.

I am just going through purging as I unpack and I need to purge even more! Wish me luck. I love the handbags and the shoes. I love the rain if we get more posts :) & in any case because it is soo hot here.

Sheesh! You are the best shopper I know! And that picture of you is beyond gorgeous!!!

I give my clothes that I don't wear regularly to the salvation army or some kind of organisation. It does feel refreshing to get rid of the stuff you don't need and which can maybe make someone else happy. I also try not to buy stuff that I won't wear more than once. And I love the coat on your first photo, you have a lovely style. xxx

Hey Girl..thanks to the rain !!! Hey even I need my wardrobe cleanup..lot of things are dying slow death in my wardrobe and shoe rack too :-P

You are a master shopper, trend setter, and icon of good taste. Throw away what you will. You'll always have enough.

Dear wax figure Agnes, Clean out the wax in the shoes you are going to give away, It will be yucky for people to buy them and stick their toes in wax. You can do this by putting all your shoes in the oven and heating them up. It will be fun, though it will make your house smell like wax toe jam.

I love the first bag, the one in the foreground. The color is my kind of color and it looks so practical!

I just bought another bag myself today ;-)

I am glad you have had 4 days of rain because I have so enjoyed your 4 days of blogging !!

Good post Great photo!!! Congratulations!!!

Frank, Barcelona


Nice shoes. How do you manage all these shopping along with your trips to various countries..

Nice collection of bags and shoes!!
The afghani coat is gorgeous!!

Hi there all the way from South Africa, there are two things women like (1) shoes and (2) diamonds. Greatr blog

hmm...good luck with your wardrobe task...

For me to clean up or to keep my clothes or shoes in a decent manner is like...I don't even have any other difficult task in comparision...lol...

At the end of the day...I always think whether my blog want me or I was running away from my duties...?

Well...blogs not only safe us from boredom the same time made us a little "VIRTUAL" life lovers....

Fashionista totally!!! :-) I love your bags & shoes.

You look absolutely fantastic in that photo...no waxiness that I can tell. I also like to do a 'cleanup' once a year, mostly to make room for what's next.

Immelda! Now Agnes you know I'm just kidding! I have been stuck in the rain just like you, except for the daily check on livestock. All I can say is you have great style and taste. And whatever you give away I'm sure will land in good hands. Why do I have the feeling your going to wander into some thrift shop and recognize something of yours? Hey! Those are my shoes!

There is a friend of mine who is quite the talented musician and your style would dovetail perfectly into hers I think you might like her music too.

Come by for a visit Natural Selection misses you!

I'm headed for a cleanup too. Perhaps there's something in the air making us all want to clean out our closets. I totally love your bags especially the really colourful ones.

If i were to visit Florida, I would recognize u by your shoes. Ha ha!!!

Every time I clear out stuff, I keep wondering, how it all got in there in the first place? :D

Cheers, Agnes. Have a wonderful day!

i love cleaning house: paring down what you have to what you need, and putting the rest into the donation bin where maybe they will end up being used and loved again!

The coat is lovely and u look gorgeous:-)

The Afghan looks absolutely adorable on you. My wife would kill (well, not literally) for something like that. Enjoy your travels! :)

You know, this post made me realise how many handbags I have in the cupboard (it doesn't help that they are dirt cheap to buy at the Spanish market) and that I actually only use three of them. So, my cupboard is now nice and tidy and thanks you.

I might hang onto the shoes a bit longer though.

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